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  1. I use a Mojo 8 ft to 3 oz, lately I’ve been using a 8 ft H to 2 oz Tidemaster love it for 3/4 to 1 oz lures.
  2. St Croix Mojo 1 - 4 or equivalent.
  3. Jacks and Spanish macs late January might see a few Pompano and any number of bottom fish
  4. Several yrs ago I purchased a knife from a tackle shop in Ohio, a while later my bag with knife was stolen so I went back to order a new one. To my surprise NY was missing from the list of states at checkout. I telephoned the shop and was told he received a letter from the NY AG stating that he would sue for damages if anything he sold was used in a crime. Turns out he was wrong about the sender it was Cyrus Vance Jr who sent out the letter he is the NYC DA. I also contacted my local state representative who was going to straighten out the mess until he asked me what the item was I said a knife he hung up. He is now the County Executive. Who elects these jackasses? ps knife was legal even in NYC
  5. Natives are getting restless, Happy thanksgiving
  6. What weight range will you be throwing?
  7. I used the Ocean Master travel rods for years never a problem. A couple of years ago I decided I needed 7 1/2 ft, the OMs are 7 ft. Sold them and bought Tidemasters. Also no regrets but the OMs are a bargain @ $ 160, every bit as good as the more expensive Tidemasters.
  8. I have mentioned this before but the jig/bucktail holder can be problematic, if your jig or bucktail happens to slide thru the loops it will go to the bottom and out the sides which are open. This happened to me many times so I sold one of two I had and the other is not used. The bag is too heavy and the over-engineered tubes are a pita.
  9. I’ve lived with a bad neck for years and I handle it with neck stretches, there’s plenty of instructions online. They alow me to fish and play golf, try it. For emergency results try Aleve.
  10. A fishing rod and reel
  11. I have a Mojo surf 8ft 1piece rated to 3oz, almost new, let me know if interested
  12. A while ago I posted on this forum about changing the low riders to k frame guides and most replied either not worth it or go to Avid rods. I actually love the action of the 9 ft moderate Mojo surf. The Avid is too fast and stiff for me. Changing to k frames might solve the Mojo guide problem.
  13. I too have guides cracking and pulverizing in Mexican St Croix rods, one a Mojo 10.5 surf rod, hung it in the basement guides intact next thing it’s without a collector ring. Had a triumph travel rod again for no reason the collector guide crumbled. The rod I use the most, 9 ft Mojo surf, no problem same with 2 other Mojo surfs.
  14. Here’s a picture
  15. I have one almost new shipped for $ 75, I'm not sure I ever used it