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  1. Smelting Coal Mine Brook st night! coleman lanterns. Burnt a few pairs of gloves. Small kastmasters with gold hold above.,start with mousies as bait and then smelt pieces. so much fun. while every one was lifting manhole covers at Tillies I was across and south scooping and running lol. Summer trolling with lead core and Davis spinners and shiners. Or white with red dot moose looks memories
  2. Bob we will have her till August then give her back to Canine Companions on Long Island. she will get 6 plus months of advanced training and hopefully be paired with someone she can help. if she gets released we have first choice to get her back. Juno is a sweet girl.
  3. So my service lab in training was attacked by my sons door hanging decoration the other day lol it was a quilted snow man with HO HO HO letters the look is priceless
  4. Hi my bronco bag is finally on its way out. 8 tube What are you guys using for blood bags that don’t cost an arm and a leg Thanks in advance
  5. Hi guys the tubes in my double row bronco bag are toast whats everyone doing for replacement? will the FJNeil inserts work? thanks in advance
  6. Dude nice buck!
  7. I found a doe skull bow season ill post a pic
  8. Still available?
  9. I know someone with pac bay traditional series 1087 1088. if you are interested
  10. Interested in trading some plugs for it?
  11. Bob, I saw a couple hens with a bunch of Polts in Gardner by the hospital on Wednesday & a hen with several polts near the Worcester/west Boylston line the other afternoon. almost ran over a BIG porcupine in Gardner also. Took its sweet time crossing the road
  12. SOLD thanks SOL
  13. nope nice plug rod for the canal. no plans on hitting the canal for a couple weeks. just busy sorry
  14. St Croix Legend spin 106 MHMF-2. Several seasons old, I rewrapped last spring. Factory LC guides. Rod label says 2-6. its NOT 2-6. Id rate it 1 3/4 to 5 tops. $150.00 cash pick up in Worcester.
  15. Carl, You beat me to it. yes, that was Craig. Always tried to convince my kids to jump off that bridge.