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  1. Our Free Press is no longer concerned with reporting what occurs, rather only with how it should be presented. 200,000 protestors show up and how did their complaint get presented ? The Republicans we send up there are just as interested in what they can get for themselves as the Democrats. The Swamp fought back and the lesson is that we little people are no longer deciding what the government can and should do. Elections can include fake ballots and those fake ballots will count equally to any of ours. “More ballots cast than there are actual registered problem here. Do you guys see anything wrong ? Nope looks good to us now let’s get that spending bill up and going as I need to payback some donors.” China must be absolutely giddy that we surrendered our economic future to their control.
  2. Yes, they sure were. The messaging is they rampaged. This is being talked about while no one is addressing why 200,000 people came to protest.
  3. The Swamp
  4. So now I understand what you want him to say.
  5. Banana republics have elections that are more fair.
  6. Yeah team
  7. Uhhhhh actually he did.
  8. So how many cops did they set afire ? Did they topple statues ? Did they burn the curtains ? Sounds like the. ops protected the building just fine.
  9. So we don’t ruin the paint on their tanks as they run us over.
  10. The prosecutor is a Democrat. You know what that means. It means it has to go back to conspiracy theory again.
  11. Oh well that makes perfect sense doesn’t it ? That explains it. It isn’t tnat there was massive fraud, it was .....wait.....wait for was the flu.
  12. GA

    Yup.....I asked that guy did he do it and he said no. That’s it. I am satisfied that we have looked into the matter sufficiently. Democrats have always played dirty, but this means that going forward that there will be no more elections. Stalin is rubbing his hands together and is so proud. His little commie finally found the secret.
  13. Jimmy says no to the invite from Joe to come to his parties and parade. Jimmy used to travel to foreign countries to supervise their elections. The idea was to ensure fairness in the process. He did that for years and saw how frauds are committed. I think he has seen enough fraud to know his fellow Georgians did not suddenly turn commie blue. He issued a nicely worded RSVP that did not mention the fake election, but should have. Do you think Jimmy will ever say Joe is his president ?
  14. Is this some sort of wild conspiracy theory designed to upset the emotions of people who once walked down that same sidewalk and knew the lady who worked at the bakery down the block ? Sure seems like it is. If it is count me as a believer.
  15. GA

    ....and this morning.....a miracle.....both Democrats have pulled ahead. They just needed a little privacy in the counting rooms.