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  1. I’m sad for the woman and glad there are some blues somewhere.
  2. I have same rod and use a Stradic FJ 5000 it has worked well with 30# braid.
  3. Also RI, NY, CT more than 4 yrs
  4. Mepps makes some large inline spinners, I have used them successfully in dirty Chesapeake water, gold blade best.
  5. ok sounds good
  6. No too much of everything, sorry for late response
  7. No, I have too much of everything, sorry for delayed response I was hospitalized
  8. I have a 9t StCroix Triumph used once or twice as a spare for $ 90 shipped, as new condition.
  9. Conventional for bait solves all the spinning problems.
  10. I saw a 8 ft Tica at $ 100, I don’t know much about Ticas but it looked well made.
  11. Does look like a gizzard shad
  12. We’re on the upper Chesapeake at Cape St Claire in a three story house about 50 ft above the shore having breakfast when we saw an osprey, there are loads here for mating season, with a large fish obviously struggling for altitude heading for its nest behind us. Poor guy realized he wouldn’t make it and dropped the fish next to our pool. Largest white perch I’ve ever seen , about 16 inches and fat. I felt so sorry foe him it was a prize of an osprey lifetime.
  13. I like the Tidemaster too