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  1. LOL..... 1/2 fir cdx....4 ply. Insane.
  2. Baltimore Orioles seem to be most everywhere now, only one Orchard Oriole so far.
  3. I was about to ask this myself....
  4. My wife's pic,
  5. They are masters of camo . This one was looking over a busy parking lot, I doubt anyone else ever saw him.
  6. First one yesterday . About a mile in the woods feeding on crab-apple blossoms All the birds are flooding in now, we saw 51 different species in about a 3 mile hike yesterday, next week we should get well into the 60's. The next 2 weeks are the best bird weeks of the year, take your binoculars and have a look past the feeders into the trees and'll be surprised what you see.
  7. CVS was great for us too.
  8. Dogs ( actually there owners) are by far the biggest problem for anyone looking to enjoy a quiet walk in the woods. We avoid any area that allows dogs if at all possible. If an uncontrolled dog messes with me or my wife, he's going to have a very bad day. Feelings here run high on this, we've been here before.
  9. This will be interesting, I have never seen that sign before..... What does it even mean ??
  10. Same here, little sore around the site but basically nothing. Wife was the same.
  11. Had my second Pfizer jab this afternoon. I can't imagine saying good by to my wife and kids, over a computer, struggling to breath, minutes before they put you under to go on a ventilator. All because I didn't take advantage of the Vaccines available to us all. And the above is going to happen.... alot..... Sad.
  12. We have given up. Wife has a lot of flower gardens so we always have a few around.
  13. One of the more common birds we see all winter around Western Mass. Always nice to see some color in the winter. This is 1/26/21 We never see them at our house in the summer once the trees leave out.
  14. That's cool, only one confirmed report in Mass. as I write. Plymouth, so it's an early one. Conn. is filling in with reports now.
  15. If your in Mass. you got the first one of the season.