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  1. Got my 6000 yesterday, no spool marks or knocks.
  2. Still waiting on my 6000, come on TD.
  3. Thanks for the response
  4. Who's got and how do you like ?
  5. daiwa bg 3000 or shimano stradic FL 3000
  6. winter- early spring... 3.5 swim senko late spring _ fall... 3.3 kietech fat impact or rage tail craw colors, green pumkin, black /blue, white
  7. A mono leader instead of floro will make a difference too.
  8. Brian ...check your pm
  9. I have a backyard range. A lot of women have trouble loading and unloading a pistol. Make sure she can rack the slide. Several ccw have showed up with loaded pistols because they couldn't unload them.One had a loaded pistol and a box of ammo, but no mag.
  10. You can probably get by with just replacing the bottom 1 or 2 guides.
  11. When you can't climb back in after a dunk.
  12. Sudsy...I sent those
  13. my 1980 blank catalog list it as a casting blank: 62", fast action, medium power, 1/2 - 1 lure wt., .590 butt , 6 tip, 2 1/8 oz blank weight
  14. Looking for 3 oz Gold Hopkins