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  1. Something different some might not have heard of. The goose in the middle that looks like a miniature Canada Goose is actually a different species called a Cackling Goose. Notice how small it is, really about Black Duck size. The second pic shows the different head shape and small bill. This one's a Richardson's Cackling Goose, Fairly unusual around here,
  2. If you here something like that , you should record it on your phone if at all possible. Reason below. The best I can tell, if confirmed, It would be the most Northern Whippoorwill ever reported in the US. on or before March 14...... ever.
  3. About 20 guys out yesterday on this local pond, a couple groups of 4 or 5 today. One guy I talked to today said still about a foot of good solid ice .
  4. Thanks ( wife's shot ) It's a first generation Tamron 150/600 mm on a Nikon d500.
  5. A couple below zero nights had this guy back warming up in his sunning hole, had not seen him in a while. The hole faces just right to catch the sun almost all day.
  6. Nice looking pup. Like the black and brown mixed like that. He'll own that recliner in about a week......
  7. Couple other raptors from yesterday.
  8. You guys got the prize to the East......7 or 8 here.
  9. Peregrine Falcon hunting along the CT. river today.
  10. Outstanding Great find.
  11. I bet it is. We had on show a few towns away a couple years ago. We went to see it but no real picture opportunities. Not something you see everyday.
  12. especially the chickadee. e-bird only has one of those listed south of norther NH. Is this the Merrill Creek bird ?
  13. The local Red-shouldered Hawk visiting our yard today.