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  1. I like to see collections , and I agree on having plugs with history on display, I Love that stuff. I know someone who strictly fishes bait but collects plugs , none of which are displayed anywhere and that's confusing. Oh well.
  2. 18 for the needle?
  3. Price dropped to 75$ shipped
  4. Tsunami
  5. Yes I don't own any two piece surf rods.
  6. 2 new Wadd Needlefish olive over white olive gold white - ( I rewired this one because original was very loose) $83 shipped PayPal
  7. Twisted hangers at all? Any cracks ?
  8. That's an old school green , haven't seen that color in a long time.
  9. If you end up splitting I'd take the yellow/silver/white BM danny ( above the darter)
  10. Go in june
  11. Here's some of the plastic minnow plugs I use.
  12. The Maverick....I might have over 100 in package.
  13. I have a bunch of stuff I will go through asap
  14. Anything?