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  1. And it’s something like that is what keeps us coming back
  2. The chosen one
  3. Ok sounds good PM coming
  4. Here is pic jiggies 1/0 bulkheads 1/0-3/0 gama, varivas candies Gama SL12s #1 I am terrible at pictures
  5. For sale: $60 shipped
  6. Bulkhead !
  7. I’m in thanks for the kind gesture
  8. What do you mean why bother ?
  9. Quarantined squid
  10. Cool Drew I have FSA 9’0 9# in satin Aqua arriving sometime after this covid-19 settles down. also courtesy of HL
  11. Hang in there Herb things will get better most important right now is stay healthy and safe. maybe the stripers will welcome a little less pressure this spring and come back strong in the fall. need to find the silver lining in all of this.
  12. Sold thank you
  13. Ok pm coming
  14. $75 shipped