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  1. Biden’s case will have the Democrats in a quandary if it goes to trial.
  2. Be hard to do. Not like Dems are going to walk around with blue arm bands or Reps with red ones. This wouldn’t be like the Civil War where they had the Mason Dixon line.
  3. If Joe runs 3rd Party in 2024 would you vote for him ? I think he has a serious chance of winning as he would draw from both voting bases. It would definitely hurt Biden and whoever is the Republican candidate. I myself probably would as I am disgusted with both party views. His contention is that both parties are swinging to the extreme and that is not what most Americans want. I tend to agree with him. A Manchin/ Sinema ticket would be tough to beat IMHO.
  4. 3' ??? That is almost a no snow winter where he lives.
  5. This won't matter as the Dems will run him right up to September and try to insert Newsome at the last minute citing Biden's health. IMHO
  6. Don’t forget the muzzle to control that “angry old man “yelling he does. To be fair, Trump could have used one to.
  7. Anyone, and I mean anyone living here who is offended by this can FOAD as far as I am concerned.
  8. Thoughts and Prayers for your friend.
  9. So in other words Red is a home wrecker.
  10. Rod holders came in so this will keep my wife happy trolling. There is no rod storage so I mounted 3 tubes to keep them from bouncing around when trailering.
  11. Haven't been to an Arby's since I worked in PA 10 years ago and have no plans to in the future. I did see a commercial on TV yesterday with Arby's offering burgers. ??????????
  12. Please don't tell me it has pink accents....
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