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  1. JP's fish , taken on a loaded JigSmith.
  2. If yer into fish , don't grab the cell phone , infact, don't bring a cell phone with you. You could get hurt if other fisherman see you.
  3. Stories like this one shouldn't just fade away ... that poor woman.
  4. Yes, thanks for posting it. Always good to have a face to go with a screen name.
  5. Sign her up for Boston!! AWESOME!
  6. Got mine online yesterday , i'm legal.
  7. For me the square ends were like training wheels , until you learn about V blocks , then , no more ends.
  8. Bill , I hydro the plug , mark the back...then go to the belt sander , holding the the mark up , place plug on belt until it (the flat) hits my widest mark on plug,put the angle on the tip using the disc sander, THEN go to the drill press putting the belly hole on the flat. Easy peasy and everything is fine. This may not be the best way to you , but I was only a draftsman.
  9. Amen to that Bill , the way it should be.
  10. Brownings are a great deal , using them for years with no problems , get the longer model.
  11. Mine looks worse than that one.
  12. That was the best home brew I've ever had! See you on the sand , well, actually bikes first!
  13. belt sand the bottom, THEN put in belly hole, perfect every time.
  14. c'mon , any macks left?!
  15. The last 3 mornings going to work I've had to stop and let the hens cross the street and on the way home i've seen a few toms. Lots of birds around here right now.