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  1. The media likes her, so the Democrats have to as well. I look forward to all the polls to come that will shape leftist opinion of her.
  2. Maybe the illegals just aren’t doing the jobs our people are too lazy to do....after all. Maybe it’s because they too got lazy from living in a sanctuary.
  3. Ok......I’m stepping in here before this gets ugly. ”Joey fake news” There I said it. So while we might not exactly be up to the “many people here” range he claims, we are up to two now. Please let’s get this thread Back on the Topic. I’ll go first. I wonder.......with Ruth’s surgical loss of lung tissue and now with the setting in of pneumonia, I wonder if her staff can consistently clear enough phlegm to allow for speech. Surely they attend her bedside, desperate to hear every last word that comes forth. So hopeful there will be some grand commentary in profound reflection of a life filled with wonderful accomplishments. If i were just the lowly clerk, in charge of her attendance in the overnight shift, I would do much like Otswahawkath, and simply make something up. Yeah, invent some line, and claim it was offered privately between just us two. I would seize the moment to improve my status, much in the fashion of what Rev Jessie did that fateful afternoon in 1968 on the hotel balcony in Memphis. I would also necessarily keep it a secret, so people couldn’t investigate it and reveal my fibbery. There is a lesson in there somewhere, pretty sure.
  4. We need a poll. How are the leftists to form their opinion if we don’t have a poll?
  5. I’m looking for my fifth wife
  6. All in to desperately find some excuse to cover up the exoneration of Clinton, and thus Obama. She served him, and she was his successor, and so the president needed her crimes to be buried. Far cry from Hope and Change, those two were doing things we still don’t know about. They simply had no choice but to hope the focus went towards someone else. That is why Obama’s team was wire tapping Trump. He was in effect their insurance policy. So we have a special counsel to create an illusion, but nothing to confront the crimes we already know occurred. No those are crimes where the legal controlling entities have no interest. Effectively, their plan has panned out rather well for them. Obama is still untainted with his criminality, and the focus remains on Trump. So......if Trump was sending emails on an unsecured server, top secret stuff, do you think for a second that the media and their Democrat Party wouldn’t be screaming for a prison sentence ? Of course they would, and rightfully so.
  7. I’m scared this time guys.
  8. i guess she just didn’t trust Obama to pick a good replacement, and I don’t blame her.
  9. Yes....I have removed hundreds of them. Have to do that because they explode inside crematoria. LOL My mother got one and she said she likes it. Gave her more energy and less worry. Hers communicates somehow to a box that is on line to someone that monitors it to ensure it’s operating correctly. In the old days microwaves could affect them, but the new ones are impervious. Not sure how things go when you get an MRI. The operation is quick and simple. The device is roughly the size of a silver dollar and just a little bit fatter. It will be just under the skin on your left breast, just below the collar bone. Incision heals quickly. It will have you fishing with a vengeance. Good luck
  10. Are we supposed to shave our legs?
  11. Great another mass on the move. Willing to face severe hardship to attain what .....freedom? Oh no, to attain free housing, free food, free schools, free medicine, and some cash to spend in our lovely little nation. Their news people speak of a distant land where everyday is like being at Disney, and you only work if you want to. Told no one will object to them just swarming in just because half of us hate Trump. many of them are young women or even young girls ? The leftist promise of utopia will have them running the gauntlet of Mexican men well versed in how to rape them. Some father will allow it if it means that he gets a little closer to Disneyland.
  12. The Democrats cannot allow the wall because they want to tell voters in 2020 that he didn’t keep his promise. It’s how they operate. George HWBush thought them reasonable, made a deal with them to keep the government going, and they bought ads showing him breaking his promise. He thought they were reasonable, but they are anything but reasonable. Trump realizes the real reason they want the shut down is to keep him from honoring his promise. That is why I see it as the Democrat shutdown.
  13. I’m waiting for a poll. Once we see this poll leftists will be able to form their opinion. Havent been any that I’ve heard about. Surely the media is conducting polls, so why aren’t they releasing them ? Maybe the media is afraid the leftists will form the wrong opinion ?
  14. I probably should sell my shares in that crab leg company.j
  15. Will it be much longer ?