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  1. I like shooting with the red dot.
  2. I buy a super pack license (covers everything) $201.
  3. I think her handlers have higher aspirations for AOC. Boy are they reaching out on a limb....
  4. does it flower in the spring and grow seed pods ?
  5. I like the idea of the wires. My wife wanted glass though. Our view isn’t as yours is though. I like the beach view better.
  6. Not sure I found it in a search
  7. This one is on a bolted frame
  8. How about a big chunk of styrofoam hollowed out Belmo’s design specs
  9. Postal money order went out this morning

  10. I’ll take middle lot
  11. What is the middle lot
  12. It would have all come out before the last election.
  13. We had that first hand when we were getting ready to sell our house 7 years ago in MA. We called a roofing company and 2 Italian guy comes out to make the quote. I agreed on the price and let them start the following week. When I got home from work thatMonday afternoon there was a small army of Brazilians on my roof...
  14. Is the RevolutionPly exterior grade ?