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  1. The need for a buzz, I don't get it.....Drunks, Potheads ....... whats the enjoyment of it ? Life's pretty good as is.
  2. American Bittern we found this weekend.
  3. It does.
  4. Unless it's a deeply buried deer tick, that you know has been on for 24 hours or more, and it develops a bullseye rash, they don't even want to here about it. Between the wife and I we pull of maybe a dozen or so every year. One year was many more than that but we don't count. Both of us have asked for the test in routine blood-work, always negative. I don't think it's as bad around here as it is to the East.
  5. We saw our first one on 3/20 they are thick now. I see on e-bird, someone posted a picture of one taken at the Scusset fish pier, standing in the snow, on 3/2. That's pretty early.
  6. Good numbers of Purple Finch around our area today. And the Kinglets have arrived, this one is a Ruby Crowned.
  7. I had mine out by robotic surgery in October. Gleason 9 5+4 It was found by a PSA test that was just slightly over the limit for my age, 61. The digital exam was normal. Fwiw, Never any real incontinence problem from day one, just have to be more aware really. Don't even think about it now. A little ED but coming along. They had to take one of the two nerves, to be sure they got everything because the cancer was so aggressive. 3 month post op PSA was 0.0 Your making a good choice IMO. First week with the catheter is a pain , but after that things improve quickly. Felt real good after 3 weeks, after 6 weeks you'll forget you even had it done.
  8. It's a good morning to be on the lookout for new spring arrivals. For the people who watch these things......the radar was clogged with birds heading north last night.
  9. Nice Kid, especially like the last one.
  10. We saw this Red-Shouldered hawk dive right into a small stream to get this Redfin. Like the Osprey of the woods....
  11. Not a downer at all, this is reality when you live it everyday. At some point, those of us with adult children who will never be able to go it alone, have to switch gears and resources, and start to make plans for when we won't be around to take care of them.
  12. A pair of migrating Wilson's Snipe we found resting in a wet field yesterday.
  13. Wet everything down with a garden hose. Spray the driveway a 50/50 mix of bleach and water with a pump sprayer, if your careful you won't get any on the plants Wait a few minutes, then pressure wash the driveway. Rinse everything down again with the garden hose.
  14. A pair of Wilson's Snipe migrating through this AM. Their camo is very good.
  15. Zzzquil Low test.... but helps for me.