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  1. Have to look at the eyes. If closed or dark black be wary. If all cloudy, you are good to gut.
  2. Great news. Hopefully you and your family get many more years with your Dad.
  3. Maybe AOC will get the Speaker job...........
  4. No dog, been a few years. I want another one but my wife isn't ready yet. We have been in Maine for the last 6 1/2 years and bird hunting is often just a walk in the woods. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Every time I see Gad's posts I am envious. A good bird dog is a pleasure to hunt with. The last bird dog we had in the house was an English Setter and I think it was retarded. When he locked up on a bird if I missed the shot he would give me that look as if to say "really. ???" Was actually kind of funny to see a dog get an attitude.
  5. Not trying to derail Nessmuk's thread just thought this partridge was cool. I jumped 5 Saturday in the snow.
  6. This little guy was in the back yard last week. Little **** must have been able to tell the difference between my .308 and my 20 ga. Turned right around as if to say "what do you want?"
  7. I hunted them out in Nevada. Chase them up the mountain, then they would fly back down. Did a lot of walking.
  8. So sorry to hear this. Thoughts and Prayers to Jim and Family.
  9. I agree. I hate them little green "bastids".
  10. When they try jumping the fence blast them back over with water cannons.
  11. Blade Ops is decent and ship fast.
  12. I vary on EDC knives. Not usually too particular on which one I grab.