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  1. Not dumb at all, when they're young it can be a best guess at times. From what I've been told, when a young bird shows distinct spots on it's throat like the one you quoted it is likely a male. Young females can show some streaking here too but its " usually" very light and not as distinct as this bird. Sometimes the streaking / spotting can be to close to call, but I think this one is right. The male is also a bit smaller than the females. So a small hummer with distinct throat spots I will usually call a young male. The tails can really tell you a lot as they mature, but it's easy to tell the difference then anyway. Had one today at daybreak, it hit the plants a couple times and was gone.
  2. One yesterday, already one this morning bright and early.
  3. The large female was gone today, but this young male showed up and was feeding all day. We have several of these plants, they've been on them all summer.
  4. Still had one yesterday but none yet today. Edit, spoke to soon. Showed up this afternoon.
  5. Thought we were done, but this one showed up this AM . It was feeding in the flower boxes on the deck on and off all day, right through the storms.
  6. Our last was Sunday. No feeders but good numbers on our plants this year. It's ok, the cool kids are in town, passing through heading South
  7. Wife deuced the last 2 days....
  8. Whoops, wrong thread....
  9. I have almost no need for cash in my little world. Debit, Credit or on account.... about it.
  10. Both can be explored with unmanned vehicles with good effect. Other than the adventure of it, sending humans rarely makes sense. Especially underwater, the guy on the surface can operate the robotic arms just as well.
  11. No but your mileage may vary.... There were a bunch of Hippie types who walked in from the lot sitting around worshiping the things, I don't know how they didn't puke. True story, It was that bad.
  12. Last time I drove in to HH, there were 300 plus seals bobbing around sleeping and crapping in a backwash......stunk so bad it would gag a mule.....
  13. Glad she's doing well. Get a Lawyer. To be clear, did an ambulance respond ? Around here you would have to sign a refusal or the ambulance is taking you.
  14. 65 year old remodeling contractor, ran with three of us until Covid. Now just me and a part timer......throttling down. While humping tools up a hill in the 3:30 heat the other day...... I finally said to myself, you shouldn't be doing this...... Anyway, finally put in central last year, it's glorious, I shouldn't have waited so long.
  15. I'll bet there are regular night crew guys doing ok. Doesn't have to be stupid fishing, a few hits, a fish or two. That's a good night as far as I'm concerned.