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    i fish therefore i dont sleep
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    fishing , air brushing lures.
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  1. Sending PM
  2. Or where are you located?
  3. I’ll take these shipped
  4. Always Facing down
  5. Use it. They work well.
  6. It’s also a resin plug, not wood. did you find it in NY? Curious how far it went from the night he lost it.
  7. My friend James built that , Jimmy jam
  8. I have a 11” GSB custom, used but in great condition. Maybe that plus cash might interest you. I’m out of state but heading your way at end of month
  9. Heck yes.
  10. Give them to your wife?
  11. Okay , I’ll send a PM
  12. I’d like have a look at this blank before I make an offer, I’m just over the bridge in NJ, frequently I’m in SI , possibly this coming Sunday? What part on the island are you located ? thanks
  13. It’s Priced based off condition. But I get it. No problem
  14. What do ya think ?
  15. Holy smokes. Where abouts was this ?