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  1. So...anything done that will limit the damage from the rioters is bad bad bad. Showing that the rioters are burning churches is bad bad bad. Seems the biggest complaints involve things that embarrass the supporters of the rioters. I thought his stroll through the park was very presidential and historical. His speech just prior to his was fantastic. Had obama done that the leftists would agree.
  2. Apparently Trump supporters do not realize they should feel embarrassed. Maybe the messaging needs to be ramped up a little more. Those silly people think they get to make up their own minds.
  3. Racists mostly I imagine. However, I wonder how much time he spends walking the streets in the ghetto assessing the situation for himself. Seems to know so much about being deprived by white men.
  4. He is not following along with the messaging.
  5. Leftists use these same numbers to show that blacks are unfairly targeted by police. Upside down and backwards. Unable to think clearly because they have been told how they feel about these things.
  6. See the problem is that the leftists have received their messaging already. It is too late to expect them to think about things a little. They have been told how they feel about the riots, and there is no way they can condemn the violence. To do so would twist them into knots and upset them because they have been told they must support the rioters based on their grievances. So....... even though the cop is in prison, charged with murder, stores in Atlanta needed to be looted and burned. Makes perfect sense to them because it has been explained to them by their masters.
  7. So this tactic has also failed to produce an anti-Trump wave. Now that this little deal has failed to make a dent in Trump’s support, what do you think they will try next ? Deep State....check Impeachment....check Flu attack......check Faked up riots.....check Isn’t it just painfully obvious that the Democrats are whooping up these riots in an attempt to delay the recovery ?
  8. Lured them onto the bridge where they could entrap them, and beat them and such.
  9. Let’s see here. If a man’s mother dies, and he knew he should have taken her to the hospital for her heart condition, but he was afraid because of all the hype about the flu......she gets counted as a death from the flu. Yes, that is in keeping with how Democrats count things.
  10. Leftists get to determine how the debate stage will be arranged.
  11. yeah smilies are nothing. I am still very upset that someone rated one of my posts as thumbs down....and don’t tell me it was not intentional either. The media always seems to be able to drive the conversations we have here. We follow their leads just as ridiculously as the Democrats. I miss the commentary about how deadly the flu was, and am totally unimpressed with how the riots threaten my family. Bring back the flu. It had me terrified. It is not fair that now that I have finally assembled a collection of symbolic masks that nobody cares anymore. Riots just lack the proper level of apprehension to maintain my attention. At least with Fauci we had fun watching him pick his nose through his mask. I liked that move and made two small holes in all my masks, for those special moments when I am alone in my truck. Just me and my little buddies. Doomed doomed....we are all doomed. That is the stuff that will help rebuild our wonderful news media outlets. Make News Great Again.
  12. Hmmmmm..... indeed.
  13. Well if the rioters light a huge fire in a steel structure high rise building..... at least we won’t have to worry about it collapsing.
  14. The phrase systemic racism is spoken of by those who simply enjoy imaging it exists. In order for it to be systemic, I would have to be able to experience some it for myself. Systemic means we would see examples almost everyday of our lives. South Africa has systemic racism, we lack the systemic and only partially tolerate the racists amongst us. Democrats have rights too you know.
  15. Hey everybody....look over here. Look at me. I am still a star. Remember me ?