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  1. I fish mostly between the bridge and Cape St Claire and have never seen anyone use shrimp or artificial shrimp for bait. I am only in the area during the summer, am I right to assume that shrimp are mostly absent from that area?
  2. I have a 9 ft 4 piece Triumph Surf that I had hoped to carry in my suitcase, at first it didn't fit then I discarded the huge heavy case and it fit. Much more room ln the suitcase not to mention a considerable weight loss.
  3. Williamson Surface Pro 1.65 and 2.3 oz, good but pricey
  4. I have used them for years, they are some of the best and are a bargain
  5. I have this rod brand new condition $ 200 picked up Westchester county ny. If interested can find out shipping cost.
  6. Throws 1 1/2 oz welll
  7. I have a brand new condition xs 10 mhs for $200 picked up lower Westchester
  8. It is, the replacement hook is longer and the necessity of using a #6 split ring rather than the stock #4 makes the tangle possible. That spook is one of my favorites so I’ll use it anyway.
  9. Columbia and Orvis make very good ones I have one from Exofficio that looks like it might outlive me. I don’t know if they still make them.
  10. Thanks just what I neededd
  11. Trying to replace trebles with online singles is giving me a hard time 1. notice the tangled hooks on the small spook, I had to replace the splits because the online hook was too thick for the stock ones and it occasionally tangles as shown. 2. The brands I’m using are VMC and Owner and the sizes seem the same but the problem is a 3/0 VMC and owners are smaller than the 3/0 treble. I replaced them with 5/0 VMCs. Again I had to replace the splits with bigger ones. 3. Obviously this all wouldn’t be a problem for a tackle shop but I’m not one even though my wife thinks I am. 4. The larger spook needs 4/0 but I don’t have any. I just hope it will still work properly 5. Maybe manufacturers can supply a recommended replacement.
  12. Has the time arrived when manufacturers supply poppers,spooks, darters, swimmers, divers et al with single inlines? I think almost everyone now realizes that it’s the right thing to do. Not only for the fish but also the fisherman. The only plug I bought recently with onlines standard was a Williamson spook and conversion is expensive I just paid $ 11 for 4 5/0 Owners. I think it’s time to change.
  13. That was it
  14. I’ll be in Annapolis this forth of July and I fully expect every navigational aid to have an osprey nest on it as always. A few weeks later all gone.