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  1. Very cool! now that I’ve seen that one, I do believe it was ChefChris, maybe they made plugs together. That I am unsure of.
  2. I fish them everywhere : )
  3. Send it here I dont have enough. Sounds awesome, I forgot the builder but speaking on that, I’ve seen a needle described with notching every half inch or so from end to end, Good vibrations? Was interesting. I’d love to see what you made.
  4. Only if T man can come.
  5. I love needlefish.
  6. Sold.
  7. Mikes CR Bullet. Casted once. $105 shipped paypal preferred.
  8. Could you come up 95? Please
  9. I think the elements tell you which needle to use.
  10. That should sell in a second. I’m ears on an offer.
  11. Kirona, it’s 2.5oz.
  12. ….seems to be the going rate.
  13. Could you take a Better picture of the spool? Thanks
  14. Tight Lines, Bill! thank you
  15. I had the 10’. 3oz was my max. I wouldn’t want to use it with anything more than that. Can it, sure. But I did not like it for bigger plugs. Fwiw it handled nice size fish and sails a SS darter. Not a bad rod. It’s parabolic and I liked that. It’s just not a big plug rod. And definitely not a jetty rod. I own 2 11’ 2-6 NEX 1s.
  16. $45 shipped..
  17. Tanks Large Pikie. lightly used. $50 shipped paypal preferred.
  18. Going once..
  19. Hey Steve I have the canal morning NIP.
  20. I think I have a white C&R bullet.
  21. 4oz , 9”
  22. I’ll go check shortly
  23. Still on the search for a 3500-4000 size. thank you.
  24. Picture?
  25. Let’s take a look