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  1. Great trip. 4 Permit, with a 5th lost to a total kook move on my part. We also caught Tarpon and Bonefish. My buddy Bill had a Grand Slam (7 Permit for him).One of the Permit was on a fly tied by BrokeOff! Isaac stayed away, and the weather was perfect. The amount of Saragassum piling up on the windward side is horrible. This was by far the best trip we have had to Ambergris! Cheers, Mike
  2. Hey Gang. Just wanted to report. I picked up the 10wt Wavelength Grand Slam.......It was great. We caught some 30-50# class Tarpon. The one thing it did do was rub a my fingers a little raw. In other news.......I did catch 1 Permit on a Bauer Crab tied by BrokeOff! Thank you. The other Permit caught were on Shrimp Patterns, Gotcha's and Mantis Shrimp. Great trip.
  3. I'm sure there would be a lot to do to make those grounds safe for camping. Of course they could always legalize camping at the Lower Lot :). There are already enough knuckleheads (I was one back in my younger days) who climbs up the tower. Here is what gets me. There is a beautiful park, at 3rd House with historic old cabins and a house. Because Suffolk County doesn't give a crap, all of these places are not fit to be utilized. It's a beautiful spot. Cheers, Mike
  4. 2 days on the Upper West Branch. New to the sweetwater game. Broke off 2x 20" Brown's because I am a Saltwater meathead! Who knew 6x is 3.5#test :). Dry Fly's all day Thursday. Catskill Slam. Cheers, Mike
  5. MR: I think Costa Rica is a decent spot for both. You might have to travel a bit......The typical places like Playa Grande, Negra, Tamarindo and Nosara have rivermouths /lagoon systems. Take a look at BVI's. Tortola, Virgin Gorda as well. I've fished/surfed them both. Cheers, Mike ****Edit: You're on WestCoast now? Look at Troncones/Saladita area. Great long left that has a nice Bay. Pangeros will take you out fishing.
  6. Fished it Wednesday&Thursday. Water was ripping Wednesday (2300cfs?) We did get diesel smell as we neared the accident site. There was a boom around a creek a bit upriver. Thursday we stayed above the site and had an excellent day. Cheers, Mike
  7. Au Contraire.......Every Permit we've caught were on Gotcha's.
  8. B.O: They look great
  9. I found it. Thank you
  10. That would be great. I'll send you a PM. It's much appreciated.
  11. I'm also looking to purchase some Bauer Crabs and everyone seems to be out. Any help with direction would be great. ******Note: My fishing partner and I have 12 permit in our 6 trips......all caught on shrimp fly's But we still bring crab fly's.
  12. Gentlemen: Early September will be my 6th trip down to BZE. Before we head over to El Pescador to fish like gentlemen. We will be checking out Cayo Frances for a few days. That'll be a bit of DIY in the lagoon system with Paddleboards. I've got a 10wt Scott Meridian paired up with a 3tand t-100. I would be open to suggestions for a 10 wt floating line. This will most likely be my tarpon rod. My buddy will have an 11. Cheers, Mike
  13. Something to give a shot. Hooked in town right next to Goldberg's. Closest thing we've got to a fish shack. You can also try Sammy's wagon in the Gosman's parking lot. Cheapest fish sandwich going. Personally Bagels out here cannot compete with anything Up Island. For a date night try Inlet. Cheers, Mike
  14. Thanks for those heads Shag. Still using them. I haven't used the belt before. I should probably give it a go. Cheers, Mike
  15. Keep fighting BFD! I look forward to reading your fish reports for a long time! Cheers, Mike