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  1. I have one that’s in great condition was bought as a backup and rarely used I’d sell it for $95 shipped to Boston. PP ok.
  2. Does anyone know of a source for barbless trebles in sizes 2/0 , 4/0 suitable for heavy saltwater?
  3. I have K5000s in size M with 50 extra screw in studs for $ 50 shipped CUSA used twice in vg condition
  4. I’ve used the small clip on 15# Jacks also small tarpon, no bending , I have noticed a bend like that when using thick eyed bucktails.
  5. You should never elect a Ned, you’ll never stop paying.
  6. Pair of k 5000 size m wide (9 1/2) with 50 extra screw-in studs $ 50 shipped CUS, used a few times. They measure 11.5 inches long inside by 4 3/4 wide. PayPal
  7. Any thing shiny and fast
  8. For instance Avid 8 ft Surf and Inshore rods have virtually the same specs, VIS80Hf and AVSS80MMF are both listed as fast throwing 3/4 to 3 oz. why is one a surf rod and one an inshore rod, is it the longer handle on the surf model or what. I know you can't rely on mfg specs.
  9. It’s not braid but I like no hassle 20 or 14 # Fireline original.
  10. I have a small tall that has been thru hell still working great design.
  11. A Vanstall single row in new condition with 4 tubes , 20 internal slots for bucktails and tins, internal safety flaps and an internal leader, side pocket for anything, $ 80 shipped
  12. I've carried on 3 pc inshore and 4 pc surf rods without a problem dozens of times.
  13. My best lure for daytime is the Redfish Magic 4 in. Glass minnow in opening night which I semi translucent. I’ve caught every thing from the hard to fool sea robin to small tarpon with them.