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  1. Maybe seeing the world upside down and backwards is interesting, but after awhile it becomes best to right yourself and get back to the fever of life. This thread just seems very odd.
  2. Not sure they necessarily believe, but support, oh definitely. If the voters in Georgia had voted according to the way they should have, for the candidate with preferable skin tones and proper genitalia, the communists would have easily won. It is exactly because she had the golden trifecta going on that the progressively worse group is suspicious. How could such a perfect candidate lose ? Easy answer is.....someone obviously cheated her. I mean I really can’t blame them for feeling that way. They realize that they have been cheating since, well forever, so it naturally follows they think the other side cheats, too. The Democrat politicians are like professional carnival workers. They bark out at the masses, show them a huge stuffed animal, and tell them for a poultry sum they can have it for themselves. Only the game is rigged. They take the masses’ money and never do hand over the large stuffed animal. While the masses were thinking they could cheat the carnival man, and get the large toy for just a dollar, the whole time he was just cheating them by playing on their sense of greed. The Democrats did this to black voters in 2008. Hope and Change was offered, but after they laid down their ballots they never got the prize. Obama tricked them into thinking he was gonna give them all these wonderful things, all the while he never intended to give them anything. Instead he rewarded the rich people who donated money to his campaigns. Simple.
  3. Maybe the way things are going is because Trump got concessions during negotiations for the new NAFTA, whatever it’s called. I don’t remember seeing Mexico slowing down the illegal invaders before. Usually, they just pass through, and the Mexicans rob them and rape their children. Then strap drugs to their backs and send them on across. This time the Mexicans seem to be trying to keep them there.
  4. I read that in 2012, Obama received 105% of the vote in five Philadelphia precincts, and that not a single vote for Romney was recorded. Until the rest of the country catches up to the way they do things there, well I’m afraid the suppression of black voters will continue.
  5. The ONLY reason she is resigning, is because she knows what is coming in January. The new governor was planning on firing her for her lengthy record of cheating, so she will quit just before he can. Scott could do it now though, and I hope he does. If she committed crimes she should be prosecuted. Showing others that you go to jail, is a lot more effective at preventing fraud than showing they just retire. She effectively cancelled my vote when she produced a false one.
  6. Maybe we should have someone send Hillary some questions.
  7. Yeah he enjoys posting off topic personal insults. I’ve reported him several times, for things he felt he just had to say to me, but the rules don’t seem to apply to him. Usually follows up with another insult just to ensure that I know the score.
  8. When I purchased my Akios AirLoops, they said that I would have issues because of the longer movement of the spool. That it would cast great, but big fish would damage them. So I was concerned and anticipated that. Only it never happened in two years so far. I’ve landed dozens of five and six foot sharks, and had a tarpon spool me, and they still operate just fine. There certainly wasn’t any variation in drag, with what I felt, when I was losing line to an oversized tarpon bent on swimming away as fast as he could. In fact I tightened down on him because the dumb reel doesn’t come with capacity. 30 lb braid and it was gone way too fast. Knot on spool held, leader did not. Maybe the long stroke reels are weaker, and maybe they leak, but they have allowed me to set aside all my bait casters. No longer need a bait caster just to reach beyond 150 yards any more. I’m good with spinners being slightly behind in all those things. Has as anyone seen a well made long stroke reel with a bent shaft ? I mean these aren’t my go to shark/tarpon reels, but they don’t wobble either.
  9. So it was perfectly fine that she accepted the debate question. It’s fine that she cheated. Well of course it was fine because cheating is just part of the job when your goal is to cram communism down people’s throats.
  10. Let’s send Hillary back. She knows how to duck sniper fire as she sprints from the helicopter. Once on the ground, we could simply announce that fact over public airwaves. Then deny her assistance like she denied it in Benghazi. We could blame it on a mean video.
  11. The proper order for distance is: casting technique, then the rod, then line, then reel.....with payloads being equal. Reel is simply along for the ride, and manages the demand for line. If it can simply keep up with what has been generated during the cast, then it has done all it can to add to the distance. When line peels off, it peels in one direction, then switches. Front to back, then back to front. There are many changes in the direction of this peeling during a long cast. Long stroke - slow oscillation reels offer many more wraps before the direction of peel HAS to change. This allows the line to flow from the spool in a smoother fashion. If we could get reels to wrap line, like the cotton spools in a factory, we would get even more distance. Beware now that you are older. Poor casting form can strain muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons. Especially when you are really trying hard to get it out there. An injury from doing that could sideline your hobby in a very bad way. Good casters have smooth swings. The smoother your swing the longer God let’s you surf fish. I suggest that you search through that pile of rods and look for the one that throws the lure you plan to pitch out there, the best. The rod that will truly load up when you cast it. Not the most capable one, but the one you can still load up and release. A longer rod does not magically produce extra distance. It only produces better when it is wielded properly. Too long a rod, in the wrong hands, and you get nothing. So consider some of your shorter rods. Once you have carefully selected your long casting lure, then matched it to the rod, now match the reel to the rod. Too large a reel, and you might slow the passing of the line through the guides. Too heavy and the balance will not be there. Long stroke, slow oscillation is the best type, but which size ? Size having more bearing on the process than the name tag. Pick an 8 strand braided line in 30 lb test. This will not cost you but a small amount of distance compared to 20 lb, but you said rocks. If you are killing yourself to do what it is you want to do, consider other venues. Find the places you haven’t fished and go there. You might find a great spot, and get to keep your shoulders working properly for the next 60 years.
  12. You are storing the shock leader on the spool and teaching it to coil at same time. Consider 80 lb braid for the leader if you just can’t ignore the issue. I like four strand braid for this. Attach to main line Uni to Uni, or my favorite, Nail knot to Nail knot. Expect timing to be off with rod loading earlier than you are used to. Ten wraps on reel, and up and down for the drop, seems to work well. You could try another brand of line of course, and that might help. That’s what I did, but couldn’t stand the coils passing through the guides. Switched to braid and that was that.
  13. are afraid, so therefor I must allow you to destroy the Bill of Rights. Punish me for the sins of another. Then send the goons into my house to search for guns. Pitch millions of people found with guns into re-education camps. Sterilize society and create the utopia you know exists right around the corner. Those criminals will all know having guns is just not socially acceptable, they will put down their guns, and we all eat roasted hummingbird tongues around the fires.
  14. Sir.......that was lame. I went and added to the other thread, on the exact same subject, because i figured no body would care read through the running comments you were leaving, once you got going on about how you hate the duly elected president. This thread wasn’t ruined entirely by you. You do realize that you can click on various threads here. They have imposed no limits on me anyways. If you don’t care for the discussion, just click away and be happy. You don’t have to comment if you don’t have something to offer regarding the theme. I happen to want to preserve the things related to Gullible Warming, lest we ever forget. The reach across our rights, and the tamping down on our pursuit of happiness, that was to become that whole mess surely to cripple and cost us. It’s dead now and I’m over the moon about that. You can’t fool all the people all the time. It is fraud. The only reason you don’t see that is because you don’t want to fade away if it costs your team. Hang tough brother. Pay no attention to me at all. In the future, on a rare Start New Thread of mine, if I’m seemingly vulnerable, it’s an ambush. Click away and survive.