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  1. Well Deep State is like this. A Russian lawyer is banned from ever entering the United States. Then suddenly, she has two top government officials [ read: Deep State ] tell her that she is allowed to enter under certain terms. She enters the country and meets with a government official, then immediately goes to Trump Tower and meets with the presidents son. Who promptly walks out of the meeting because of it being a complete fraud. Then she meets with that same government official, and then promptly gets back on a plane home, to remain banned from ever entering the United States again. The Deep State created a scenario, where they were able to create a needful excuse. Junior did not know her, or that she was banned from coming here, or request that she be allowed to enter the country. He was told, by somebody, that she had valuable information on Hillary, and that she was coming to Trump Tower to share it. The Russian did not know that all the Deep State wanted was for her to enter the Tower. She thought she was coming to discuss babies or some such thing. The Deep State lied to her too, and when she was done, all they really wanted to know was did she in fact meet with Junior. Completely confusing to both parties I’m sure. The Deep State simply wanted to get a Russian inside Trump Tower , any Russian, and anyway they could. They needed an excuse to wire tap and they invented a way to get one. It was messy, and convoluted, but they got her into Trump Tower and the leftists loved it. They bring it up all the time as an excuse for wire tapping Trump Tower. It was an excuse created by those that are the......Deep State, using their powers to manipulate the system for their own personal purposes. Deep State.
  2. Well....they are still under investigation.
  3. That is pretty funny. You seem to be offering excuses for the actions that occurred under Obama’s direction. Has something changed ? We have gone from the Russians helping Trump, to Obama well..... helping Trump voters understand what was happening....I guess. When we get the confirmation that Obama wire tapped the Republican National Campaign Headquarters, will it have been a situation where Obama had no other choice, too ? Allow me to give you some ideas here. Things that might help when the time comes. His sense of honor and love of country forced him to do it. Any president would have done it. I only have two, but I can make more excuses later if you want me to.
  4. Excuse me Memorial Day is not a day for veterans to remember their comrades. Rather it is a day for all Americans to remember them. Thank you.
  5. July 5, 2016 at 6:45 pm - the data was transferred at a speed of 22.7 megabytes per second. A speed that is simply unattainable over the Internet. No hack, an inside job by someone who already had access to the DNC servers. Someone who wanted to release the emails. Maybe Seth Rich was angry that the DNC leadership cheated every single primary voter in rigging the system to ensure Hillary would win regardless of who the people wanted. I think he was the disgruntled DNC worker who performed the deed.
  6. And the lefties think theirs is the majority opinion. LOL Which is why they always look for some leftist judge to bail them out. Oh sure, a majority of you people may want to govern yourselves , but we will run to one of our special judges and stop you. We the lefty nation will tell you what you can do.
  7. Shame what our government tried to do to this man. I hope there are sanctions imposed on those that thought it fun to frame him. I hope these countries tell everything Obama asked them to do for him. I suspect they have been watching the news, realizing Obama lied to them and played them improperly.
  8. Be patient Let them stroll about and see how a world of scumbags treats them. Imagine what hat we could be had our politicians not traded us for a handful of bribes
  9. Oh I don’t know. Might be interesting in following along as white liberals become so amazed that he is clean and articulate, that they nominate him over Hillary. Maybe he will offer the inside scoop on what it’s like to hide while Hillary takes charge in the situation room. Give us examples of how leading works best when done from behind. Maybe mention what form of punishment he handed out to the aides that asked him to stop saying we could keep our doctor. But what I really want to know is how funny it is to listen in on Trump’s strategy meetings, and then watch Hillary’s eyes light up when you tell her what he said he would say at the debates.
  10. Wait.....Quayle misspelled potato and that proved Democrats are smart. Wait..... Bush senior didn’t know what a grocery scanner was and that proved he was dumb. Pelosi gets confused all the time and blurts out nonsense. I’m thinking dementia. Then we got AOC and she doesn’t know anything about garbage disposals. Yet, these examples of idiocy go unnoticed in the land of the liberale’. No need to comment.
  11. The Democrats lied to the judge. What possible legislative value could Trump’s personal finances have ? This is just silly little mean spirited nasty little girl fight stuff going on. They told us Trump is guilty for so long now they are desperate for anything they can find that would create just a little doubt in voters minds. The judge knows this is strictly a political witch hunt and he is on board. Probably just got himself invited to the next fancy DNC party. Probably bring his husband with him.
  12. Brian........Helpful to the DNC that he is dead. It’s my understanding that the speed at which the emails were downloaded exceeds that which can occur over the Internet. That in order to reach those speeds one has to use a thumb drive. That to use a thumb drive one has to be next to the computer containing the emails. Well right at the same time the emails were stolen, we get this strange story of how a DNC staffer has been killed in a bungled robbery. Only they didn’t take his phone, his wallet, his watch, etc. just kind of shot him and walked away. There has been so many claims that the Clintons kill people that if a meme appeared about it, no one would be confused. I think that Podesta lied when he said that he used “password” as his password, and that allowed the hack. I don’t think he fell for a phishing operation. I know the DNC was hiding something when they refused to allow the FBI to look into their computers, and identify the hackers. I know the DNC is lying when they said the Russians did it. So that leads me right back to the thumb drive. Who would have inserted a thumb drive and downloaded these emails, and then give them to Julian ? Well whoever did that had to sign on to the system first, and then bring them up, and that would leave a registry. So the DNC knows who did it. They know who and they know how and they know when. A few days later Seth Rich gets gunned down in the street. Then we get this convoluted murder investigation that seems to be bungled at best. You can scoff, but the murder has never been solved, no one has ever been arrested, so you can’t possibly know anything that would refute what I said. You can only offer more of the same “didn’t happen” stuff that you have offered before, like when Trump first stated that Obama had wire tapped him. You are welcome to reveal who killed Seth Rich, being as you know.
  13. He came, he flung his lantern at us, but alas it was only one fourth full. Those Chinese markets are probably gone for good. Man, if they are cheating I’m glad they’re gone for good. Maybe the leftists will call on Hunter Biden to leave his stash at home long enough to fly over there and just fix it like they normally do. The old wink and nod and remember to make the donation style. Where we get to watch them building all the huge factories employing the latest technology. Nope, i like it.
  14. Have heard it mentioned today, two different times . If it’s true this is unbelievable stupidly.