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  1. Bad week for boats.
  2. Mullet - When you find them migrating, stop everything and text me, call me, message me, whatever you have to do. Mullet = Large stripers Even a hack like me can catch big fish during a mullet blitz.
  3. Fished Western most beach, this morning, totally fishable, first wave weedy. Beach has some protection which kept the waves down to about six feet. Wind blowing hard, sand blasting everything. Almost time to go back
  4. What a fabulous morning, doesn't get any better than that. Nothing big, but decent, all morning blitz. Thanks for the inspiration guys, glad I took the day and got out.
  5. And I went to work today. Big balls going out with that wave forecast. South Coast Fisherman you are my idol. That's a great afternoon of fishing. So jealous.
  6. 20 stripers to 45" in 15 minutes, that's one hell of a good outing.
  7. This thread is on fire. Nice weather we're having, my kayak is in dry dock. Was out last night, surf was ugly, had a feeling it would be good but not totally into it either. I walk in, guy has a nice fat 45" bass, I'm into it!!! I managed four small fish. Hope it settles out fast after this blow. Season ending surgery coming up quick.
  8. Fishing report said albies Western sound, can anyone confirm?
  9. Don't have a report just a sick stomach because I can't take the day, have a feeling I" should've been here today" Good luck. Have a heart, tone down the reports for today.
  10. RI ponds were insane Thursday Friday for bass top water, not big of course, those days are rear. This is an Albie thread, anybody finding them? I NEED to get some before their gone.
  11. Bonito today eastern CT, on them for a while, only caught one. Wish I kept it after seeing that.
  12. It's fall, keep it simple, poppers and rubber shad, yo zuri swimmers.
  13. Thought I hit every beach yesterday afternoon, must have missed one.
  14. Went a few miles further east and found birds, a lot of 1" peanuts and schoolies, up to 26 mostly smaller. Froze my a$$ off but counting the months until another season, can't give it up yet. Going back until the fat lady hurts my ears.
  15. When someone posts this question and another starts talking about gannets. I've been waiting for the gannets for four years now. When are they coming?