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  1. Cool! Recipe for mole crab fly? Looks super-buggy.
  2. Certain stripers are just beautifully proportioned. That's clearly one of them. Nice job and thanks for the release.
  3. I assume all of you support our first responders and health care workers. One of the reasons for this curfew is to reduce risk – to yourself and others – which in turn reduces the burden on our health care/emergency services infrastructure. So let’s say you break the curfew and go fishing – and then you get in a car accident or need medical assistance. Yes, no one ever plans for this, but let’s say it happens. You may wind up in an already over-burdened emergency room or hospital, taking up bed space for someone who needs it much more than you. Or that bed may already be taken up, in which case you are screwed. Either way, you are stressing a system that right now is precarious at best. All because you wanted to go fishing. This is not the time to be selfish. We are all in this together. Staying home from fishing may save someone else’s loved one – their elderly parent or maybe their kid who has a compromised immune system. Please think about it. You can reorganize your tackle, sharpen your hooks, tie flies, or watch porn. The fish aren’t going anywhere and you shouldn’t either.
  4. Will be at author's booth signing copies of "Fish On, Fish Off" and "A Cast in the Woods" at 10-10:30 on Fri, 9:30-10 on Sat, and 10:30-11 on Sunday. Stop by and say howdy... Stephen Sautner
  5. I thought I was imagining it, so didn't even mention it to the crew on the boat. But I did see it, and yes, it was going the exact speed of the plane then veered off to NE.
  6. I saw it, too. Was off Fire Island. Thought it was a bird and I just had my scale off, but now that you are bringing it up, maybe not. When I saw it, it looked like a black dot off the wing of the plane. Eventually it veered off.
  7. On another thread earlier today, there was a discussion about the ethics of releasing a gaffed fish. Got me thinking about fishing ethics in general. So I quickly wrote up the following list. I try to keep to all of these, but I am far from perfect. Earlier this year, for example, I threw out some freezer-burned sea bass fillets from a year ago. Total waste. Anyway, thought I’d share these and would be curious to see if anyone has any additions/amendments/etc. The 2019 Ethical Angler 1.) I will always be properly licensed to fish. 2.) I will know, understand, and follow all fish and game laws. 3.) If I keep a fish, I will make sure it is legal: in size, season, limit, and location (i.e. within 3-mile limit for striped bass). 4.) If I keep a fish, I will humanely kill it as quickly as possible (bleeding by cutting the gills is a great way to do this, and it preserves favor). 5.) If I keep a fish, I will be prepared with a cooler, fish bag, etc. I will not let a fish spoil only to be discarded later. 6.) If I keep a fish, I will try to fully utilize all edible parts of the fish (I have seen anglers strip shad of their roe and leave the rest on the bank – not cool). 7.) I will only keep fish I can readily use, and never fill the freezer only to toss out freezer-burned fish a year later. 8.) If I release a fish, or if I am planning on releasing my fish, I will de-barb hooks, minimize the amount of hooks on my lure, or use circle hooks. 9.) If I release a fish, I will have the proper equipment to do so: lip-grabber, pliers, rubber mesh net – anything to minimize the fish’s time out of the water. I will have all of these tools readily available and not buried in my surf bag or deep in the hold of my boat. 10.) If I release a fish, I will always try to keep the fish in the water or on wet sand at all times, and release it as quickly as possible. I will not bring a fish in the boat that I intend to release unless I absolutely have to. I will never kick a fish back in the water or otherwise unnecessarily harm it. 11.) If I release a fish, and I’m going to photograph it, I will have my camera readily available and not buried in my surf bag or deep in the hold of my boat. 12.) If I release a fish, I will never hold it by the gills. If I am lipping a large fish, I will try to hold it sideways by supporting its body with my other (wet) hand. 13.) If I release a fish, I will never drag it over dry sand, dirt, rocks, etc. unless it is the only way to safely land it. I may consider changing spots if that is the only way to safely land a fish I intend on releasing. 14.) I understand that just because it’s a “keeper” does not mean I have to keep it. I will consider releasing any keeper-sized fish for species currently considered overfished. 15.) I will always have local fish and game enforcement on my phone. 16.) If I see fish and game laws violated, I will consider informing (i.e. educating) violator as politely as possible about laws. I will not threaten or use foul language, or otherwise escalate the situation. I will call local fish and game about any violations I see. 17.) I will stay active on conservation issues and actively participate to preserve the resource. I will vote for true conservationists. I will fight against polluters or those who wish to harm the resource. I will learn and appreciate other wildlife so I better understand how the natural world works. 18.) I will never wantonly kill native “trash fish” even if I don’t like them. 19.) I will take kids fishing and otherwise pass my knowledge along to others. I will call out unethical behavior, but always in a respectful fashion. I will lead by example. 20.) I will not blow-up fishing spots on the internet or social media. 21.) I will never leave crap on the beach (or crap on the beach). 22.) I will always try to have fun whenever I go fishing and learn new things. ###
  8. Continuing to defend unethical behavior is not good publicity for your rod company. Many of us would never support a tackle company that shows so little respect for the resource. The right answer might have been: "Yeah guys: good point. We got caught up in the moment. I hope the fish is OK." Then it would have been over. BTW: you can smoke large black drum. Not bad.
  9. Not the point. That was an unethical release. We should all try to do better as sportsmen.Gaffing a fish in the gills, letting it bleed on the deck, then throwing it back is worse than leaving a hook in the mouth, which would have eventually rusted out. Hey, we could all do better with our releases, myself included. Peace.
  10. I would say 8 hours to strip the rod; another 6 hours to wrap the guides and install the seat and grips. Stripping sucked.Hard to get everything off while avoiding damaging the blank. I did it, but it's time consuming..
  11. Not sure yet. Right now it's time to cast! But I have new-found respect for all rod builders. They are a combination of artist/skilled craftsman.
  12. A few weeks ago, I posted some questions about a 9-foot, 30 year old lami surf rod I wanted to have rebuilt in time for a late September trip to Block Island. I was told no rod-builder would touch it in that time frame, and was encouraged to try it myself. So I did. Here's how it went: First I stripped off old guides, cork, and epoxy. Not fun. Took may hours. Got it down to this. Eventually removed the old reel seat with a hacksaw. here are the old honking fuji guides. Anyone want them? I think they glow in the dark (no fooling): Was going to coat the old thread marks, but...nah... Left them as they were. I think it looks cool. So then I put on a new grips using shrink wrap, but I kept the old cork handle at the very end. Note the electrical tape at the end covered in Epoxy. Whatever. Don't worry, didn't use ClearWeld for the guides. Speaking of guides. Did my best to wrap those as straight as I could but they didn't line up quite right (not sure what happened there) and the Epoxy got a little bubbly... Oh well. Then came the fun part DECALS! I had some nose art from some old WWII plane models. Epoxied them, but it's kinda rough... I call her Furiosa: Named after the one armed character from Mad Max Fury Road. Does she catch? Oh yeah. She's a total badass. Thanks to all who advised. See you on the beach!
  13. A couple of weeks ago, I posted that I was looking to have a 30-plus year old 9 foot Lami rebuilt in time for a trip to Block Island at the end of September. Based on advice from this forum, I decided to try it myself -- my first-ever attempt at building a rod. I have stripped off the guides, removed the reel seat, and taken off as much of the cork as I can. As I was warned, it was royal PITA -- particularly the cork, which came off in hundreds of little bits. But it's done and I'm staring at a mostly bare blank (still small remnants of the cork/glue, but don't want to damage the blank). Now I need guide recommendations. I throw braid, so I know the stripper guide is key. Also, I understand there may be some sort of grip that is shrink wrapped. Any knowledge about that? Total greenhorn here on rod-building, so many thanks in advance for any/all suggestions. Will post pics when it's done, but don't expect a beauty contest winner. More like something out of the Road Warrior...
  14. Understood about cross-post. In Westfield, NJ area. Going to take on this project myself with the help/advice of a few pals. Already started stripping off old guides...