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  1. What would it take for you to accept Christ's free gift of salvation from a miserable eternal hell?
  2. Seek the Lord.
  3. I really wish you would take this seriously. It's very serious.
  4. There is no way out. This man says God sent him to hell so that he could tell others what it is like. He gives a very detailed description of his experience HERE:
  5. God gives you purpose in this life. He allows you to plan. In hell there is no planning, only suffering and hopelessness.
  6. Without God, there are no lessons or meaning to existence. He gives your life it's purpose and plan. Those in hell have no purpose or plan other than to rot and suffer in misery.
  7. It's not hearing voices in the mental illness sense. If you had been paying attention, you would have realized that the events surrounding my life that are out of my life before and after God spoke to me coincided with God speaking to me. I couldn't have made the man who was the song leader for 35 years leave and at that same time, the Worship Leader who had been there for 8 years leave at that same time AND have them ask me to replace them within a week of each other. I couldn't have known the things that were coming up in my life when God instructed me to "Be Content, Be appropriate, I'm rebooting you..." When He said that to me, I thought that was going to be very easy, but I had NO IDEA what was actually going on. God is REAL and He is in Control and His name is Jesus Christ and you need Him. When everyone else in your life fails you GOD is FAITHFUL. That's the lesson I am hoping to teach you through my story.
  8. MY STORY CONTINUED------->>>>> . We lost the home we were in and had to move to a much smaller home that I hated, but we wanted to keep the kids in the same school. We talked things out and she said she would never do it again. She claims that she had a nervous breakdown when her mom died and then my issues, although she started this thing the day I started my issues. I told her if she ever did it again, that I was going to divorce her. We had 3 kids together. I couldn't just walk away from my kids and family and everything I had, plus I was still devistated by this antibiotic. I was so bitter at her. I HATED her. I began to swear. Then God spoke to me and said "I can't bless that". I was in the store and I was thinking about what she did to me. I was so angry. God said "Do you want to help people"? I said "Yes", then He said "Then you have to be forgiving". Another time I was upset and called her a whore. God said "She's not a whore". I couldn't believe He said she wasn't one after what she did. We fought like crazy. I couldn't turn my back on her because my trust in her is now 100% gone forever. She would go into the bedroom and lock it when she was upset. I knew she wanted to talk to these bastards that she had been with. She was going to leave. I got in her way and she punched me in the stomach. The stress was unbearable, especially with my heath issues. I would lose my temper and swear. I woke up in the morning to a voice that said "You are upsetting the Lord, please stop swearing". Then another time after swearing I heard a voice in the morning that said "Don't Swear". The stress I was under was unbelievable and it was more than I could bear really. I was so angry, thougths of murdering those men would have to be pushed out of my mind as I knew it wasn't something I could do. One day we were driving and I felt like I could no longer live with it and was going to divorce her. TO BE CONTINUED------>>>>>
  9. Ok then. I thought maybe what I said was a bit over the top, but it's part of my story and something I have to live with. At least you know that I am not making this up.
  10. It wasn't a change of subject, it's just an article I decided to post. Let's continue our discussion. Have you ever had any experience with God?
  11. 'It's about control': Franklin Graham sounds alarm on government's true motive https://www.wnd.com/2020/05/control-franklin-graham-sounds-alarm-government-killing-rights/
  12. Judaism is true, but there is a pause in the program because the Jews rejected their Messiah. Once the Church is raptured, the Jewish program will continue. Of all of the people, religions in the world, how many people have died and rose again?
  13. Why not consider that Christianity might be true?
  14. China's religious persecution in the era of COVID-19 https://www.wnd.com/2020/04/chinas-religious-persecution-era-covid-19/
  15. China's religious persecution in the era of COVID-19 https://www.wnd.com/2020/04/chinas-religious-persecution-era-covid-19/