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  1. blurple sp minnow
  2. I have a 4500 on a 9' Battalion II. Perfect match.
  3. i will pay it forward
  4. i hope you continue. i've learned a lot from you over the years.
  5. I'm in.
  6. Not worth posting a new thread about it, but I just had a really good experience with Orvis. Earlier in the month, I had sent in a 6-year old pair for repair that had a slow leak in right leg. It was a $40 flat-fee, and I didn't have the highest of expectations given the age of the waders, but for the price, it was worth a shot. I unexpectedly received a package today from Orvis with a brand new pair of a newer model. Pretty good customer service, I'd say!
  7. I've never caught a trout and I think this spring, I'd like to give it a shot. What are the basics I'll need to pursue this? I have a 5'6" ultralight rod/reel. I have no clue how to fly fish but that is something that I think I'd like to learn eventually. Will my setup be enough to fish most NJ streams and lakes for trout? What lures do you recommend? Or, alternatively, what is the best method for catching one of these beautiful fish for a newcomer to the fishery? Any and all tips and tricks are welcome!
  8. Ummmm...the contest is over. Sorry, man.
  9. Congratulations @Tbird650! Check your PM And thanks to @FoliFish for my win and starting this!
  10. Looking at that plug like, "That's what you're gonna throw?"
  11. i love summertime
  12. As promised, I am paying my win from December forward. Up for grabs is the pictured lot. Simply reply "I'm in" by 1159pm on 1/18/21 and I will pick a random winner the next morning. Good luck!
  13. sorry to hear it didn't work out.
  14. i get terrible reactions on my skin to nickel. cracked skin, pustules, plaques. it's horrible. once it set it, it was very difficult to get rid of. finally, i found a dermatologist who prescribed Halobetasol Propionate which cleared my skin up real fast. maybe your pcp will be willing to throw a tube your way?
  15. both zillow and landwatch dot com have listings.