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  1. I agree with you 100% but the root of the problems we have now is enforcing the laws rules and policies on books. For some great reading about the American Fisheries Society, get a copy of this weeks Fisherman's mag and read the editorial about their last meeting and our own Mr. David Pierce...……...
  2. Living out here on the edge of civilization, I can't remember the last time I saw someone with poison ivy. The remedies I have heard of out here is wash the affected areas with diesel fuel or an oil dissolving soap such as Dawn.
  3. Because in the big picture fish and game violations are a very low priority item. Hate to be the bearer of news that nobody here wants to hear but look at the world around you...……...
  4. Just last week a group called CHD Disability Resourses had am outing on the Canal that included camping at BSP, bicycle riding on the service road and two trips to the fish pier for some striper action. Bear in mind that this group ranged from late teens to early fifties and they had a blast. People on the pier made room offered help and guidance and even offered to feed them. If your dad is going to be in a wheel chair for a while you might want to look up this group and see whats it all about. Did I mention that they were all in wheelchairs……………..
  5. You really can't say that Bob, the EPO's have specific daily assighments, dutys and investigations just like any other police force. Ever driven down the turnpike doing eighty or more and a state cop passes you going to something more important than a speeder, that's what I mean.
  6. More than likely it will flood the parking lots...……….
  7. The EPOs seem to be getting an unfair rap in this forum, they do their jobs to the best of their ability and remember, there are just so many of them to patrol the WHOLE state not just the canal. The judges is this state make some big buck without working overtime and does anyone ever see them out and about carrying a gun and a bullet proof vest, do they have the laws memorized and are they dealing with the likes of many of us today NO but they are the ones who preside over and pass final judgement in these cases...…………… Most of the time it is nothing more than a slap on the wrist, hell, they don't even punish violent offenders until it's to late. No offense intended Bob, it just frustrate me to no end to see what is going on today...….
  8. Hey Einstein, why don't you google what an EPO is charged with enforcing in their line of work...………….It ranges from polloution investigations to enforcing the wetlands protection act......
  9. This and many others have posted great ideas for handling poachers, but, the Judges do not enforce the penalties now let alone making them more stringent...….
  10. Best electric welder ever made...………………….., the Hobart, not so much...…..
  11. The couple of bucks collected from the saltwater permit are divided by giving on third to education, one third to access and the remaining one third goes to law enforcement as in Marine Fisheries, not the Mass. Enviromental police.
  12. There is one sign at the Scussett parking lot about the saltwater license laws. A proposal was made at the end of the '17 season to the Corps by a well known saltwater fishing club to install informational signage along the Canal, at no cost to the Corps, with the signs being donated by a tackle manufacturer and labor by the club. This proposal along with another concerning trash was shot down by the ACOE. We see, as fishermen, many problems that should be addressed whereas the ACOE could care less.
  13. Thank you...………..
  14. Can't get todays paper with subscribing...……………….
  15. How about posting it?????????????