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  1. Awesome....congrats TJ
  2. good man longgone , I'm in.
  3. Exactly
  4. I'd have to go look that up but I guess that wouldn't help. I've fished up to 17lb mono on it and never had an issue with line capacity.
  5. Haha, yea it's bad
  6. haha nah, I have a powell max 683c for that with a curado 201e. Now that is probably one of the most versatile rods I have used, true all around rod.
  7. Definitely not an all around rod at all but yea I use it all the time in NJ. I throw bigger swimbaits a good amount if the time for smallies and largies. Believe me, any fish over 4lbs will put a good bend in the rod and makes for a good fight. Swimbait rods are pretty moderate so there far from telephone poles like some heavy flipping sticks. You can't throw 2-3oz baits on a normal bass casting setup
  8. Buzzjet, jigs, spinnerbait and blade bait when it drops below 50.
  9. Northern Champlain is my favorite place to fish hands down but I always end up coming back to Jersey and catching bigger smallies haha, go figure. Did lose one easy over 5 up there a few years back at the boat which is still too fresh in my brain. Obviously if I spent more time on Champlain I'd catch bigger smallies more consistently. Back on topic, I need to catch a steelhead.
  10. Different tools for different jobs. Been using PP for a really long time and love it. I have NEVER had a breakoff that was not caused by a nicked up guide. PP is loud as hell but reliable. Use 15lb up to 55lb for freshwater. Always use a flouro or mono leader from 8lb to 20lb.
  11. Dobyns 795 mike long series swimbait rod with a curado 301e, go big or go home....sooo hard to pick just one but that would be it
  12. Haven't been on in awhile, damn there has been some nice fish caught. I don't really have much to contribute since I have been so busy with work and weddings this summer/fall that I have only fished maybe twice in the past 2 months. I did some ds'ing for some deep water smallies in late august and pretty much skunked most of the day but caught my first laker in about 30' of water which turned into the biggest freshwater battle of my life, felt like I was on wicked tuna. Fished last week with my old man and caught a nice chunk on my 4th cast of the day on a buzzjet but didn't really do much else after that. I'm hoping I can fit some more smallie fishing in once the temps really drop and get some striper fishing in sooner than later. Ive got too many hobbies going on and not enough time to do it all. Doesn't help waterfowl opens up this saturday either. Laker Bycatch[img=]
  13. What kind of setup are you using?
  14. I catch smallies on 7" and 9" baits all the time. Most of them are under 3lbs also.
  15. Can't really complain about those as by-catch, geeezz.