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  1. 22 mins ago, VanStaalSteve said:

    everything but eel skin danny and eel colored jetty swimmer

    Ok my interest is in the darter. I’ll be waiting on photos hopefully by lunch tomorrow. I have nearly zero cell service until that time during work. I’ll be in touch. Thank you.

  2. 22 mins ago, mikeadams said:

    Thanks so much for posting ReelSharp. I would like to make the trade the mini-CCW for the Black SA flat glide. 


    Please DM me your address and I will get a tracking number out to you.


    Thanks to you too @CLFish5 - very nice plug. Good luck with it.


    Thanks Tim & SoL



    No problem. Thank you for waiting. I had this picture sent to me( I’m away this week) I can ship it out Saturday. If you’d like to hold off on shipping I’d understand. I will also have tracking when it goes.