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  1. So nice to hear other people using these strategies. I’ll go to bass pro, load up the cart and buy discounted gift cards via a shopping portal right before paying. Easiest way to get more for your money.
  2. Sure thing. Shoot me a pm with your address.
  3. Hey PL, Looking for $350, same that I paid for it. I can't find the post where I purchased it from, but here's the link from how Bob acquired it. Michael
  4. Apologies for the delay - it took me some time find (somehow ended up in the back of the garage at the country house). It's seasoned nicely - some wear on the corners as you can see on the last picture and one cracked tube. I don't know where the builder found the velcro, but it's so sticky that it's sometimes annoying. That coupled with the heavy duty sail fabric make this thing bullet proof. My wife always asked if I planned on cleaning off the rust, but i thought it would ruin the mojo. Let me know what you think.
  5. Fished this reel at a local tourney in PA earlier this week and I was shocked at how well it performed. You won’t be disappointed.
  6. I have one that I bought from Bob Jones about a decade ago and barely used it. Shows some wear and has a couple of cracked tubes, but ill dig it out and take some photos tomorrow.
  7. Will do Moon - I'll keep trying to sell my wife on it.
  8. Moonpool, my wife convinced me that we don't need any more gadgets - and she can be quite persuasive. Too bad as Wilton, CT borders my property. Many thanks and glws
  9. If you open up the post, I'll take the silver for asking price. Phone took a swim on the lake this past weekend and I'm in need of a new one.
  10. I have a '98 ZJ that makes the same rushing water noise behind the glove box. It's slowly been losing coolant for the last 25k miles, but it's past the point worth doing any major repairs. Just hit 209,000 this week on the original engine & tranny.
  11. Very interested - PM sent.
  12. You can find the 5-gallon plastic jerry can style at West Marine. I picked up a few last month.
  13. Jim, Understood - mistake on my part. I would love a red hat if you can get another one. PM me payment information. Michael
  14. Offered the lower price because I assumed shipping would be combined...