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  1. My father made his living teaching painting different types of pictures. He stopped painting a few years ago. It's hard to get a good photo with light in the background.
  2. Personally I think this is political suicide. I’d bet there are a lot more people against the idea of student loan forgiveness than are for it.
  3. Parking garages are better.
  4. 154CM (stainless with carakote finish)
  5. Hell of a deal. What is your location ?
  6. Could be. My father used to travel and teach oil stuff. He was a teacher of Bob Ross and Bill Alexander and knew them both. He only started doing these charts on the side at home about 15 years ago after taking some classes. He always had trouble getting charts that were in decent shape as most were stained or torn. The last few years he has lost interest with age, though I did see the he was working on one when I was down for Fathers day.
  7. The paintings are pen and ink with water colors on nautical charts torn out of map books.
  8. Not required in Maine either.
  9. Thanks He had it in his living room for about 10 years and took it down last week so I brought it home. I have 4 other different charts he did.
  10. picture really doesn't do it justice.
  11. Here's one of the chart paintings my father did. (water colors and pen and ink on nautical chart) This one is big, chart is 30" x 20" and framed out to 42" wide.
  12. Top one is new (my wife gave it to me for my birthday) Bottom 2 get the most pocket carry as they are smaller. (I always have a pocket knife with me) Top one is a Hogue as the 2nd from bottom. They make a great knife.
  13. I'll pass at 145. $135 is my max as I really don't need them. GLWS
  14. I'll offer 135 shipped PayPal. I'll pick up fees.
  15. That looks like fun
  16. I”ll take it
  17. I haven’t been up there in a while but try Mt Chase Lodge or you could try Scotty’s On Shin Pond.
  18. We have tempered glass on 2 decks. The upper deck has tinted glass while the lower deck has clear glass. The clear glass panel takes out a bird once in a while.
  19. I stopped at the pool store on the way home today and inquired about re-tileing and re-plastering the pool. 5K for the tile and 5-8K for plaster.... 12 to 15 is what he figures...... That's a lot of coin. He was here last week and looked at fixing some tile that popped. He said I should be ok for a couple of years. After that it may become a frog pond or a concrete patio. Maybe I'll fill it in and put in a fire pit and hot tub spa...
  20. I was just going to look into this. must follow this thread
  21. My wife tried that. Dumped in 1/2 a bag and covered the hole. Next day all the mothballs were out of the hole up on the lawn. It ate a .22 the next day.
  22. We had the pool opened a week ago and I thought I had a problem. Water seemed to be dropping much faster than normal. It is common to see 1/4" loss a day and I was used to that. But this last week has been ridiculous. I was concerned that we may have a leak. So yesterday I put a 5 gallon bucket on the top step and filled it to the level of the pool water. (4-1/2" above top step) Tonite I checked it and there was only 3-1/2" s of water above the step and 3-1/2"s of water in the bucket. It was a relief to see the same levels. I'd hate to think about tearing up the concrete apron and finding the leak.
  23. My wife wanted to turn the pool into a frog pond when we bought the house....