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  1. $3.39 today at Costco in Monmouth County
  2. Don't have Amazon Prime, but Chewy delivery is outstanding, ordered dog food & biscuits yesterday afternoon & had delivery this afternoon
  3. There has been work on the outside going on for a while, looks to be nearly done with the outside but have no idea where they are on the inside, but there are workers working every day.
  4. The bar/resturant on Sandy Hook will be located in the Mule Barn, an existing facility, that is being totally redone to standards & you would never know that this place was ever a dilapidated run down building just a short time ago. Take a ride on Officers Row, so sad to see the building literally falling down in front of your eyes, something had to be done to preserve the Hook from becoming rubble, since the Federal Government is not investing a dime to save it.
  5. Last year 2021 I got mine at the entrance building, during regular business hours.
  6. This is the same stance that my sons next door neighbor in LBI took, no vax, no mask, my immune system will take care of me, early 50's good health, will be getting buried later this week dying from COVID
  7. Coming soon: Health Insurance Companies will announce that bills for Covid hospitalization for unvaccinated policy holders will NOT be covered
  8. Weird morning NoMoCo, peanuts everywhere but the bass would only hit tsunami sand eels, would not touch anything else. 4 bass between 26-29
  9. NOMOCO today adult bunker as far as the eye can see in every direction, with no bass on them
  10. I use wool glove liners that Army Navy stores carry, work well & are inexpensive
  11. NMOCO skunk, with several seals in close
  12. Dredge is now at the Rip, as of this morning.
  13. Bad link ^
  14. Lot A was open at 5am this morning
  15. Lot A was open this morning