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  1. Yikes! Hope he’s doing ok
  2. I’ve been putting a splash of it in the IPAs for people and they love it
  3. You got it. I’m at work so I’ll pm you late tonight. Thanks man
  4. 2 Hab's Sr Needlefish Eel pattern olive/white, 3.5oz, NIP 10th anniversary edition Black/purple, 3.5oz, NIP 10th anniversary edition $100 shipped and paypal. Also includes a free NIP bomber. These are the last of my 3.5oz Hab's needles that I am putting up for sale. I bought these from him in person at the fishing show in Providence, RI. Thank you, Chris
  5. Yours! pm coming
  6. Hab's Sr Needle Parrot pattern 2oz NIP $45 shipped and paypal. Also includes a free bomber NIP. This is my last Hab's 2oz needle I am putting up for sale. Thank you, Chris
  7. Thanks! PM coming
  8. Lot of 5 Hellcats (I think!) The 2 larger ones are 5.5 inches long, the other 3 are 4.5 inches long. All are used. $20 shipped and paypal to a good home Thank you, Chris
  9. Like I said, I'm slow at times!
  10. Wait, just so I understand this correctly because I am slow at times, this was a real video, not just a fictional parody?! And I am a clunker near Atlantic City!
  11. Thank you! PM coming
  12. Hab's Sr Needle Light blue, Iron Mike blue 2oz New in package, 10th anniversary edition $48 shipped and paypal I bought this from Hab's in person at the fishing show in Providence, 2004 Thank you, Chris
  13. bump $45 with a free bomber thrown in
  14. Hab's Sr Needlefish Yellow 2oz New in package, 10th anniversary edition $48 shipped & paypal I bought this from Hab's in person in 2004 at the fishing show in Providence Thank you, Chris
  15. I'd do $45 shipped and paypal with a free bomber NIP thrown in sir. How does that sound?
  16. Thank you PM coming
  17. Ray's Plugs Surf Howdy olive/white 1.7oz 5 ¾ inches long New in package $15 shipped and paypal Thank you, Chris
  18. Thank you PM coming
  19. 2 Bernzy Surf Howdy's Pogie color, 1.5oz, 5 ¾ inches long Black/copper, 1.5oz, 5 ¾ inches long Both new in package $35 shipped and paypal Thank you, Chris
  20. Thank you, I appreciate it! PM coming
  21. 3 Bob Hahn plugs Surfster style, yellow, 5 inches long, 1.5oz Small Darter, yellow, 4.75 inches long, 1.5oz Small Darter, black/blue/white with silver glitter, 4.75 inches long, 1.5oz All 3 are new in package. I bought them from Chet at Moriches B&T in Long Island, NY around 2003-2005. These are the last of my Bob Hahn plugs I am selling. I'd like to see them go to someone serious about these plugs and their history. $70 shipped and paypal Thank you, Chris
  22. lol! My father in law was fishing a jetty down from Al McReynolds the night he caught his record. He always claimed the fish was caught on bait that night, it was so windy and rough that plugging wasn't possible, maybe buck tailing was. but who knows...
  23. Wow 50%!
  24. Who am I kidding! I'd keep it. People forget that catch and release still kills on average 8% of fish caught. Plenty of studies have shown this. The lowest average is boat caught fish on heavy gear with circle hooks that are never taken out of the water, with water temps below 70 degrees. It goes down to about 2% killed under those circumstances. Beach and jetty caught fish the average is higher for the obvious reasons. I probably killed many fish in my younger years landing them off jetties. I've lost many in between the rocks that I couldn't get to. A striped bass marine biologist I interned with really influenced my thoughts on this. To him if you're worried about the bass population, let go everything under 40 pounds and keep your trophy fish, 45-50lbs and up. The small fish up to 8-10 pounds are the future of the stock. The 10-40 pound fish are the healthy male/female breeding population. The 45-50 pound and up are the seniors, not having an impact on the population due to their repro systems starting to shut down, increased infertile eggs, and slowly not going upriver anymore to breed. He said the big ones stop actually swimming upriver to the breeding grounds, maybe once every few years until they stop. That's why you will see huge fish in late May and June with eggs that everybody is crying about. The reason there is still eggs is because they didn't actually swim upriver to breed that year. So don't cry. Made sense to me what he was saying. So I have no problem with people keeping fish, especially big ones. I have a problem with C&R people who think they aren't killing fish. Fish heavy, keep them in the water, no pics, and know that you are still killing fish no matter what you tell yourself to feel better. The only true way to never kill a fish is to never fish. Love to all!
  25. Thank you for your interest Joe! Unfortunately I am not interested in a trade for 2 reasons. First I am unloading everything I've accumulated over the past 20 years that I don't use much. I don't fish a fraction of what I used too so I've really minimized my gear to what I have the most confidence in, bucktails, rubber, darters, sp minnow/bomber in just a few colors. Second, my kids crazy dental bills this year is what prompted me to do this. I'm retired military and now run a business but money is tight during my start up phase. I'm paying the bills but the extra money isn't there yet. My kids needed a lot of dental work that wasn't covered under our insurance and the plugs are paying for it. But thank you and good luck in everything you do Joe! Chris