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  1. I never would but I've heard they do in S.C. Little bastions never learn and always head towards wifeys flower beds. This one has an ear infection.
  2. My first thought.
  3. He does realize his side lost right ? Personally who gives a flying F what he thinks of America.
  4. Bingo Some people over look the obvious. If you asked them if their life was worth 25 bucks what do you think the answer would be.
  5. No kidding. Not like it would happen without his bank account.
  6. They can be truthful now that Orange man is gone.
  7. F him and his "wear a mask until you do". When did he become king. And Democrats screamed at the sky that Trump was a wanna be dictator.
  8. I didn't this time but will from now on. Also a good way to make sure the plug is in and tight.
  9. There was some water in the bottom from sitting in the yard was my first thought. 2nd and 3rd time I have no idea. Possibly the plug not tight enough or maybe a bad rivet underneath somewhere. I'll probably level it out in the driveway and put a few inches of water inside then crawl underneath.
  10. Great pics. I have 2 blue bird boxes in the front yard as well as 5 in the back yard. A couple of weeks ago I peaked in the one in the front yard and found nothing in the one closest to the house. Go over to the one in the pine I planted a few years ago and open the front. Oh crap, looks like a dead one in there. Its head was down and it's wings splayed out. Then it popped up its head and flew away. I closed the front and won't go near it again. Hopefully momma comes back.
  11. First word to come to my mind too.
  12. Well I got to dunk the tin boat today and it performed to my expectations. Bilge pump only kicked on 3 times in 5 hours so not bad in my mind. Boat ramp was easy even though it was my first time dunking a boat alone. They have a decent dock at Mousam Lake. Splash the boat, tie to end of dock and get the truck and trailer up to the parking area. It was busy today. When I bought the new motor the mechanic told me the 4 strokes are a little cold blooded so I tooled away from the dock with the trolling motor. 100 yards from the dock I decided to start the Merc. Pull the choke and pull, nothing, pull again and nothing. It wasn't until after the 6 th pull did I look down and notice that I didn't have the gas line plugged in. Plug in fuel line and 1 pull and the motor was running. getting rid of the 25 was a good move in my mind as the bow was pointing a little high with my fat arse on the back end. Next trip will have 2 50# sandbags in the bow. . Now I have to figure out how to read the fish finder. Depth and speed is self explanatory. Interpreting the rest will take a little practice. I was watching the screen and it was reading 32 ft with what I think were a fish or 2 at 20 ft. So I drop a rebel down to 20 ft with the down rigger and start trolling back and forth. I was watching other boats in the area and not looking at the screen when the water depth jumped up to 15 feet. Crap, too late as the ball had the bottom. Hit neutral and try cranking which was a futile effort. Put it in reverse and back down and the ball came up easily. Now back to the dock. Tie up the boat and grab the trailer. There is a line waiting to get boats in so I get there there is a glass boat in front of my boat tied up. They couldn't get theirs started so had rope my boat around theirs. Load mine and head for home. I'm happy with it.
  13. She is probably waiting for her new dentures to be finished and wants to hide behind the mask.
  14. agreed He pissed off the wrong person and that person got revenge by sending it swimming in the blue lagoon.
  15. I know a carpenter steward that dug one out of a porta-john 15 years ago. The whole job was laughing at him.