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  1. bobs are serious plugs nd so are gibbs, buy both
  2. i must not be doing something right, its at jpg. 90.8
  3. thank you, LOL
  4. hangin on chicken wire, about 15ft across nd 7 ft down, ill get picks asap
  5. mavrick, i load my plugs
  6. several good seasons? is he fishing at the fish market? this season is coming late, nothing doin yet, for the beach anyway. the run if it does happen its gonna be in january-feb. like last 3 years
  7. yeah, ever lip a bluefish?
  8. i use right on conventional and left on spinning, its all about feeling and hook set
  9. all the one that i own are wood, im not sure if he made any plastic.
  10. buddy, u dont need a 10ft rod yet, get an 8ft, i saw a okuma rod/reel combo 80 bucks, my friend owns it, it is a great begginer rod. i have a bunch of lamiglas rods and a few kennedy fisher. the most you wll need is a 9ft, unless yur in montauk, right now theres no fish up there yet. hope this helps
  11. i have about 20-25 eel skin plus, inside out and outside iv'e had them block frozin in my freezer for about 5 years and still as fresh as ever.
  12. if its reel bad change the line, or attach swivel to line then to a fecne nd walk it all the way out, with the drag tight, and pull on it some, that should work
  13. wuts the name of it?
  14. for the next 5 years no one can take a bass.
  15. pipefish, posibly?
  16. place it were your comfortable, usualy about 7 inches from the top of the cork, and u can hold it in place with duck tape or elcetical tape
  17. not anymore, i would switch to powerpro, 60lbs
  18. mavrik, redfin, danny
  19. it depends on how much you want to spend, i has looking around for something for a friend of mine, it was under 100, 8ft okuma, pretty decent rod. hope that helps
  20. make yur own, its cheaper
  21. I Was Just Curious On How Many Plugs Other Guys Carry, I Carry About 30. Just Wondering.
  22. a tackle bag
  23. nice post, i changed it, i like that name tho..
  24. i guess i should snap a pic of my bag