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  1. Why dont the commies ban Russian memes ?
  2. Yeah right. Adjust your withholdings to claim more dependents than you actually have and watch what happens. It is against the law to do so.
  3. Rooting for the failure of others is a clear sign of envy. You are upset that things are not the way you want them to be, so you want everyone to suffer for it. Nice outlook on life to have when misery is the goal.
  4. The famous Jean Dixon predicted a few things in her day. She was wrong about 98% of the time but she got a few things right and many still admire her abilities even today because of those few things. I once was shown pages and pages of secret renderings of code that was written down by one of these seers of the future. The astrologer lady had died and the family wanted to know of I could understand any of it. Looked like there was an over massaging of various numbers with lots of symbols mixed in. I studied it for a few days, off and on having another go as I wished, and it was really just gobbly ****. There is nothing to it unless you want to see something appear. You could attain similar or better results by tossing dice on the countertop in the restroom of an airplane. It does keep them out of trouble for the most part and that ain't all bad. The religious leaders suggest it is satanic in nature and who is able to argue against that ? Global Warming is very similar in that it requires the willingness to believe in something that just isn't there. Graphs, symbols, numbers, lines seemingly connecting things. So he preys on the minds of those that want to believe that they too can learn how to predict the future. Weak and feeble folks mostly. Like telemarketers targeting senior citizens, and using suggestions to get themselves something from it all. Who knows, maybe someone looked at the lines in his hand and told him he would have been a king in Africa, and he actually does believe.
  5. Well I am glad they didn't hustle something out that wasn't complete. We deserve a thorough examination of who did what and why. Apparently, they are finding new things that raise concerns. Like peeling away the layer of an onion, the corruption must have run really deep. We have never seen such corruption within our government before, so this is all new and I am certain that new laws will be passed as a result of what Obama did. When they created the FISA court, they were aware that it could be used for political advantage, used to cheat by wiretapping the opposition. They put barriers in there to try to prevent it being used in this manner, but Obama simply ignored the rules. He was arrogant and considered himself to be untouchable because of his skin tone. He was only partly right. Most leftists do not care if Obama spied on Trump. They are so used to cheating that something like that is nothing to them. We see the lack of concern here all the time. They don't care that Obama got 105% of the vote at five precincts in Philly. They don't care that CNN was providing the debate questions to Hillary. They don't care that people vote twice, or dead people or illegal aliens vote. They didn't even complain when their vote for Bernie got discounted in favor of the party bosses' choice. They are simply fine with all of it as they espouse a system that is inherently corrupt, socialism. Preprogrammed to be accepting of the whims of their leaders. So I hope the whole rotten mess gets discovered and tossed out onto the pier like stinking fish for the birds to prey on. The Who Cares stories have already been prepared for publishing. They will yawn as very few of them want an honest system. They want power. They want to implement their social experiments and could care less who that hurts or what damage is done. They hate America. The Times is coming out with their 1619 program where they plan to teach school children that America was created to enslave blacks and that everything that has come after is as a result of that and therefor should be tossed out the window. Preparation for the new form of government their leaders have planned for them. However, when their corruption and criminality is finally exposed, their agenda will take a hit. They will yawn as it it didn't matter, but it will matter, and it will matter to a good many people. Good people still don't like cheaters. I still say that much of the zeal with which the media pursued Trump, had more to do with saving Obama than it did with effecting regime change. Showing Obama as a criminal will go nicely with showing Clinton as a pervert. There is an opportunity here to setback the communist agenda, simply by exposing the things that they have done. So whether it is released this month, next month, or at years end doesn't matter near as much as what is released. Keep digging boys we want to hear about everything.
  6. They think that people will watch their commercials no matter who says what in between. Hiring Donna was a signal that they are not concerned with the integrity if their product. I stopped watching because they wanted viewers to get angry, and no one needs that. It is how they keep people tuned in for three shows in a row. Let them promote lefty ideals and people will begin to peel away, and then they can be what they really want to be, FNN. Little sister to CNN.
  7. Mr President....have you stopped beating your wife ? Things have changed at Foxnews. They have taken to promoting liberalism. Has to do with the ownership.
  8. Loretta Lynch and that feller at the FBI. They granted her permission to enter, and when she arrived they met with her. Next day she shows up to discuss orphans. Next day she is reinterviewed and sent home. Again, they had been wiretapping the Republican National Campaign Headquarters all along. Then they started to worry Hillary was going to lose and they needed to make it look like it was a legitimate operation. They rushed around and grabbed the first thing they could and ran before the FISA judge, who denied them. They went again and got a warrant. I am sure they all breathed a big sigh of relief. They actually presented news stories as evidence. News stories they have created through leaks. They told many lies along the way trying to hide their illegal activity. Notice that there wasn't any concern about Obama finding out and getting mad. That was because the entire operation was run through the White House.
  9. Place the packages inside a ziploc bag and keep them in the refrigerator for best chances of keeping until then.
  10. Residents of Alaska and Arkansas are more likely to be murdered than they are in California, Florida, Texas or Illinois. Is that what you are saying ?
  11. Well.....that is why they used him. Silly rabbit, this was thrown together quickly once they started suspecting they might need an insurance policy. They had already been wire tapping the Republican National Campaign Headquarters.
  12. I remember those that enjoy killing babies telling us all about all the healthcare women receive at PP. Then that rascal with Veritas started shooting videos. We learned that they had lied about providing neonatal care. Lied about performing mammograms. Lied about selling parts for profit, and he even caught them bragging about how they use special techniques to obtain parts so as to maximize profits. They vacuum the legs and arms off while the little feller is alive so as to obtain connecting tissues. If PP is so important, let the commies fund them.
  13. Maybe that was it. Maybe that was why I was uncomfortable as I traipsed through. However, when he mentioned me out of the blue like that, things turned creepy for me. The gentlemen gives good creep.
  14. I imagine what it must be like to be a communist sympathizer sometimes. Sitting in the chair watching CNN experts discussing all the evidence that will be used during the impeachment process. For two years that was the only serious story they saw getting covered. People who take the Times, sitting at the breakfast table reading all about how the president has committed serious crimes, and how they will be used during his impeachment. Then suddenly, the experts went away and all the evidence disappeared. Leftists are victims of a drive-by media. As the car full of clowns passes by in the hood, instead of diving for cover, leftists just stand there staring, trying to get a glimpse of what is occurring. They are completely oblivious as to when they are being duped. For two years, they were so assured by their news celebrities of the inevitable removal from office they so desired. They saw the obvious frailty of a story that started with prostitutes peeing on a bed, and yet they were unable to look away. They just stood there and became victims. Victims of their very own drive by media. Currently, CNN cannot muster up a million viewers for any of their time slots, even prime time. Revenue is down, and they know why. For the large conglomerate media company executives, sacrificing any semblance of real journalism would be worth it if they got Trump. Only they didn't get Trump, and now that sacrifice must be difficult to manage. They have all on their own, created the sense that their news products are irrelevant. Simply propaganda, which at times satiates the appetite of good little commies everywhere, but after finishing two years worth of carrot cake stories, people got tired of carrot cake. Make no mistake about it, the Herr Mueller Report did some serious damage to their brands. It also had an effect on how they see themselves. How they see their relevance and value. They are seriously damaged at this point. They are angry and they are lashing out at anything at this point. Trump is a racist, we hope the economy tanks, we hate white people. These are not the things a healthy media news complex spends time addressing. These are the things that a miserable wretch discusses as they accept their new normal. Trump has broken them. The fourth branch of government has been badly damaged at this point. For decades we watched them steer our government, and control what is news and what isn't allowed to be. Politicians living in fear of reporters assertions and changing course simply to make them go away. Well they couldn't really exert that kind of influence unless their political victims allowed them to. Trump calling them fake news has lead them to destroy themselves. I am actually enjoying their shows nowadays. Watching them assuring the country that black people face racism everyday. Hoping for bad things to happen to all Americans, just so that they will have something real to report upon for a change. The disappointment in this current crop of candidates must be hugely difficult to accept. Dark days indeed, and they will continue to sacrifice their own relevancy as they go along. The economy either will or it wont, but the decline in the viability of the drive by media's products will continue. This ain't your fathers NBC anymore. Like all the other things that are ruined by the implementation of leftist ideology, it too is being decayed over time. They killed education, they killed the family structure, they killed environmentalism, and they have killed the news. They could not kill Trump though, and that has them spinning in their caskets as the undertaker lowers them down into their graves. Victims of their own making. MAGA
  15. Well we no longer need courageous journalists like Candy Crowley, we can just allow Snopes to bubble up the screen during debates. Snopes is another example of something that could have worked, but was ruined by leftist ideology.