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  1. Interested in 5" HG loaded ?
  2. Hey Dave, thank you for adding in an extra. I can do without the two small ones on the bottom. I offer 65$
  3. I'll take these please send PM
  4. Which weight are the two bottom chrome?
  5. Reminder...
  6. Looking for a custom?
  7. Okay thank you!
  8. Looking to buy some older or maybe newer Creek Chubb poppers, preferably in used condition. picture for reference. thank you,
  9. It's very hard to do and not worth it at all. Maybe if you foam filled it after a rewire it might be okay if you can get it out. Took me a few days to get it and the plug did take water, it was a needlefish.
  10. In New or decent condition please. thank you
  11. CcW
  12. SS and wadd type needlefish are an absolute must
  13. Retracting my offer.
  14. I have a lightly used sloped eely
  15. I have a needle up for sale..