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    Born Dec. 1959, I have 2 kids.
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    I love to tie flies, fly fish, conventional fish, refinish old rods and reels.
  1. Man, you have it going on with your tying area. That is AWESOME!
  2. Those are just gorgeous.
  3. Very nice first attempt. Salmon flies are difficult. I tried them before I was ready. I'm still not Kelly
  4. Man, I thought those were real when I first clicked on this thread. Great work. If the hair is packed nice and tight, it doesn't get better than that.
  5. Loved the flies and the SBS.
  6. The FROGS have my vote, great looking flies!!
  7. Great looking bass poppers. I am a big fan of them. I have used foam, and balsa wood. Just little bream sized cork poppers. But one of these days I will make a batch of cork poppers. Love the ones presented here.
  8. I liked B the best. It was a hard decision between it, and I.
  9. Very nice tie there Kevin, I love it.
  10. That's a nice looking fly!
  11. The Tiewell product is very close I would think. I love it. But it is a little expensive. Sparkle Flash. Very nice stuff. I am a huge fan of it, and Polar Flash.
  12. Very cool space. Looks like a new paint job too. My tying area doesn't look anything like yours does. Mine is a total mess right now. But I do have a method to the madness.
  13. I agree with this thread completely. Flies to matter, and right, sometimes it is just the difference in color, that makes all the difference. That is why I usually carry a bag full of boxes. No way I could fish all those flies in a whole weekend. But, I have a large arsenal to choose from, and I feel better knowing it is with me.
  14. BobPop those flies are KILLER now!!