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  1. This time of year oxygen levels are high especially with cold water temps. Tails look like they are missing on a few. Looks like beaching during blitz verses oxygen issue
  2. I just returned last week from PV. I didn't bring my fish gear but did enjoy golfing. Sitting on the beach daily I saw plenty of whales breaching and the occasional blitz. Birds were constantly working different areas. Little did I know the place that we stayed at was perfect for fishing . Right where a small river met the bay /ocean. Tons of bait draining with outgoing tide. I saw numerous charters trolling btw a 1/4 and 1/2 mile offshore. I had no binoculars so I can not provide you names nor if they caught fish. Based on all the activity I saw I imagine fishing is good….. at least this time of year. Not sure of May. I will not forget my gear next time. Tons of videos online of people surf fishing.
  3. A few year back I was having dinner at the Chart house in Weehawken, NJ. On the menu was WILD caught stripe bass. I asked to see the manager and mentioned that you can not sell WILD caught stripe bass in NJ. I asked if he was falsely advertising or selling illegal fish, He said he would go check with the chef. He came back and appoligized and told me it was farm raised and said it would be corrected in tomorrows menu Next time I ate there WILD CAUGHT was removed. I think the law still is farm raised only
  4. i think i was in same North Jersey area. That was a fun blitz . Guess at peak a good 3/4 mile of beach was hot. Head boats even came in close. Lots of surfcasters catching. Like you said nothing big but steady 20-26 inch fat fish which is fun on lite tackle. Finally felt like a Fall day of fishing !
  5. Is it a spot burn to give crabbing locations? Is the Navesink good?
  6. Ego? i thought you are suppose to measure your fish for the fishing logs you submit at the end I the season . Is that no longer required?
  7. less handling of the fish which is good for reducing mortality rates when CR
  8. Has anyone tried the new app for measuring dimensions on the I phone? It came with the latest updates it does a great job on my kitchen table measuring things. I will be fishing/catching on Monday and follow up with a report just wondering if anyone else has used it?
  9. I've been fishing the RB beaches the last couple of days. Obviously tons of bait this time of year. More than once I've seen the bait being harassed . Other fishermen telling me its snappers and small blues. Sometimes they are right. I use my snapper rig to catch a snapper and live line for big fluke. Other times I work the flare up and no snappers. Then I know what is harassing the bait. Believe it or not many times it is fluke. I caught a lot this week in knee deep water working these small blitzes Very successful with snagged peanut. Sometimes bait is too small to snag. I've been doing well with a just a gulp on a circle hook trailing about 18inches below a bobber with a very slow retrieve. Just slow enough to keep the tail moving and gulp down a little in the water column . A Larger bopper enables me to cast 20 feet which is all you need. I need to get a weighted one that they sell at Walmart. I've been using my small fresh water bass pole. Lots of fun. Nothing bigger than 24 inches and a ton in the 15 inch range. Video is of fluke working bait. So next time you see those small flare ups close to shore give it a try and you'll be surprised. D34CE8E8-D51F-4E66-844E-8C4EDE1295E7.MOV
  10. Fun fishing today NoMC bay beach. Catching live snappers and live lining. Fatties to 24 inches. Amazing how they inhale 6-7 inch snapper. Glad I use circle hooks
  11. I was at a RB beach last Fall and saw blitzing fluke on Peanuts. Tried to get it recorded but no luck. I think I reported it here. Not sure how to look up my old post. It was something special .Caught a ton of fluke that day.
  12. Crazy story but guy in NJ may have his limbs amputated. Infected while crabbing in South Jersey
  13. Yesterday afternoon spent a few hours yakking around central RB. Small fluke and flair ups on scattered bunker every once in awhile. Nothing exciting. I'm very new to yakking there is a learning curve. Driving home I stopped at my usually back bay location to eat my Wendy's chili and fries dinner. Nice sunset location. Huge blues crushing adult bunker against the rocks.. No love on metal or poppers. Snag and live lined worked. Lost three trebles. I was too lazy to walk back to the car for wire. Called it quits after third lost set up Finally wrist breaking fish
  14. Based on photos of Facebook from RB fishing piers it appear that there are a lot of fish around
  15. Read this part: C. Limitations to Public Access The following limitations to public access in Monmouth Beach currently exist: 1. Temporary Restrictions Under the state approved beach maintenance plan, access to certain areas of Monmouth Beach public beach is restricted at certain times (March 15 to November 30) due to the identified nesting area of piping plovers. Didn't know that the piping plovers nested for 9 months. Temporary Restrictions do not apply basically during the winter. The remaining 9 months are restricted????? Would like to know what areas ( or where in prior years) are closed. I'm sure most areas of public access are restricted. I'm for protecting the plovers but not for a blanket excuse to block access