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  1. I had the same issue with the compass when I owned it. I just loaded the kayak stern first into the back of the SUV. (but it started ripping the carpet.)
  2. I had the same issues with the compass I had. Breaking the seat loop. I broke two and I am half your size. It is a known issue. Get a new one (or two) from the dealer. (warrantied) Hobie has a tool to remove the piece, but bent nose pliers also work. They come out easily. Turning; More than likely your rudder cable is hung up on the foam in the kayak. Move the foam away from the cables. If you added the Burlee Side pocket, the bolts may get caught up on the rudder cable. My rudder would not fully engage at times. Check out Hobie compass owners group on FB. Good info. regarding compass issues.
  3. NEKF New England Kayak Fishing. Great group of guys up there. They should have some good info.
  4. There is a FB page "The Jon Shein Memorial. A JBay Kayak Fishing Jamboree". It has some info about the jamboree.
  5. Aspirin Small pair of bolt cutters
  6. The pastures were not any greener. One double header and called it a day.
  7. Yes, I have had that set-up for a few years. It works GREAT. I angle the yak towards the passenger seat. I secure the front of the kayak to the passenger seat, and strap the back of the kayak to the extender. Secure the tailgate and other items in the back of the SUV. Also have a cart on wheels that is the same height as the bed extender, Haven't had to lift the kayak off the ground when at home for years. I do leave the back windows open as the exhaust can get pretty bad.
  8. Check with the local police departments. I found a set and turned them into the Allenhurst Police department Lost and found.. They were claimed 3 months later. There are some honest people
  9. Have a few varieties at the house. I'll pm you. Feel free to take what you want.
  10. Congrats Mario!!!! Beautiful fish!
  11. Have him check with the police station. I've turned many items in to them that I have found down there over the years.
  12. Thank you!!! Yes, it has been a few years since the project was started. Finally it is finished! The last portion where most of us access the beach was the last to be done. Of course, Sandy didn't help getting the project done as soon as we had hoped. Once again, thank you for your cooperation!
  13. Allenhurst Boardwalk,,, No Korkers PLEASE. The boardwalk project that was started a few years ago is finally finished. It was an expensive project for my little town, so PLEASE walk in the street and down the concrete ramp to access the jetty. Allenhurst is very fisherman friendly, so please do your part to keep it that way. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.