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  1. I’ll go along with hunter or maybe a sinking popper
  2. I’ve used a modified ALBRIGHT for many years with no problems. FG too much trouble tying.
  3. This question seems to reappear every few years. You can temporarily adjust the drag buy gripping the spool with your fingers .
  4. I have used a German 11 ft tele rod for years mostly for pompano, no problems, fits in luggage. I think the importer has closed but you can probably find on line the manufacturer is Balzer.
  5. I use an eleven footer, even though Pompano fight like hell, a Heavy power rod might be too much
  6. Democrat Governor & legislature = more tax $$$, I’ll believe it when I see more enforcement, I haven’t seen any in over two years, but I’ve seen many fisherman over the limits especially now with a 3 bluefish limit, any size.
  7. I bought a 8 ft Tica because it fit mlcrosswise in my car and learned to love it , repair should be cheap.
  8. If you ever watch a dying bunker you might notice that a sinking popper can match this drama (sinking then wiggling to the surface and repeating) . I think this action is worth the possibility of loss.
  9. Over ten years ago I bought a 7ft 2pc St Croix Premier H I’ve used it in salt water exclusively and it’s good as new. Great schoolie rod
  10. This is what I do with my up to 8 ft inshore rods
  11. StCroix has a 10 ft & a 9 ft 4 piece rod a little more expensive but worth it.
  12. The only problem I ever had with SC rods were two guide inserts on mojos that’s statistically zip when you consider the amount of their rods I’ve used.
  13. I was fishing for stripers prior to 1950 and there were size limits in both NY and CT, one was 17 in and the other was 18 in. I don’t remember quantity limits, perhaps that’s what you’re referring to.
  14. Am I wrong believing that there is a significant difference in price point between Premier and Legend Tourneys?
  15. Is Cabo safe, I saw a map showing where various gangs where operating and there was one in Cabo.
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