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  1. someone stated previously, plastic swimmers properly rigged, A+
  2. i need those 12 minutes
  3. where were the breaks? middle of leader, knot, etc? give us some more to go on
  4. me three
  5. I use the holidays, all of them in spring fall and winter to bribe my wife with food and whatever to go fishing Thanksgiving is steelhead in western PA. Works for me and good food there too
  6. thank you for standing in there and making the call!
  7. You do not know what you do not know. You have to mentor a person, meet them at their level and be patient To learn they have to know that they need to learn and be open to it I am thick headed as anyone, I am a slow learning at least I was. Watching your buddy catch fish gets old sooner or later you gotta know IT IS YOU!
  8. you did nothing wrong
  9. no thank you
  10. respectfully offer $120 shipped
  11. West Milford, Are you passing? Will offer it here for others if so Thanks KJ
  12. I have this, in great shape but need to get $60 PU
  13. Daiwa Acculite series has a few options that go to 1 oz and one or two that will do 1 1/2 oz Solid stick great price
  14. fail it when it wont matter, best of luck
  15. WTB: Spare spool shimano 5000fk New or used, just got this reel looking for spare spool or two Thanks Kevin