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  1. 1. They are Bluefish proof. 2. Cancel #1, there are no Blues. 3. Nice cast and swim, good strong hardware and hooks, good for big fish. 4. Come in a wide array of sizes and colors, appeal to Stripers . 5. Forget #3 & 4, there are no big Stripers from the beach any more. 6. Was a great plug in its day, probably not needed any more.
  2. Are we using Paypal if so I've sent you my Paypal ID in a PM
  3. I’ll go to the PO and find out
  4. Actually I use gold tins at least as much as silver. Pt Jude Butterfish, Sea Scallop, Nautilus & Minnow also Kastmasters, and Gold Mepps Spinners especially in the Chesapeake with it's dirty water. ps. also gold krockodile spoons
  5. 11ft Lamiglas Insane conventional $ 75, 50/50 split, never used, a plugger all my life thought I'd take up bait never did. Pickup lower Westchester, NY. (10543)
  6. Hope you’re wrong but probably right
  7. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear, l wasn’t referring to the weight of the gear, they are lighter than my 9 iron. What I meant was is it smart to keep big rods that throw big plugs to small fish if there is no reason to believe there will be a return of big fish to the surf in the next few years, or is there a reason to believe that they will. A nine inch doc is just a little smaller than current bass average size. The only conceivable reason would be if you had to use a 5 or 6 oz bucktail in in a nor’easter in which case I wouldn’t be there.
  8. This morning I got 2 cocktails in 1.5 hrs with a Pencil Popper, I was using a 8 ft surf rod rated to 3 oz. I have plugged from the shore since I was 10 or so and used all the surf rods from homemade Tonkin Cane up to the modern Lami & St. Croix rods. I'm thinking the last 30 in.+ Striper I caught from the shore was 2 yrs ago and I currently have 10 & 10.5 rods rated to six ounces that I haven't used in 3 years, this year I used a 10 ft L GSB once or twice, the 8 ft and several Tidemasters to 8 ft. All the fish have been small so why the heavy artillery hanging from the beams. I guess these fish will eventually grow up but I don't have the time, at 82 I don't know how much longer I can do this. My question is this: If you where in my shoes would you sell off the heavier stuff or do you think there will be a recovery soon.
  9. My current surf rods are either GSB or St Croix SCll and I’ve never felt that I was missing something and they’re still kicking.
  10. My current surf rods are either GSB or St Croix SCll and I’ve never felt that I was missing something and they’re still kicking.
  11. I have that rod and pair it with a 4000 Penn Clash or a 5000 Stradic perfect with 20# braid.
  12. Avid really fast Mojo not so much butt too long on both, Mojo probably more versatile, will handle a greater range of lures.