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  1. My $.02......Disastrous start. People have been out here since March. Restaurants are adapting and trying to make up for lost revenues. Nightlife is none existent, unless sitting down for a meal, so you see more people on beach, overlook etc.....where they would have been at a Montauket, Navy Beach having a beverage. Gas is expensive. Goldbergs bagels still stink. Sharks are eating fish off the beach. Fluke Fishing Sucks. School enrollments are up. Principal says kids will be going to school 5 days a week (I don't think it will last) Old saying "August People Suck" still holds true. Everybody is mad at everyone else who has a different outlook on life. Ticks haven't been so bad. Thongs are still a thing. Waves haven't been great. Last week seemed to be a lull in tourists (I found parking at beach). Great Tuna bite offshore. That about sums up 2020......Oh we got another Dog! Cheers, Mike
  2. Dragger was The Petrel. Cabo out of Niantic CT was called Chaos......by looking at his gear he was in a hurry to go Tuna fishing. If Chuck was in PilotHouse he wouldn't be here right now.
  3. I live a 1/2 mile from Montauk County Park. Spoke to the guy thru the door. Asked him if he could help. That was a negative. Thank you for the help on this post as I was lost to how I was going to pay....... Cheers, Mike Edit: A little help on clarification please: I sent over the email with License, Green Card and Registration. Will they send me confirmation with payment link? How long does that usually take? Thank you
  4. Nothing has started..... Cheers, Mike
  5. Great stuff! Thank you!
  6. Don't rule out some freshwater action this time of year. Lot's of little kettle holes in the area you will be. Good luck.
  7. We had a great day Tuesday....One fish was loaded......rest were very manageable. Miso glazed was on the menu Tuesday night, Cheers, Mike
  8. Jason: Can you discuss worms in Codfish? What causes it (seal crap? really?). Also are the summer cod less wormy than winter? Thanks, Mike
  9. #montauksucks We're doing just fine. Some bigger fish at night. Albies were back last two days before the blow. Tons of little bass. Big blues on poppers. Hopefully you will get some nice weather. Zatsol,send me a PM if you need any information. Cheers, Mike
  10. Sometimes you just stop and watch them sip. Life is good! A7111262-B504-4597-B929-CA895BF010B8.MOV
  11. Sorry wrong topic.
  12. I think your "70 year old surfcaster" is quite upset at your description. And for the record it happened at the East Deck Jetty.
  13. Most kids are off for the Holiday. Busy weekend out here. All of you miscreants behave yourself at my Club! Looking forward to meeting some of you. Cheers, Mike
  14. FYI: Tom at Star Island will do that as well. Cheers, Mike
  15. Another great trip to Belize in the books. Had my first slam, and also this 22# Permit! All 3 of my Permit came on a CrabFly (the previous fish were all on shrimp patterns). Took the tropical lines off and hit the albies. Permit on Sunday, and Albies on Monday. Cheers, Mike