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  1. It’s the 2015 I’m not sure if it’s the JdM
  2. Title says it all, thanks in advance.
  3. I’ll take em Ricky,
  4. Chris blouin , I believe from CT.
  5. I think chef Chris is the top.
  6. A bad carpenter blames his tools… on another subject they have been weaker the last 3 years…
  7. I’ve 100 percent casted back towards the beach if the coastline is curved in such a way to be able to do so.
  8. That and the overly used word, Epic.
  9. Should be 2” tubes 5.5” tall
  10. Hey I’ll take the pliers thank you
  11. Reelsharp thanks for responding to my post

    was trying to find the 4t bag but don’t see anything 

    is it a backpack

  12. I use a 4T bag with 15-20 individual tubes, sometimes just one larger tube for one or two big plugs mixed with the smaller tubes.
  13. Come on up man
  14. 1201m lami and vs 200,
  15. Atlantic plug and Lure , Needlefish