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  1. Summer Tanager ??
  2. Acorn
  3. I've always had regular cab work trucks, Chevy/GMC and Dodge. Tried a F- 350 this time.....seems nice enough but...... the cab sucks. It's tiny, you can't even push the seat back far enough to be comfortable, zero room behind the seat for anything. Good deal on a leftover but I wouldn't do it again, the cabs a joke.
  4. 20 plus Ring-necks tonight at a local pond along with the usual.
  5. Congratulations....
  6. Quick look in some swamps along the Ct. river showed : 8 GW Teal 4 wigeons 2 Bufflehead 2 ringnecks 2 wood ducks about 20 Mallards 1 black duck A couple Pie-billed Grebes too. The migration map is lit up tonight already, I'd guess a good weekend coming for the ducks.
  7. X 2 Very nice.
  8. On a conventional DSLR, mirrored version. I believe It makes no difference what aperture you have set, the auto focus uses the widest opening the lens allows for focus. I don't know about the Sony.
  9. each to there own. Doesn't matter really, ask Sears. There isn't enough of you out there.
  10. LOL....One son might fit your description, the other most likely shops on the Plane somewhere around the globe so the stuff he needs is home when he gets there. I don't do self checkout either.
  11. Best thing ever.... Time to realize that the world has changed....remember " Malls " ...... are they still around... Used to feel like you guys too, but it is what it is. All 4 of my grown kids use Amazon for almost everything, they will be around long after us. I'm sure the last time they were in a department store....they were with the wife and me. It's not that they make a conscious decision to stay away from stores and shop online.....they just don't even consider it, It's not part of they're world.
  12. Why would anyone need to go to Sears, .... for anything ? Amazon will have it at your door tomorrow, for about 1/2 the price. That's why they're done, all the others will follow, sooner or later.
  13. I would not have believed that bill was that thin., I've only seen them from the side. Very Cool.
  14. 20/25 around today.
  15. I fear you may be right Jim. I keep hoping but it doesn't look good.