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  1. I am sorry for your loss, Tim. My condolences to you and your loved ones.
  2. Fished SH from 5-9 this evening. Half dozen short fluke and dropped one that I'll be thinking of for a while. White bucktail with 4" white gulp mullet and a teaser with the mullet. On a side note, after I caught my first fish, this dude comes running up to me. "Give it to me!" WTF? Who does that?! Fish was all of a foot long.
  3. 2 hours on both sides of this evening's high at SH. 11 short fluke. All on a 3/8 white spro with a 4" while, Gulp mullet. Most of the fish were caught on the outgoing.
  5. In. Thanks!
  6. I use a batting glove
  7. they are in - thanks!
  8. If I were to chose the online option, would I be able to watch the presentations on my own schedule?
  9. My pup when we rescued him at 10 weeks old And him at 9 mos I have no idea what he is.
  10. Those are really impressive!
  11. Out front, moco. End of the ebb, beginning of the flood, 2 short fluke and a sea robin for the effort.
  12. I use a tactical anglers pouch. I made a row of bucktail holders using some duct tape and empty prescription bottles that I drilled holes in the bottom of for drainage + air flow. It fits about 15 of them in an organized manner.
  13. sticky gloves that wide receivers use?
  14. No pass needed for parking at Fisherman's Beach. Just let the booth attendants know you're there to fish.