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  1. I'll go $ 75 delivered is PP ok
  2. I think a 50# flouro leader is tough to knot because the stuff I’ve seen is very stiff, also I wonder how invisible the heavier weights are. They seem more scuff resistant than mono but I’ve lost fish in bolder fields with both.
  3. The travel Tidemasters are in my opinion faster than their one piece versions, never bothered me but it might some one, check it out first.
  4. Most bags, pouches, and most other things you might mount on a belt fit 2 in. Belts, where do you get stuff for a 3 in. Belt?
  5. Dicks
  6. Since you would consider 8ft how about aTidemaster Tic80HF, rated 3/4 to 3 oz. @ $ 220?
  7. Too often on both counts, about every 15 minutes if the crowd permits and action is lacking, same for lure changes. This year I’m just going to carry my best producers, bucktails, poppers & spooks. And maybe some rubber.
  8. Yesterday, my first day out, I was using a reel that I had reloaded with 15# powerpro and got hung up. I walked about 10 yds to the side and pulled and it broke off, I used just moderate slow pressure and it broke above the Alberto knot. I thought Powerpro had resolved the mystery breakoffs but it must be that China has reintroduced them. How long must we put up with China's lax QC. Penn has been putting up with it for years, they replace anything quickly which must work for them but is a royal pain for the customer, maybe Shimano is going down the same road with PP.
  9. I’ll be 83 next month and have just been put on Eliquis (an anticoagulant) because of a DVT, which means I must not fall on my head. I do a lot of fishing along LIS where the only access is areas of stones, not rocks but golf ball and baseball sized stones they are very slippery. I have a pair of korkers 5000 which are heavy and clumsy and constantly need tightening and tapeing. I’d appreciate any suggestions for a lightweight shoe or sandal with spikes or some other non slip surface. I do a lot of walking along the edge which is very tiring with the k 5000s.
  10. Yo-Zuri has a mag darter in red top gold bottom, maybe its a lobster or maybe a sea robin, whatever it works well for me.
  11. bump
  12. Love the junior not so much the big one, doesn’t cast as well.
  13. Balzer 9 ft 3 in travel rod rated 15-75 grams (1/2 to 2.25 oz) with hard case. 29 inch travel length, European spigot ferrules. Spinning or conventional. $ 115 shipped lower 48 states, $ 100 picked up Westchester County NY. PayPal
  14. Those rods are very nice but the contraption they call a case is a disaster I have two a ML and a M the collection guide was crushed on the ML and the tip section of the M worked it’s way out the top and was promptly broken off, both are waiting to be repaired and will probably gather dust, I now travel with 3 piece Tidemasters with no problems.
  15. Killing time at a tackle shop and came across the Bomber Longshot, when compared to the SP Minnow it had better hooks and seemingly a more robust finish. I haven’t seen or heard much about them since their introduction. I wonder how they cast, running depth and of course how do the fish like them, all compared to the SP? I also noticed they are a few bucks cheaper.