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  1. can i have the last one in grid 1
  2. can i core drill the tread so i dont crack it . then hammer drill into concret and use a tapcon
  3. yes concrete under tread, 1/2 in hole (4) holes per post
  4. two inch
  5. I would like to mount a galvanized post for pvc stair railing onto bluestone treads what would be the best way to anchor the post on top of the bluestone and into the concrete stairs
  6. Nathans or Wrigley field
  7. I am doing baked clams, shrimp scampi ,pasta and lobster , bake fish oreganata and broccoli
  8. Store 2 peice rod in the bed of the truck
  9. Some cars are charging for a heated seat subscription too now
  10. They are killing 19 inch fish
  11. Congratulations
  12. Congratulations
  13. i use alexa to start my car lock house doors set my thermostat and sonos speakers also can use my phone to use individual apps for same devices door lock is August Car is a Chevy speaker is sonos Thermostat is Honeywell
  14. Fast Brew Technology, 10 Cups of coffee in less than 4 minutes Double wall, Thermal insulated Carafe keeps coffee warm for hours Speed Brew Platinum 10-Cup Coffee Maker platinum-bunn-drip-coffee-makers-55200-0000-64_600.webp
  15. look up CCS Tarp "Ridge Line Stuff Sack", and tarp tips by Wintertrekker on u tube this guy has some great tips on set up