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  1. My first gun was a 20ga single shot Boito. Full choke! Shot my first pheasant with it. Over the years I have bought and sold numerous guns. This will never be sold. I still have it in my safe.
  2. hmm they look painted. Not a normal gloss black found on BSB/ BSM lami blanks.
  3. She is 53lbs. He is 64 lbs. Both are lab/ golden cross. Dozer loves Lucey. Lucey tolerates Dozer. He is our 4th service pup. All previous were yellow females. He has turned into the sweetest dog. Our gut feeling is he will be a PTSD or Facility dog.
  4. Lucey on the left 2 1/2 yrs old. Our release dog that is almost a certified therapy dog. Dozer is 11 months. We will have him till November, then he is off for professional training.
  5. That might work. Black wooly?
  6. Only over the fire pit.
  7. No. The ones on the water that blew close to me looked size 10/12. I don't think size would have been critical.
  8. Sunday was quiet. Water is very low. I had 2 rolls twitching a rapala. Fish were all over black flies, it looked like a mixture of perch and trout with the occasional bass breach. I tried everything I could. When they were close you could see and hear the fish slurping the bugs. Wish I had a bubble and a black gnat wet fly.
  9. It was a fun day! Nice turn out and a nice walk around the bog. We capped it off by letting them swim at Cold Storage Beach. It was dead low so I didn't fish but the dogs had a blast. It was great getting beach sand in the Subaru again.
  10. a private boat squidding in hyannis harbor started to take on water. It sounds like no bilge pump. They made it back to the ramp. Looked like a decent shape Grady.
  11. tell them to ask for Bill
  12. Instead of .308 guess: 7mm/08? next is 6.5 Creedmor?
  13. But if there was one, Bob G would be a WINNA!