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  1. Thanks, they showed up midday...stayed around a couple hours and moved on. Hoping some Bohemian Waxwings show in the area this winter too.
  2. As far as getting shot, it was in a pretty safe spot so it would have to be a really bold poacher to shoot it there. Wouldn't seem to make scene as you can buy farm raised ones like this if you really wanted one to mount etc. Plus I didn't mention it until it moved on Accidental harvest as Mike said could happen, very unlikely a hunter would know what it was and would think Scaup like the rest of us.
  3. /\ This is becoming a big problem around here too I'm told. I suppose if I was a useless doper .... I'd buy the government approved version.
  4. The Duck is a Baer's pochard It's considered critically endangered in the wild, most say less than 1000 left. And they're from eastern Asia so it's certainly an escapee from someones domestic collection. But it has no band so that makes it a mystery. We saw 12 Goldeneye's on the river within a mile or so of the CT. line this weekend. Almost right out in front of Six Flag's
  5. Clean slice almost looks like a broadhead or knife, maybe more to the story.....
  6. Nope....good guess though. Before the " experts" figured it out, that's what they thought it was, a molting Greater Scaup / Broadbill. The duck in the pic, ain't from around here.
  7. Thanks squidder. Usually they are very rare around here, few and far between. This year they're are a lot more around than usual, they call it an irruption year for them and some other's too. This is the year to watch the feeders, never know what you'll see.
  8. Check out the duck to the right. Been hanging around with the Blacks and Mallards in some big swamps along the CT. river. ( No Hunting here. ) I know what it is but had to be told, must have escaped from a collection somewhere along the line. A very rare duck....any guesses.
  9. A local club around here puts them out, see them along the road now and then.
  10. Group of 11 evening Grosbeaks showed up today.
  11. A flock of about 40 Snow Buntings arrived....with the snow. Snow Bunting and Horned Lark
  12. RIP.
  13. Nice Harrier squidder, always fun to see. The Pine Siskins had been thin around here, but they showed up in force today.
  14. Pine Grosbeaks are still on the wish list.....thats a tough one .
  15. Fox Sparrow, one of 3 that's been cleaning up under our feeders : Right on que, our first Blue Birds of the fall show up a few hours before a big snowstorm.