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  1. To me it is the same thing as putting a muzzle on a rabid animal.
  2. It is funny how he mentions HIS avatar and doesn't see the irony in it.
  3. Actually Frank, Paka is right. You have to stick your nose in EVERY thread and stir the pot. It gets really old. You act like the retarded kid trying to pound the square peg in the round hole.
  4. Nice plug I'll offer $250
  5. You only needn't to shoot 1 or 2 and the rest will stay on their side.
  6. Amend the Country's gun laws...... So are they blaming the weapons now instead of the psychopath who committed the crime ? I'll bet Pelosi, Schumer and Feinstein are following this. Those evil black guns........
  7. He sneaks in once in a while on weekends. Must be working overtime.
  8. Nice plinker Eddy. I've got one of those with a mini red dot on it. Shoots great but I don't like the finger grooves. I may grind them off like I did on my 20SF. I think you'll enjoy it.
  9. Do you have the box ?
  10. No AC, no problem. Just knock out one of the barn door windows and and hang a window unit in it. Put one of those rear cargo carriers on the back and strap a generator down. A 5000 sized unit will turn the Suburban into an ice box. I'd post a picture but can't find an appropriate one in a suburban.
  11. Fixed it for ya.
  12. My work truck (company owned) is a 2015 silverado 1500 4WD and averages about 16 around town and 20 on the highway. My personal truck is a 2015 silverado 2500 4WD and averages 12 around town and 16 on the highway.
  13. Perfect case for sterilization.
  14. Good luck with it Red. A sawmill,sheet of lexan, some screws and silicone and you could have a sunroof...
  15. It is going to be like a bluefish feeding frenzy.