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  1. Enjoy it. It’s yours. I should be home Saturday in time to make the PO. I’ll send a PM shortly with info. Thank you.
  2. Rod sold.
  3. Ok sounds good. Thanks
  4. It’s straight cork with shrink tube
  5. I’d take 500$ Nate.
  6. 6.5” I’m not sure if I had to guess, 3’.
  7. It’s definitely a nice plug. Could you meet me at 35$ ?
  8. Hey Thanks Dom. I’ll PM you.
  9. Needles sold. AH and northbar sold. please allow at least a week to be shipped. Thank you. BT still remains
  10. This was back up rod. Hardly used. Model is 8720, line rating is 20-30lb The rod was built by member @XBMX Ricky, a Premier builder. It’s a “ Ricky Rod”. Known for their performance and quality workmanship. Pretty close to mint condition, but could probably use new cork tape. $450 Located in NJ
  11. Pm on the way
  12. Yes PM on the way
  13. Looks like they are yours sir.
  14. Yes sir. You want them?