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  1. 30 yrs ago I built my dad a 6ft trout UL spin on a brown fenwick 6ft fly rod blank. He loved it even with old style single foot guides. After he passed I gave it to my son and it is his fav spring trout rod still. I should update the guides this winter.
  2. Did someone say bear? Hung a cam at 4pm on Tuesday. My son calls me at 6pm because this showed up on his phone. He's seen a few deer since and a mystery pic which I'm calling a boob shot lol.
  3. Batson/Rainshadow has "9ft" 1 pc blanks. They are actually 8ft 10 due to shipping $$. Ive built on SW1087, 88, 89's. That being said my fav is still GSB series from Lami.
  4. There is alot of public shore access. I'll PM you so I'm not spot burning.
  5. ya. I'm actually taking my spoon rod albie fishing next monday. It launches epoxies and 5" hurley squids with 15lb PP.
  6. That's what I'm getting at. At least The ponds will be 1/2 way to high tide at daybreak. Should be some schoolie action at least.
  7. Just didn't know if the rain will throw off their surface feeding and keep them off the beach. That's what I meant.
  8. How do Albies react to rain? I'm off next Monday and the forecast is for rain. Going to fish a few shore spots. Thanks
  9. Average laker is 18-20". I use a 8ft spin built on a downrigger blank with am Okumo baitrunner. 1/2 -1 oz sinkers. Mostly fish lures with a 8ft 3 Pac Bay swimbait blank rated 3/8 to 1 1/4 oz. Chucks kastmasters and other spoons a mile. Its more fun to catch them on lures or slip bobber than egg sinkers. I use a 7 1/2 ft med lite spin for slip bobbers.
  10. I don't know what is worst: The gray nose hairs or grey ear hair. **** getting older sucks
  11. Bottom fishing. Sliding egg sinker, swivel, leader and hook to shiner. Boring but productive. Although I caught more lakers on lures last spring than soaking shiners.
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