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  1. Hello folks. I 'd like to know if anyone owns and uses these rods and if so, could you give me some advice. I would like to try a two handed rod for fishing the Maine and NH coasts and don't want to break the bank. I would like to know if this is worth the money for this type of fishing. I would also like some advice as to what weight rod to purchase for this type of fishing. Thanks for any and all help you can give me.
  2. I love New Hampshire. I wouldn't live anywhere else.
  3. Hi Bob, How does one get a PF hat?
  4. Hey Chris. Check out this link link removed - Alan
  5. Had my first one five years ago. It was not bad at all and worth the piece of mind. The worst part of it for me was having a former student (I am a teacher) as one of the nurses who were present for the procedure. We had a good laugh but really made me think about how I look at current students. You never know who you will run into in the future and what position you will be in.
  6. Thanks dirty beach kid.. You're right.
  7. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??? This is supposed to be a friendly thread appreciating beautiful female athletes. I don't want to read this crap. Would you please knock it off.
  8. Meh too!!
  9. Is this rod still available? If so, are there any pictures that I could see? Thanks.
  10. I am in. Thank you for the opportunity.
  11. I'll second Sienna. Ate there twice and both times were awesome.
  12. The answer, to the expression as written, is 288. PEMDAS says that it is so. There are no implied parentheses. Any other rationale, beliefs, opinions, etc., doesn't change the answer. It is 288.
  13. Death rattle?? I love the sound of my original Everglades. I wouldn't part with my reel for anything. To each his own I guess.
  14. Thanks again guys for the input. We ordered a Deluxe model last night, direct from Tempurpedic, and they threw in a free $160 pillow and a $100 pillow. With free shipping and 3-year (we could have done 4 years) no interest, equal payment per month financing , I'm looking forward to the arrival. Of all the replies, does any body else sleep on the Deluxe. We had it narrowed down to the Deluxe and the Cloud Supreme and decided on the slightly firmer feel of the Deluxe.
  15. Thanks to those that offered the input. I think I'm going to pull the trigger and go for one. They feel awful nice in the store. We'll see how it goes for a full night.