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  1. Great! Thanks Fred I have the same idea and with couple of young kids myself they will have a blast with it.
  2. Fred do you have any of these drop nets that you recommend in the shop for purchase. I will see you Monday morning I called earlier to reserve a boat.
  3. Sold thank you
  4. Back up for sale same price $200.00 shipped
  5. Ok Jared pm coming
  6. No thank you
  7. No it’s blank I can customize it to whatever
  8. Thanks kinigit for the kind words.
  9. A few pics
  10. Yes I post some on Friday The rod was built by me
  11. Up for sale custom built 9’ 8# CTS affinity-x REC RSLS reel seat black REC recoil guides cherry picked custom cork grip p2000 carbon finish with Maroon wraps $320 shipped to the US in a pvc tube
  12. No longer for sale
  13. Sale fell through back up for sale
  14. Are they the universal feet that attach to the roof rack?
  15. Sounds good rod sold