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  1. No worries Drew. Pm coming
  2. Dropped to 28$
  3. I believe I know someone who might be looking for this reel, let me find out I’ll get back to you tomorrow.
  4. I have mercury loaded redfins , 22$ each
  5. I use a darter almost anywhere I can, as long as it’s not digging into the bottom constantly. Current or no current. Although some darters might need moving water. A super strike darter is always in my bag at night along with a CCW. I noticed lately I’ve been using a SS darter similar to how I work a slow popper. After I get it to dig down, and stay tight, every 3-5 cranks I give it a short jerk or two making it change direction. Even three with a pause. You don’t have to do it too hard , you’ll get the feel for it. Mess around in some moving water where you can see it work with all different types of actions you could do.
  6. Super strike
  7. Mid teens and under..
  8. I will contact him and get his attention for you.
  9. How does it cast ? Can you get it to go like an SP? Or at least close.? thanks
  10. Used two times on my old Jeep. I no longer have use for it. Local pick up or meet. I’m in east Brunswick. And occasionally in the Monmouth area...$40 I could also trade for some plugs ( SS , NB , ) open to offers.
  11. Awhile back a friend of mine scraped the paint off a mag darter with his pliers out in the water at 2am and it never leaves his bag now.
  12. New , old stock with big swivel. color is lime green translucent. $65 shipped
  13. Going once ?