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    i fish therefore i dont sleep
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    fishing , air brushing lures.
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  1. .
  2. It's also not that bright , it is true BI green
  3. I don't need to have them. im out
  4. How's 26$ ? That's shipping and fees included
  5. I did , along with every BM I have. I bought this in a lot and didn't use it but it has been used.
  6. I bought it in a lot , it shows very light use with some storage marks. I rewired it but never used it.
  7. I have a BM bunker light use and re wired
  8. I guess you're passing in my offer ?
  9. I'll take them for 35$
  10. Alright I'll do that Sending Pm
  11. Let's do the yellow CCW and $20?
  12. Is that the 1oz ? And how much cash is fair to you?
  13. Anything else besides that?
  14. Post some photos , I'll upload the needle asap thank you
  15. Yes but going to let it ride a bit longer The yellow Is a jetty swimmer , im still interested but not 1 for 1