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  1. But when we die it's too late. Need to Choose Christ now to avoid eternal damnation.
  2. Yes God exists. Jesus Christ proved that through His fulfulled prophecies, miracles, death and resurrection.
  3. I know. And so was mine. It is impossible for the matter and energy to exist, yet it does because GOD created it. It violates the laws of Science because God can violate the laws of Science. I thought I made that clear.
  4. That's the Laws of Thermodynamics and Conservation of Energy. Matter cannot be created nor destroyed, therefore, the matter and energy that we see all around us, exists contrary to Scientific law. It is impossible for it to exist scientifically, yet here it is. God violated scientific law and created everything.
  5. That's not possible. Care enough about your own soul to read it.
  6. Read the first post before you come back.
  7. A Sunken Ship?
  8. The Democrats are becoming more and more Anti Israel and have been electing people who are more and more Anti Semitic. I agree with the Movie because it is factually what Jesus Christ went through so that we could be saved from an eternal torment of hell and become royalty with Him in heaven. So, if you agree with Loonie Tunes, does that mean that you agree with everything that the makers of Loonie Tunes do?
  9. I never said I agreed with anyone who is Anti Semetic. I said I agreed with the Movie. I am NOT a Catholic, but those who are Anti Semetic are NOT following what the Bible actually says to do, so they aren't acting Christian. With that said, since you are so against Anti Semitism, as am I , I take it you are not a Democrat, because they are becoming more and more Anti Semitic.
  10. You will need to give me evidence to support your assertion. The Movie is a Biblical portrayal of what Christ went through to save and I.
  11. The Passion of the Christ - HD (Trailer)
  12. Happy Sunday Everybody! Find a good Bible believing Church and attend.