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  1. I'm good calling it a year but would love to see gannets doing there thing. Saw some seals earlier wondering if any still around. Dont think its a spot burn if you share any information, would love to get out and see either or both. Going out today to look.
  2. Awesome picture. I want to see them so bad.
  3. Keep her going one more week.
  4. Still passed. Rushed from work to get out in the yak before dark. A little rough launching, got out passed the break. Reached for my rod and it was gone. Must have fallen out of the holder during launch. Spent an hour dragging bottom with a snag hook. No luck. Tide was coming in fast. Packed up and went home. Anyone find a diawa bg on a penn rod this morning? Perfect albie setup, won't replace that until next year.
  5. Great Sunday morning. Took an extra 45 minute nap. Got to the beach just as what little action there was ended. Wind was kicking up with chop, no yaking out front. Saw some bird action way back in the pond, unloaded ,packed up and went chasing what was left of earlier bird action, a cormorant and gull bath party. Actually pretty funny. Spent a half hour picking up one of the parking lots of the soon to be forbidden area and went home for lunch. No fish today.
  6. Wish I saw an albie today. Started in an Eastern CT spot, an hour or so into the outgoing tide, light wind, no fish. Started getting antsy headed to RI, didn't even put the yak in the water, beach was dead. Didn't go chasing, held my ground and was rewarded with more of the same. Glad to hear some of you were on them, hopefully holds until I can get a day off.
  7. Tough time going to work this morning. Perfect day. I should be off. Captain, how are the albies holding up?
  8. Foul hooked Albie cursed me Saturday morning, ignoring everything I threw at them since. The one albie I had on this morning broke the line. The seal was cute. So many stripers they didn't seem to care. Might have to learn to cast a fly, the bait is so small even the stripers are picky. Need more vacation days this week.
  9. Two great days of albie fishing from kayak. Hoping for another tomorrow.
  10. Wish I could report the same. Kayak didn't leave the roof rack, to rough for me, maybe if I saw anything close to an albie. From shore coast to coast, no fish for me or anyone else I saw. Birds in pack mode didn't flinch at anything just kept flying. Ponds looked quiet as well. Days like this for me is when I read about how great it was, go ahead light it up. Hope for next vacation day, keep an eye on them captain.
  11. I don't think it's the bucket brigade, slobs or people from South of the border, more like rich privileged people taking more beach access for themselves. There was a wedding on that beach yesterday and a group sitting behind was asked politely to move for the 20 minute ceremony. Their answer, in not polite words, this is a private beach, we aren't moving. Proceeded to sit and watch the ceremony sipping wine and eating caviar. Embarrassingly I rolled my kayak coming in at the surf break. Scrambled up, waves weren't big but didn't stop, paddle floating away, tackle bag, peddles. Gathered all my gear, pulled the yak up, all good. After found it funny a beach full of people and not one word, no help, no concern, just plain weird. Who does that? I don't live in RI "yet", wish I did, maybe if I work harder I can get one of those 20 million dollar homes. I love that strip of land. That would be horrible to lose.
  12. Great day from kayak Started with a big black sea bass on top with an epoxy jig. "All rigged up for albies" didn't see any. Caught Blue fish, Spanish mackerel, hickory shad and plenty of stripers. Bait was very small, fish were a little picky. I tried so many things my 6' leader was down to 2'
  13. Tomorrow off. Fishing before the sun comes up until it goes down. Hopefully get the kayak out off the beach. Post some albie sightings make my day.
  14. Nothing this morning on the beaches, went exploring further up the bay further than I ever went hoping to find some action. What a beautiful body of water. No sign of fish. Back to the beaches after some Ahi tuna tacos at Monahans. Water settled down, wind relaxed late afternoon, found some bait balls with a few fish on them, blues. One decent blitz with 24ish stripers. Hoping things hold up tomorrow morning, waves should be manageable. I sure hope the albies come back.
  15. Captain. you covered my fishing range, the saddest mid September report I ever saw. Thanks for the update, save my vacation days.