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  1. Been a bad year around here. Usually find the full size ones fairly quickly, just part of being outdoors. But these little F'ers are easy to miss. Hard to explain how small this little thing looks in real life. Could hardly even see it on the wife's arm.
  2. Poult 3 or 4 weeks ago, some good sized ones around now.
  3. One of the winter visitors. You never know though, always something unexpected around.
  4. There have only been 3 or 4 of those ever seen in the US in June or July since they've been keeping records...... So if it is...... your famous, and the Auduboner's will beat a path to your door. So it's probably not.
  5. American Tree Sparrow below has the look too, but there way up north with the Redpolls this time of year. Back this way for the winter.
  6. Another guess would be Chipping Sparrow , almost always in pairs.
  7. Not really a ton of possibilities with for birds with redheads trying to nest like that. House Finch? Google photo.
  8. Boston Herald The state Registry of Motor Vehicles chief has resigned over the case of the trucker charged with killing seven bikers in New Hampshire, after the agency admitted it failed to suspend the 23-year-old driver’s truck license following a drunken driving arrest in Connecticut last month. Registrar Erin Deveney resigned from her $143,800-a-year-job Tuesday. Former MassDOT Chief Operating Officer Jamey Tesler will take over as acting registrar. MassDOT Secretary Stephanie Pollack said in a statement, “The RMV had not acted on information provided by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles about a May 11 incident that should have triggered termination of this individual’s commercial driver’s license.”
  9. Bilsteins came stock on my Xterra Pro4-X , they just gave it up at 178K. I agree they seem a little harsh on the road.
  10. I think most of them really have no idea how hard it can be to catch a large striper from shore, they never tried. The Canal is an artificial man made environment. You almost couldn't design a better place to slaughter stripers, you just couldn't. Eventually it will be C+R only, just a matter of time IMO, can't continue like this.
  11. 3 different Moose and a couple deer from the same game-cam last week.
  12. That......looks good.
  13. They did get thin around here for a few years, but getting better now. Had a close encounter with the bull in the pictures a couple weeks ago...... face to face from about 30 feet. Gets your attention...
  14. All taken at the same swamp tonight.