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  1. Found some bluefish mayhem in the back. I was a bit undergunned and lost a few lures, but still had a lot of fun with them.
  2. Managed 1 blue and 2 short fluke fishing a river using the single jig/jerk shad technique.
  3. Sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences to your loved ones.
  4. When I got my pass last year, I had to show that I had an adequate vehicle and then he randomly picked 4 required items that I was then supposed to show him. This was apart from showing him the fishing equipment we had. No problem.
  5. About fly fishing. I am soon to be the recipient of a 10' 7wt rod/reel that was purchased for me as a gift. The kit comes with weight-forward floating line, intermediate line, and sinking line along with backing. What else do I need? Can I use regular mono as a leader? How about a tippet? Is that necessary? Also, what flies should I be looking at to start out with? Hoping to use this combo in the summer for fluke and schoolies. Thanks so much!
  6. The Clint Malarchuk accident is terrible to watch.
  7. First few times I did it, I went out with a buddy. I'd also strongly recommend going to a beach that you've learned well during daylight hours. A rule I've made for myself is that I don't go out on the rocks at night. I don't trust myself and my abilities that much. Other than that, it really is like the old-timers say... "You gotta put in your time."
  8. I don't know if it's a technique so much as it's a change in habits. This year, I really put in a lot of time after the sun went down and had some pretty awesome nights. I've been primarily a daytime fisherman up until now.
  9. Borat weeps.
  10. I have the procyon and battalion and if I had to buy another, it would be the battalion.
  11. Central MC from 9-1. Nothing for me except a shad that came back without a tail. I had my best year ever, so I'm not complaining too much. Finally felt like some pieces are starting to come together for me. Happy New Year to all!
  12. I'm in! Thanks!
  13. If you're using Chrome, you can change the print scale settings before sending to printer.
  14. Mag Darter Pencil Popper SP Minnow