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  1. Poulin: It's an hour and twenty with no traffic. I would be leaving by 3am to make sure I was down at the launch in time.
  2. It would be hard to resist those marshgrass reds in Northern Florida (Jacksonville) all the way up to Charleston. Savannah, St. Simons Island........man there's a lot of great redfish water. The guys at Black Fly (Jacksonville Beach) would be a great resource. Cheers, Mike
  3. They will have to pry my ChowderClam from my cold dead hand!
  4. Angler House? I fish out of there when I'm down. What was the nightly rental? When I'm solo I look for the cheapest place that's a right turn leaving Lorelei (post fishing)
  5. Best of luck. Document the build. Cheers, Mike
  6. Now that's a wedding present! Congratulations on both! Cheers, Mike
  7. I really like my Live Watersports....but it's really big. I recently paddled it to Block Island from Montauk, and I kept pace with most people on race boards. As the earlier comments state: You will not find a more stable platform. I'm 6'4" 280, and I put the whole family on it.Getting it on and off the truck might be an issue as well. I also have a 14' monohull board, that Mike Becker @ Nature Shapes made for me. That has made the crossing to Block Island a few times as well. It's a beefed up version of the BARK Eliminator. Displacement hull, quiet, fast and stable. Not able to add much more weight. I used the Bote inflatables in Belize, and they were just fine for flat water. Great platform and handled me, gear and beer just fine. You get some wind, and they are a bitch. If you are deploying from a boat, those inflatables might be the ticket. Cheers, Mike
  8. Great to see.
  9. Great stuff guys. I'll start looking. We're looking at mid to late April. We live in Montauk, so exploring/experiencing freshwater would be the goal (and leaving the kids with Grandma). Getting my wife some good instruction in a nice setting would go a long way. Cheers, Mike
  10. Gents: I'm thinking of doing a long weekend with my wife this Spring. I'd like to take her to a lodge/outfitter within a 5 hour drive of NYC (PA/VA?). The goal of the trip would be: 1. Casting instruction for her. 2. Guided Trout fishing. Drift or wade. 3. A place where we can eat and drink well. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers, Mike
  11. Well Done Sir!
  12. Whelp......There goes that theory....
  13. That Tooker stuff is real cool. Guy named McCann bought the rights and has a great website dedicated to it. I'm a bit skeptical on the story. Not because I do not think it could happen.....but more around water temps. We have a ton of sharks. Ocearch proved what commercial fishermen and Capt. Mundus knew. My reading (Mr. Witek can let me know if I'm wrong) states low end of temperature range for GW's to be 52-54 degrees. Water Temps were mid 40's. While we have a year round seal population, it's nowhere near the Cape's population. Would our relatively low numbers hold a fish against its comfort zone? I don't believe any remains came ashore. Happy New Year, Mike
  14. Fishing has been much better on the North Shore the last few years. Montauk has been barren. Barren I tell you! Happy New Year, Mike
  15. Great stuff! Happy Holidays, Mike