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  1. Im not sure I want a president willing to stick up for us. I just spent 28 years getting conditioned. I would be more comfortable if he just pretended everything was fair, and gave speeches about himself.
  2. They just want to taint this man prior to his confirmation. That is all they really care about. This was never intended to delay the vote, or it would have been brought up earlier. This was never a serious matter. They just want to taint him prior to him taking his seat. I love Democrats. They are special and we should celebrate their existence.
  3. Forgot to quote you
  4. Shane you seem to be a reasonable person, so commie probably doesn’t fit you, but the others.... The wonderful thing about living today is we all get to enjoy having a really smart friend that knows almost everything. His name is internet. My Dad took us hunting but he wasn’t very good at it. I learned most of my skills by reading magazines and getting out there. If you think you might enjoy hunting, just do it. It might become your favorite hobby. Greed is commonly mentioned when someone doesn’t like capitalism. These detractors think greed is wanting something and being willing to go earn it. However, greed can also include not being willing to earn something, but be willing to accept it when someone takes it from someone else and gives it to you. Voting for politicians that offer you free stuff, that they plan to take from others is greedy. An example- “I want to go to college, but I really don’t want to obtain the loans necessary to do this on my own. Instead, I plan to vote for a democratic socialist candidate who will take the necessary money from other people and just give it to me.” You indicated your belief that illegal aliens actually do more good than harm- statistically speaking. I think this is fundamentally incorrect. Here in Florida we spend $100 million a year housing illegals that came here to commit crimes. That certainly isn’t doing more good than harm, and our state is not alone in bearing this unnecessary burden. I should mention also, the costs borne by all the victims that were needlessly sacrificed. I don’t think their presence in our schools is a positive thing. I don’t think their presence in the workplace creates positive outcomes. In fact, I read an estimate a few months back that indicated we are actually subsidizing these people to be here. That some citizen pays some invader for the priledge of being invaded. If you believe that these people are really helping us, that they are providing something we otherwise couldn’t provide for I am all ears and would just love to know exactly what that is. BTW- my dad sucked at surf fishing, too. LOL
  5. The commies are special people. So kind, understanding, accepting, and they just want what is reasonable. In Northern Virginia back in the 90’s, they were all up in arms about deer hunting. They railed against rednecks in their pickup trucks blasting away at anything that moved. They chained themselves to the gates of a state park when a special hunt was organized there. Quite the cause, it was their strongly held belief that deer hunting should be banned, and they got most of their demands. the deer herds expanded, the commies began crashing their BMW’s into the deer. It was only after it started to cost them personally that changes were allowed. Suddenly we saw stories explaining how we have to let the rednecks blast them. It is good to control the population of deer so they don’t run out into the road. Criminal infiltration will be the same way. Until they see where it costs them personally, they will continue to believe strongly that these people deserve to be here. I can see, and have for some time, that these criminal invaders cost us much. Suppressed wages, welfare, school over crowding. Theirs is a world of fraudulent papers assuming other people’s identities. Many of our criminal acts are not so criminal where they come from. So until one of these beautiful criminal hobos attacks someone of significance to them personally, or they lose their job to someone who has snuck into our community illegally, the commies will continue to pretend that they are morally superior. That their strongly held beliefs are more important than the beliefs of others. That they have it all figured out and we are just a bunch of dumb rednecks motivated by hatred and ignorance. I think it is amazing that here in America there are people that openly support the commission of crimes, and want the perpetrators to remain unharmed. I guess there are victims that matter and victims that don’t.
  6. ‘’.......already full employment...’’ Really ? We tried government spending as a stimulus, it cost us trillions, and once again did not work. Now we are trying the opposite and it is working, but you remain skeptacle. I have been reading and the reports are showing huge drops in food stampers, record lows for black unemployment, huge increases in black businesses, women of all shades are doing much better, and salaries are rising for many of lower economic status. So what Trump is doing is what the leftists claim they wanted to do, but somehow now that those groups are enjoying success, it is all bad. The results don’t seem to matter, but rather how we get there. I guess Trump stinks even though his policies produce good results, because his intentions are all bad. Obama’s policies were good, even though they produced dismal results, because his intentions were all good. Obama failed horribly, and Trump is enjoying wild success, and you don’t like it. Well maybe you should think about that a little. Consider this- maybe Obama’s policies were never intended to produce good results. Rather they were designed to create more dependence upon government charity. Which is what the Democrats seem to be wanting as it helps them garner more votes. I prefer that people just be given opportunity, let them realize the American Dream, not condemning them to a life of poverty just to secure their vote.
  7. Yes, she fooled you with a lie. Looks like she hasn’t used it for very long. Now whenever I see rapid non stop movements, I suspect meth. Cops are very keen to spotting addicts because of training and experience. I doubt you will be fooled again. Recently border patrol seized a huge supply of meth, hundreds of pounds. It’s is flooding across the border even though many make it here. So there must be a lot of people using it. I think they smoke it, and inject it. Treatment is is problematic at best.
  8. I believe Trump.
  9. Flicking Moron hum....
  10. Gee.......they are already blaming Trump for the “historical” nature of this storm. He created it and we all need to get onboard with hating the man. Soon it will be past, and we will get the stories that Trump was inept in any kind of basic response strategy. Then we will get the stories proving that Trump ordered FEMA to help the white devil sections first. Then we will see stories showing the human suffering, and how we all should do something to help, with that being voting for Democrats. No way the commies will let this crisis go to waste. Who cares about those hicks dying, there is an election to win here. Just another reason I’m glad to be on the good guys team, and not on theirs.
  11. This is perfectly acceptable, of course. There were others done of her, too. All fine and acceptable because she doesn’t count. The commies will let us know who counts going forward. Mohamed being one we should always avoid depicting. It’s confusing to be sure, but we really don’t have to think about it. We can just wait to be told how we feel as they pop up. Rodeo clowns can wear masks of Bush, but not Obama, etc. Again, don’t try to reason it, just wait for your instructions. I viewed the cartoon, and I see a spoiled little crybaby what broke her racket, lied and cheated, and didn’t want to accept the consequences of having lost. Kind of like our 2016 election. The commies boo and hiss and get all sensitive and refuse to accept the winner that won.
  12. It’s ok to show girls, if you sell girls. Drugs if you sell drugs. Alcohol if you sell it. Just not guns. Maybe the picture of a semi automatic bolt action assault weapon with a laser scares them too much. Especially if they can see a pineapple clip.
  13. Who cares We want to hear what Stormy has to say
  14. Part of my commie outreach program requires I consume leftists pretending to be journalists pretending to report the news. I can usually make it through the commercials pretty well.
  15. Lest We Forget She was rushed to Chelsea’s $11 million dollar apartment and recovered so nicely she was able to exit and speak to a child. One of our country’s finest and still is today, even if she does have the tumor.