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  1. Hey littletunie, I’ll take this - very unique! Thanks
  2. This - I have one as well and 454 is a pleasure to shoot with that frame. I hope for your ears sake that you don’t have to use it. That said, I’d rather have tinnitus and be alive to talk about it…
  3. Ugh - twisted my arm and need a new project, and a trapper. I’ll take this with all the goodies upon confirmation that it’s a 10 serial number for 1990. Love those JMs
  4. As mentioned above - “what fish”?
  5. Glad I can help. Friends were always baffled how I would just throw around an expensive reel in the rocks and beach when trying to help them land a fish (jetties and under the light). I got a silver one because I know i would destroy it, doesn’t show the rash like a black would. I also don’t think I ever rinsed it - and fish in a wetsuit so its spent a lot of time underwater on Montauk’s south side. Thanks for reminding me that I’ve had a VS200 and ZB 25 sitting in my basement unused for over a decade, maybe it’s time to unload them.
  6. Off topic post - note that the bail on the VSB must be manually flipped, you can’t just crank and have it flip like with some other reels. It becomes second nature, but just wanted to point it out.
  7. I bought a VSB150 for fishing live eels from the surf when they first came out. As some may recall, the 150 was the largest VSB when the bailed versions were first launched. I thought i was going to be undergunned, but it became my go to reel. I haven’t touched my VS200 or Zeebass 25 since i bought that. That has to be at least 12 years ago now. I’ve taken fish over #40 with it and abuse the hell out of it. Only issue I ever had was a broken bolt that connects the knob to the crank and of course it happened while reeling in a nice fish deep on Montauk’s south side.
  8. One of my all time favorite plugs. So versatile and can be fished so many ways. Not to mention it casts better than anything aside from tins - it’s a must in heavy wind. Slaughtered blues to 18lbs with them in the sound last weekend when they were gorging on peanut bunker. Threw on a heavy one, let’s it sink under the schools and picked some stripers. I will not leave home without a handful
  9. I’ll take this - pm coming
  10. I’ve caught fish over #40 on my VSB150 and 10’6” Legend. It was the biggest bailed reel at the time (the larger size didn’t come out until later) so that’s what I went with. Would prefer a 200, but you will be fine.
  11. Bottom one a Facebook special?
  12. I use an avet HXW raptor on a 7’ bogan rod for the party boats and have yet to be undergunned. Get there early to grab a good bunk.
  13. I once tried getting back into Sebonac inlet (which is about 30’ wide on the peconic bay) in a hobie outback side during a strong outgoing and couldn’t do it. I ended up beaching the kayak and dragging it to the other side. That was when I was in peak shape, biking almost 30 miles per day five days per week. I wouldn’t even think about shinnecock