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  1. She has seen what is at the bottom of the Rabbit Hole........
  2. Do you have the box ? I'll take it
  3. ? You lost me. I'm a little slow....
  4. Why is it always the Democrats who yell and scream the loudest ? Are they all of the belief; The squeaky wheel gets the grease ? I hope they all get shown the door in 2020. Why can't they (all of Congress) just do their jobs .
  5. Sorry for the loss of your friend.
  6. Either bring in a lot of fill to build a berm or dig a pit and shoot from an elevated position.
  7. I ordered some Lamellos (80 pack). I'll let you know how they work.
  8. thanks for the ideas everyone. I'm going to do some research on the biscuit idea I think.
  9. Looks like Vic's . Cool plug. I don't think it is Paul's. Here is one Paul made. Notice the PM stamped in flap tail.
  10. I still like the pine box. Put her in it alive though before ya bury the box. Maybe add a 1/4 cup of fire ants.
  11. I still say she she should be put in a pine box.
  12. Anyone have any luck with gluing mitered corners with composite decking ? I replaced the deck boards on our rear deck with composite and want to run a ribbon board to dress up the edge. I need to do (2)_ 45s and (1) 90.