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  1. Very nice. I look forward to your posts.
  2. I think they can go as far as August when they have the convention which was pushed back from June.
  3. Cut it out. You bastards are getting me hungry.
  4. Looks nice That car probably wouldn't fit in a parking space today.
  5. Morning Bob Heading into Boston to place some concrete today. At least traffic is light. Hope you have a good day.
  6. I don't know if it is a Mantis but the small Honda tiller I bought for my wife works great. Starts easily and weighs next to nothing.
  7. Got the pendent poured. It figured at 25 80# bags and I bought 30. Good thing as I used 26. I'm getting old, 80# bags are heavy. Pool got opened yesterday so that adds 1 more weekly chore. Pool shed is coming down this weekend to start a new one.
  8. Exactly Then when you renew they jack up your rates due to your driving history.
  9. I thought Dementia Joe said all you need is a 12ga s x s ? Kind of hard to bullseye shoot.....
  10. With them in it.
  11. Some poor bastard 2 towns over is wondering what happened to his lawnmower.
  12. Play stupid games ,win stupid prizes. He got off lucky. His new prosthetic eye will be a remembrance of how much of a moron he was that day.