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  1. That’s fine I’ll message you my PayPal id
  2. Seems I can get it shipped
  3. Let me look into shipping
  4. If you want something that light look at StCroix Premium they have two 7.5 ft 2 piece That might be what you’re looking for. These are freshwater rods but they should be OK in the salt. I I have one for at least 10 yrs and the guides look brand new with just moderate care.
  5. That’s what I do, much less hassle, I find JetBlue very accommodating.
  6. Tidemasters are no longer made, they never made a two piece, they made three piece travel rods which were very good some might still be around at tackle shops. St Croix was supposed to be making Avid freshwater travel rods you might look into those. I think 7.5 2 pc might be be tough to find. I see St Croix Premier in that size but only in fresh water M and ML power. There are plenty of 8 ft 2 piece rods around.
  7. St Croix sells tip sections for some rods not sure about yours , it’s worth a call.
  8. Sorry so late with reply, if you’re talking about a double barrel trade I would be interested be interested. What condition is it in, can you send a picture?
  9. $ 85 shipped
  10. This is a large (10 tube) Aquaskins bag, perfect condition, never used on beach just used it to carry extra plugs in the car.
  11. Factory rod XS 10 MS (GSB 120 L) pick up lower Westchester Cty, perfect condition used a couple of times $ 225 PayPal ok. Nice at 1 oz great at 1 1/2 okay at 2 1/2. No scratches perfect condition. AE7DE9D1-1150-4BDB-BED8-384B376C9155.MOV
  12. Sorry, you are all right, don’t know what I was thinking, too long couped up, getting old, etc.