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  1. Batson 967-F. might not be as soft as you like but a great all around blank. Tosses unweighted soft plastics to 5" hard baits to topwater 2oz stuff. Favorite set up is a 4000 size shimano reel with a set of American tackle Microwave guides.
  2. left to right: MB1363M trimmed to 10ft. plug chucker!!! . It's deserves a better reel to reach its full potential. right now its like Town Fair Tire specials on a vintage Mustang GT. SB1213M full length. Ultimate chunk/ bottom rod for the canal or big sebiles. In progress. Debating Bruins colors or red/black. I had 2 when I was chunking more. Sold both. This one is a keeper fer sure lol SB1213M trimmed to 9ft. Being finished and sold. I need reel $$$ MB1083M 2pc. been rewrapped several times. it now has NGC layout with size 8 running guides. casts so much better . Crisper then old COF layout BMB963M trimmed to 7ft butt shorter for youth or kayak. I think I had a penn 310GT MB963M trimmed to 7ft 3". 10 tip favorite boat casting or chunk rod. my favorite. Ive chunked the canal with it and landed nice fish. Loved it paired with penn 525 MB1083M trimmed to 8ft8" great casting rod with a 6500 reel. 4" off the tip makes a big difference BMB842F. fun 7ft spin no reel seat, cork tape/electrical tape. was my go to boat spin rod for years at the Merrimack. I had 4, sold the other 3. Most likely getting a make over this summer. older 450SS penn reels perfect fit WMB963M old school mildrem guides Varmac seat. Its OLD lol penn 710 matched to it BT857S wire line trimmed to 6ft 6" no better for cape cod bay. end of story MB983M. love this for small soft plastics, 5" hard baits or small poppers. 4000 size shimano/daiwa balances perfect. single foot guides. Sglass 7 1/2 ft 2pc fly rod 5 wt. work in progress. crisper than other glass fly rods. im missing a MB963M 2pc spin & another BT857S at a friends cape house.
  3. NICE PICK UP!!!!! Ive got the same forester in green
  4. My "kids" are OK. Oldest(27yo) is furloughed, but got a call from his manager that it looks like end of June for a return date. He is a newly hired project mgr for a office furniture company. Poor kid started a week before Boston shut down. Worked from home 2 weeks then furloughed. Youngest(24yo) just started his reduction in hours/pay cut. Works at Ryder. Both are being very good at social distancing and being responsible. Oldest lives in Brighton with 4 other guys who are social distancing and being cautious too and youngest lives at home. I think them hearing my front line stories from a skilled nursing home sink in. I hope everyone's younger kids are OK. I feel bad for the HS & college grads. Billy 40 thanks for asking. you are a good guy. Bill
  5. Sounds like the gun I had. should have kept it.
  6. Guess I'll post pics of my honey lami glass canal plug rod.
  7. RRBF That was a FUN rebuild. Thank you for allowing me to do it.
  8. im finishing up a conventional on a BSB1213M cut to 9ft. I'llpost pics this weekend.
  9. im finishing up a conventional on a BSB1213M cut to 9ft. I'llpost pics this weekend.
  10. Im going to use a local shop not an online only.
  11. That's a bad ass boat.
  12. simply amazing thank you for sharing