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  1. Sturgeon are endangered and it is illegal to collect a souvenir. NJ fish and Wildlife is tracking even dead ones. They like to hear reports of washed up fish so they can collect scutes for age analysis etc. You can report location by calling 609-748-2020 or give me the location and I'll call it in. They came to collect scutes from from one I reported washed up in hoboken,
  2. Does anyone know if the powers that be considered extending the fluke season? Reasoning is: Surf beaches where closed or had and still do have limited capacity especially at the beginning of the season. Secondly party boats where shut down then open with limited fares. Seems to me since fewer boats and fishermen had access to the surf early in the season maybe an extension should be granted
  3. Delicious dinner with the one fluke I kept. I went Japanese and Mexican Fluke ceviche tacos, fluke cucumber avocado rolls , California hand rolls, and spicy Kani salad.
  4. RB beaches currently are very productive at least for me. July and early August not that good But the last couple of weeks a different story
  5. RB beaches are loaded with fluke????
  6. Lots of fluke out front today NoMo. In tight as in right on the lip . Nothing huge but took a keeper home for dinner letting the gulp pull back over lip with back wash of wave produced a few hits
  7. Lots of small cocktails on RB beaches today. Chasing peanuts. Biggest around 2pounds Good eating size
  8. Love sea robins! bait, ceviche, sautés and fried ! Best kept secret not sure why people don’t eat them. Gunnards in Europe - Same species $8 euros a pound!
  9. Mainly surf fishing based on how clean the cut is I’m guessing fluke. If blues based on curvature of the bite I’d be hooking up on them often crabs are always a pain. I know when it’s crabs because the bait comes back mangled and not with a clean bite off
  10. You make a good point about three snappers. i know the regs are for the long term viability of the species and industry. Blues like weakfish and other species seem to come and go in cycles Snapper blues never seem to be in short supply this time of year. Always easy to catch from the bay shoreline. Gator blues are another story. They have not been around in numbers for a few years. I guess year after year it would be easy to catch 20 -30 Snappers an hour if targeted. They are almost like mullet and peanut bunker in numbers. Since I live line I catch one at a time. I don’t catch another until the first one is gone. My possession is only one at any time. Do you know if it is legal to use a game fish for bait in NJ? NY? Never read any clear answers on this always opinions. Shark guys use blues and other fish all the time Might be a technicality of not having three in my procession but gives me something to think about concerning conservation of the species I saw a video I think by Bob Skinner on filleting a snapper into 5 strips for fluke fishing, That would stretch the usage of the snapper but most likely I would end up catching more shorts and than have to worry about fluke mortality ( I use circle hooks)
  11. I like using LIVE snappers for fluke bait this time of year. Mainly a surf guy. I catch my biggest fluke this way. My frustration is that i miss a lot of hook ups maybe 7-8 out of 10. If I hook it through the mouth - the fluke bite right up to gills leaving me with just a head. When I hook through the tail end the head disappears ( i do like the swimming action when tail hooked ). Middle hook by top dorsal fin I don't get as much action.. Any suggestions on how you fish snappers or is missing 70% common because of the size of the bait?
  12. Stopped by RB beaches around lunch time. Lots of peanuts and mullet. Snagged some peanuts but only to lose them to small light hits...... most likely snappers.Tried some gulp with no interest. Bigger fish jumping here and there I guess around four pound range. Thought they where blues but fat looking. Not sure what they where. Hopefully storm cools the bay some!
  13. Was fishing for fluke using live snappers today in the Highlands. No Keepers but I did see a first. Tons of bait in the water and I see a small splash maybe twenty feet from shore. Then the water erupts like a school of gators blues in shallow water. At first I thought is was a couple of large sharks because a fin would appear. Ended up being a school of cow nose ray crashing the bait is shallow water. Their wings where what looked liked fins . Very cool Best blitz this year!
  14. Surf Bay today dead sticking bunker trying to catch blues on bunker chunks. Two ounce pyramid sinker wait and see type fishing. Missed a few hits and finally set the hook. 17.5 gut hooked fluke which most likely died after being unhooked And released. Figured if fluke are hitting dead sticking bunker chunks maybe switch it up for fluke Bucktail below and gulp on circle hooks above. Worked it for awhile . Not even a tap Go back to bunker chunking for blues. Get another 16 inches dead sticking Go figure
  15. Great tidal creek in Union Beach at low tide. All types of critters at low tide and easy access to creek and exposed beach with small shallow pools of water Head down Union Ave off rte 36 . Cross small creek. Park in small gravel lot walk along creek to bay at low tide lots of area to explore