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  1. A few from recent outings. White-eyed Vireo More common south of us but very unusual around here, we are on the very northern most part of their range. Prairie Warbler Nashville Warbler Black-throated Blue Warbler
  2. That's cool, what a process with the bridges. Always surprising how barren the area was in the old pics and vids.
  3. I'd call them moderate here. Wife has had 3 that required the tweezers, I've had one..... but it left a nasty mark that is just getting better after a week. Probably had about 20 total on cloths etc. I haven't been as good with the Permethrin as in past years. I need to get to it.
  4. Maybe Least Flycatcher on the top one Looney.
  5. Just 3 of the dozens of little Warblers migrating through right now. Next week will be the best week of the year to see these things before most move through. Northern parula Prairie Warbler Wilson's Warbler
  6. I suppose some of the native Americans use this right respectfully and appreciate the traditional ways. FWIW, the only time I've ever observed this, 3 or 4 young guys were splashing around in the run like fools...... yelling and carrying on....I assumed they were drunk. I asked one of the crowd that had gathered watching the show and laughing....what gives here ? I was told they were Indians..... exercising there rights..... I moved on.
  7. Looks like a Swainson's to me.
  8. I agree with you on both these birds. The Northern Waterthrush seems clear. The Thrush seems to have the Buff color under the eye and enough of it over the eye to create a bit of the spectacle look. As you say it could be more with a better blending into the eye-ring. Given the general assumed location with good numbers there now, seems a good bet without a tail photo or hearing the song.
  9. Nice Fizzy , those females can be tough to get out in the open at times.
  10. White-eyed Vireo we found this morning. Not something you see in Western Mass. very often.
  11. Just haven't seen the numbers like normal.
  12. Reports coming in from all over Mass. now, even into Vermont and Maine. The next 2 to 3 weeks will be the very best time all year for seeing migrating birds. The Warblers in particular will be flooding through in the millions. Some heading to the Boreal Forest and beyond. Some will breed around here. Interesting stuff .
  13. Nice one.