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  1. Trump.......single handily Making Journalism Great Again. Yup, he’s waking them from their slumber, following the love fest that was Obama. No need to request any information from a government run by such a clean and articulate man. Your journalistic bias is much more fair than the flavor I like though, I’m pretty sure.
  2. Very nicely presented. Thank you. I use JBraid in 30 lb as main line with long casting spinners. Will this line, in same 30 lb test, add some extra distance for some reason....and if so why ?
  3. I have come to recognize them by their avatars. It’s easy to do. Then simply scroll past those posts and continue reading. They don’t offer reasoned differences anyways, just insults and the things the media told them to say. They will insult you just to get a response. They stopped insulting me, when they realized I didn’t read their offerings. I haven’t blocked anyone yet. Maybe I could try that and see if you still have to memorize their avatars.
  4. Suppose the entire nation agrees to borrow the necessary money from the ChiComs.....and we distribute it in a whimsical long after will it be before those darn privileged whites get their dirty hands on all of it, and we have to make another round of payoffs ? If the government gives one citizen money, and another also wants, but is denied simply on the basis of the color of their this the equality that we’ve been told our nation has been striving to provide? Interesting concept to be sure. If born with the government preferred skin tone, you get to collect money from all those not born so lucky. I think we should just surrender now.
  5. Dena you got this turkey sized up. Im left with the thought that when Democrats complain about Trump, they get hurt, and usually it’s something being revealed that they themselves have been doing. ( Matt Lauer style ). A reporter says the guy did belong to a hacker group, and told him so. I have purchased several new computers because people like that ruined my old ones. Like kicking my truck doors because he could. Stealing money, hurting vulnerable old people by taking their savings. Lining his pockets like a good little boy. Small wonder he ran for Senate as a Democrat. Right ? I remember all the concern the talking heads had about Trump being vulnerable to blackmail. That the wrong people would control him. Well Beta’s little friends would never stoop that low. Oh no, their just criminals. They wouldn’t get any special favorites from the man should he had made Senator. Im thinking about switching my declared political party, so I can participate in the Democrat primaries. I’d help to choose this one for them.
  6. ZAFisher likes mono legged sinkers. Says they actually do hold, and saves the entire rig when they get into rocks. I can see how they pull better out of rocks, but the hold well enough part I ain’t so sure of. So I made me one. First try is always crude, I know. Always just figured the people who made them had drilled out their moulds. I actually like my moulds, so that ain’t happening. Then I had an idea. I used a hacksaw to cut a cross into the face of the sinker, about 1/2” deep. Used screwdriver to separate each section apart, like cutting a pie into quarters. Added mono down into grooves, aligning mono pieces according to the natural bend. Hammered shut the four pieces into one. This captures the mono securely. My attempt could have gone better with regards to the tip being flat. Should have used the vice. Easier cut, better tamp down job. Anyways gonna let my rock fishing friends test them out. See if grips really do hold.
  7. I want to see team genius capture the rain runoff from the streets of.....San Fransicco. Capture that and I’ll be impressed watching them drink it. These Gullible Warming believers sound much like the appolcolyptic preachers of the past. The ones that promised and promised God’s imminent return. Then when nothing happens, they recalculate and come forth with a brand new compilation of proclamations. Skeptics rightly get labeled deniers and assumed stupid and blind for their rejections of this settled science. Nothing much else in science has ever achieved the lofty platform of being settled, but this science sure managed the climb rather quickly I noticed. Bunk.....the whole lot of it. I am free to worship my God, and they theirs.
  8. So registering then confiscating guns in the UK, did not stop violence. Now they want to register knives. When that also fails to prevent violence, they will necessarily need to blame something else. Never stopping to consider removal of the operator for long periods of time. Can’t punish them for what they did.
  9. McStain would have voted with Rubio to prevent a wall from being built to protect us from the hordes of invaders come to plunder our riches, murder our children, and spread disease amongst us. McStain would promise the voters of Arizona that he was going to build that very wall. Once safely re elected, he would condemn the mere mentioning of a wall. I did not vote for that ugly little vindictive monster, rather I voted for Miss Sarah. Im so glad that McStain is no longer able to inflict hardships upon us any longer. Disgusting horrible politician, and I heard he ratted on his own men while in Vietnam.
  10. If I was planning on invading a rich nation.....there would be nothing I would rather see than them doing this.
  11. Well so many leftist commie pinkos have already moved to Florida, that we almost elected a self proclaimed socialist as governor. They want their new home to become like their old home, the one they ran away from. Doesn’t make any sense I know, but leftists don’t stop to consider these things. To them voting means getting something in exchange. better hurry if you’re coming down this way.
  12. I doubt that any of the Democrat white men will be called racists. The term is strictly used to intimidate Republican White men. Well it used to. Now so overused, it has lost its sting and is expected, predictable even. We already know that we were born racists, to racist parents. Im still waiting for us white men to receive the minority status we so richly deserve. An opportunity to stand in court and claim our boss discriminated against us, and we should be paid because of our minority status. Years ago my distant relatives might have had their property illegally confiscated. Taken by Abe Lincoln’s government goons without due process, and I want reparations, too. And im ready to accept all the stuff white privilege brings. Not fair that I’m having to work like a dog. None of this is my fault. No one informed me of my rights as a privileged minority. I bet I could find someone today that I disagree with politically. If I do I’ll holler racist at them and stomp off assured of the rightness of my tactic. Socialism is a Nazi thing, and I might go there, too.
  13. Well I thought polls were to develope leftist opinion. How are these leftists to know how to feel about a subject matter, if they don’t have a poll ? Once they see how others feel about something, then they can know how they feel. Polls are very important in this regard. I suspect CNN was correct when you consider they knew cheating would be brought to bear.
  14. I think this is wonderful. Kill the innocent and protect the guilty. Liberalism works differently than common sense. It’s upside down and backwards.
  15. Elites

    Oh dear heavens no sweetie. I demand that all of this unfair behavior be addressed immediately. There will be no more of these biased, preferenced choices made. From now on, it should be fair, and equitable, people have rights and should rightfully be considered against the others, simply being measured on the exact same attributes. In this manner, we will achieve equity. Well.....we still keep the Asians out of course. Pretend the preferences regarding skin tone don’t have a negative impact on anybody. So rejecting light skinned people can remain a matter of principle. Catholics and Jews. Well none of that was wrong, so we just make a rule focused on what the coaches did. I think this story has struck a nerve with the working class. I think it confirms what they always knew, that the liberals have rigged the entire educational system, same as the underhanded way they did their 2016 primary. I think this is being trotted out by the prosecutors as a news worthy item.... for a reason. That’s all.