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    i fish therefore i dont sleep
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    fishing , air brushing lures.
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  1. Considering splits ?
  2. You bet . Will send PM
  3. Depends really , I didn’t plan on it. Rather ship our lots instead of selling a plug for 12$ + me paying for shipping and then PayPal fees. Mix up plugs from each lot if it’s worth it I’m for it.
  4. Could you help me out with another 3 bucks ?
  5. I’d take the blurple one, and if you have any of your needles for sale
  6. Any luck?
  7. I’d come up to 25$
  8. $22 for the Roberts ?
  9. Not all that interested in those two ya posted but if I have something else besides a Mack to trade I’d help you out.
  10. Bump for some fishing catching plugs
  11. no worries , I don’t have any Mack’s but which trans are you looking for ?
  12. Ged, what’s your price on it? and do you know if the other one is floater or the sinker ? Price on that one also please
  13. I didn’t see it. Damn