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  1. That's beautiful! Love that stock
  2. Did it say Vertigo on the side?
  3. Bugger goes from digging in my yard to banging on the gutter. It's getting as annoying as the "music" coming from the closed Greendale mall parking lot Saturday nights. Go take your over sized car speakers and crap music and play it in your own neighborhood not mine....I'm turning into a cranky guy.
  4. YUP Lil bastard is LOUD!
  5. will do thx
  6. My wife was on a zoom call last week in the back corner room. She starts to hear what sounds like a jackhammer on the house. People on the call commented. Even the dog was looking out the window with WTF look. She looked out and saw a bird fly away and it stopped. Nobody believed that a bird could cause that much Same thing happens 2 days later to my son. I noticed a bigger bird in the gutter over the weekend. We looked it up. It was a Northern Flicker. Guess they like hammering your aluminum gutters to mark territories and attract mates. Boy I hope he finds one soon.
  7. So I've got a detached garage with a beat up driveway and field stone retaining wall that's also a mess. mix of round stones, flat stones and what looks like granite chunks, just a mess. Rocks falling off, the hose getting caught on rock edges. We are going to have the driveway re done but want to do the wall also. Prices to rebuild the wall with existing stones or new block is out of our price range. We are thinking of ripping the stones out and doing a cinder block wall. Length is roughly 36 ft long. Height would range from 2 courses and a cap down to a half course and cap near the street end. From a novice perspective, how difficult would this be to tackle myself with my adult sons? I am sort of handy and can follow directions, I also get the key is getting the first course set and straight. Thanks Bill
  8. Brendan graduated from umass in 2015 so it’s been a while since I’ve been out that way
  9. Thank you for the history lesson. I would drive through Ware on my way back from dropping my son off at Umass. Always wanted to stop at the Chinese food place and the gun shop across the street.
  10. Aren't they from Charlton?
  11. LISTEN TO AL! He is the guru.
  12. Bravo
  13. I also worked in a gun shop early mid 80's. Prices were a lot different Norinco Ak 47's $299- $399.00 stamped receivers. Crated SKS's globbed in Kosmolene $99.00 2 or more $89.00ea. SLR 85's Bulgarian AK's milled receivers were a premium at $ 429.00- $459.00 all PRE BAN of course. My stupidest move was NOT buying an in the box KH 91 in .308 with factory scope mount unfired for $750.00... I've seen on line MA retailers with AK's with butt ugly thumbhole stocks at $1500.00. Not to be sold to MA residents. I've seen SKS's being sold $299.00-$399.00. All SEMI AUTO.
  14. It's his 25th birthday on Sunday. I ordered some Joe Baggs stuff for him and added a few things for me.