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  1. Years ago my brother in law was married to this tub who would force Ritalin on their youngest because she said he had ADHD. She just didn't want to deal with him. (she was an RN by the way). He was 6 years old at the time and would go into a semi vegetative state and was really sad to see. My wife and I were disgusted with her when we visited them down in Tennessee as was my mother in law. As we were getting ready to leave my mother in law told us she was taking AJ for the rest of summer. The tub and my brother in law were going through a divorce. Low and be hold my mother in law never once gave AJ one of the pills. He was as fine and happy as a 6 year old can be. At the end of the Summer my brother in law drove to upstate NY to get his son before school started. As they were packing the truck my BIL asked about AJs medication and his mother told him; AJ doesn't need those so I threw them away right after you dropped him off in June. That was when my BIL told his mom that the divorce was final and he has custody of the boys. AJ turned out to be a well adjusted young man and never took the meds again.
  2. If Ryan Dietsch doesn't like here he is free to denounce his citizenship and move somewhere else.
  3. Just look at how the Dem party likes to throw the term NAZI around. We have members here who do it all the time where as it is actually the Democratic Party that are the Nazi s and Socialists. Before some Democrat comes back with a rebuttal they should do a little reading on the connection between Nazi's and Socialism. Everything they continue to push leads right back to Joseph Goebbels. So who are the NAZIs' now ?
  4. No doubt about that. The Dems will rile up their low info voters and entice them for with trinkets for their votes in November. They have already shown that they don't care by electing a mentally deficient racist.
  5. Will have to push for repeal of the 1st as well. This way they can stifle everybody as they dismantle the rest of the Constitution. The dems are still pushing for Obama's transformation of America. I say screw em , bring it on.
  6. They can't come up with anything that isn't already on the books. The Dem end game is disarmament and any Democrat that says otherwise is lying.
  7. If the Dems could use Executive Orders for gun control it would have been done when vp Biden was Vice President 6 years ago. Obama knew he couldn’t do it then and he knows it now.
  8. That won't go well.
  9. Now you are talking. What will Dems do when Reps get it in 6 months ?
  10. Glad to hear you are back home. Follow what the Drs sy and you may be good for another 20,
  11. Yeah the gift card is a big incentive to keep looking at Cabela's or BPS. Are you close to the BPS ? Maybe the counter guy could order one for you.
  12. Have you tried KTP ?
  13. Agreed and it is a problem that no one has an answer for. The problem is harnessing the law abiding with more legislation that willl have no affect on the crazies. Maybe if the "state hospitals " weren't shut down back in the late 70s we wouldn't be where we are. As far as guns go, the Democrat party wants confiscation. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.
  14. You want to have a discussion but have no answers. How does that work ? You won't answer questions put to you either. I'm done, you won.