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  1. Holy crap Red. So sorry to hear this. Here’s to a fast and complete recovery.
  2. It is messed up there. Sadly I have to fly back there tomorrow morning. No more making the drive from Maine to NJ for me on this job.
  3. That is what I'd do if it were my home.
  4. Mokes, stay strong for your wife. Ignore the bitch of a sister in law.
  5. I went through the interview process back in 1984 and was offered a job (with a school date) I won't go into details but the final interview in Boston was quite interesting. I would have to bring $1500 (for uniforms) and could have brought my own weapon and become fluent in Spanish during the 22 weeks of schooling. After graduation I would have been assigned to the Texas border for minimum of 6 years. Pay was around 15K/year. I turned it down.
  6. You really should make a trip to the Dr. TDS has really bitten you bad.
  7. I've done tests 3 since Dec 1,2018. These weren't random though. These were to be able to work on different sites in 3 different states.
  8. UGH, I'm stuck here for till Saturday..... Anyone have any idea how bad traffic will be heading North on Saturday, leaving here at around 10 AM ? The Superintendent on the job asked me if I could stay until Saturday and me being the nice guy I am said ok..... BUT I am leaving at 10 and I am driving home on company time come Saturday. Only packing clothes for 3 days rots.... Looks like I'll be buying some new FR clothing. Good thing is I didn't have to deal with any illegal aliens at Home Depot today.
  9. We work a lot with utility companies, the Nuke plants, been inside the Fed reserve and all require the piss test. I don't touch the stuff so passing is easy.
  10. I have a Paslode and a Dewalt. The Dewalt is nice due to no need for fuel but has its drawbacks. magazine release and not liking the cold are 2 big ones. I've had more misfires with the Dewalt in 2 years than I did with the Paslode in over 10 years. Even in the cold the Paslode works well. The Dewalt wouldn't sink a 16D in semi frozen studs.
  11. This has a lot to do with it. If a companies mod rating gets too high they aren't allowed to bid or do work for a lot of the utility companies.
  12. back in 95 I was working in Reno NV as a carpenter foreman for a company. The Superintendent knew the labor foreman was smoking dope so told me Jim and I had to go for a test. He came out clean and I got a call from the nurse that I tested positive for opium or something like that. My wife had bought a dozen muffins from Costco earlier in the week and I'd have one every day for coffee break. They were black inside (lemon poppyseed). I asked the nurse if the muffins could have anything to do with that and her response was "I'll have to ask the Dr." Mean while my boss is busting my nuts (jokingly) and the nurse calls back. "I'll have to report you as negative". Before that I never would have believed the muffin scenario.
  13. I have no problem with the tests. When MA legalized pot some guys thought it was ok to smoke. So now we ask if they will pass before we send them somewhere that requires a test. It is kind of a black eye when they send a company guy for a test and he fails. A lot of the companies we do work for follow the federal guidelines.
  14. First time on this site for me. All "new hires" to through it. No big deal as I do 4 or 5 a year on various sites.
  15. After I checked in (on site) I had to go for a piss test and breathalyzer. On the map it looks like a straight shot with 1 left turn. (GPS said so too.But no, as in bridge was gone and had to go through a maze to get there. Turn here, bear to the left, right turn around the jug handle, head back where you just came from and go through another half dozen turns due to all the no left turn, no right turn signs. If these were 1 way roads it would be understandable but they aren't.