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  1. Whatever Costco has on sale, usually Folgers.....I ain't fussy.
  2. So when is this wind going to lay down a little.....crazy out there.
  3. -7 at wakeup.....wind is crazy. about 8 or 9 inches on the ground.
  4. Nice shots. The top one looks like a female Goldfinch. The warbler possibly a Pine Warbler.
  5. Somehow I get the feeling your more of a businessman....than a stoner. By the sounds of the lines we've all been hearing about, sounds like liberating them of some cash is the way to play this.
  6. It's been a fun year watching the feeder. Besides the usual's, we've had a nice group of 6 Bluebirds daily as well as Evening Grosbeaks, Pine Siskens, and many Purple Finch's hanging around. We try to keep the home bird watching fun and separate from ...... the list..... which is a bit more serious.
  7. The location of the tag on the fish surprised me. I thought they put them up by the Dorsal Fin....
  8. Yes , just do it right and be done with it.
  9. I think your probably right.... I don't drink either...... so I'm really out of the loop...
  10. Nice Capt. Can't really pick just one, but this is one of them. Mother natures camo at work.
  11. Boy those look good. Last nights 2 # Lobster was eehhh....... Feisty but bland tasting. Should have bought scallops.
  12. That's an interesting way to put it..... The 70's were it for me too.....just holds no interest.
  13. Great image thread last year . Time to get a new one rolling. This is the third Eastern Screech Owl we've found this winter........ Oh crap they found me.......