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  1. Still getting out here but the photography has suffered, more often than not we just bring the Binoculars these days. I've probably lugged that thing 1000 miles......and it's getting old. Thinking of getting a 1" sensor bridge type camera to bring along for ID shots, and bring the bigger camera when convenient. 63 species today, only about a 3 mile outing so I brought the camera along for her.
  2. After a while you'll get to recognize the way they fly, funny rapid wingbeats, they just seem to move through the air different than most others around the field. Play the song on your phone and you'll likely get a closer look.
  3. Maybe, but I generally believe things never change to much. Seems classic around here. Seeing single hens everywhere near cover, big toms by themselves roaming around, sometimes in pairs. I'd guess the first poults will be seen in a week or two.
  4. A Tennessee Warbler, on his way from wintering in Central / South America, to breed in the boreal forests of Canada. Only see them around here for a short time in the spring and fall.
  5. Good luck to you Shad guys.....poured all morning, now accumulating snow here in the hills. More big rain this week, can't be good.
  6. I hate the way they itch after you pull them off.
  7. Wait a minute... Anyone who posts their opinion in this thread...... needs to have absolute written proof or you go into your Boeing shill routine. So , I ask again. Have you or have you not , overcome this problem in a fully loaded 737 max 8 , smoothly and without difficulty. I would like documentation please, the report or anything else you can share. If not maybe you should talk less. Being the SOL superhero pilot in your own mind doesn't carry a lot of weight. You dish on everyone except yourself and Boeing, lets see the report . Engineers need to design for pilots who think there special until something happens and the wet their pants.
  8. Have you as a pilot overcome this exact problem on a 737 max 8, loaded with passengers ? Smoothly and without a problem. You talk a lot..... I'd like to see where you got your facts.... as you say.
  9. It's likely the very best, most experienced, best paid engineers Boeing has, are their Systems Engineers . Usually guys with multiple degrees and broad experience in pulling these things together. They did not miss this, they knew there was a problem. Why nothing, or very little, was done is the question, the fact that Boeing knew of the issue from the start is a given. These are very smart people on the Engineering end of things. $$ would be a good place to start looking IMO.
  10. Very difficult to tell without all your info, many detailed step by step instructions on google. Have fun with it, its nice to know whats going on with your stuff.
  11. You can agree generally with Nessmuk, but not hold Boeing blameless. Appears to be some poor Systems Engineering that went on to me, they will pay a heavy price IMO.
  12. Caspian Tern
  13. I agree with Rick. Our Tamron 150/600 mm was basically unusable before we fine tuned. It's still marginal at some settings, but spot on at 600mm where we use it 95% of the time. To me all your test charts show a bit of front focus.
  14. I would guess ventalation.
  15. I think that's the year I shot my first one. First morning I called him in...... I was so shocked to see the thing I didn't get level on him and shot right over his head.... It was the first Wild Turkey I had ever seen. His mistake was he came again the next day. For 15 years in a row after that...... his kin met a similar fate...... Hard to explain these days what a rare site a Wild Turkey was back then.