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  1. I'm trying to find threads that honor the man and celebrate his life. He along with others fought to bring this forum to existance. The march from the south, laying waste to the landlock forum, becoming a made man. Here is a thread of essays on the ideals this forum was built on:
  2. I'm in.
  3. To Congers and Communism. Thanks for the laffs and good times.
  4. Wow. Can't believe it. RIP Vinny.
  5. No **** look at these things. The one from japan barely has any meat on it. Think i'll just microwave them.
  6. From the album As you like it

  7. From the album As you like it

  8. The first pic is whats left. i'm in Keansburg and that's all i saw the other day glassing the bay Sorry. Oops thought you meant Old Orchard Romer is still there but too far to see any specifics through binoculars.
  9. Im good water just barely missed coming the house. The middle of Keansburg not so lucky. The houses up the block got water into the first floor. Port Monmouth is a wreak. The houses next to the marsh have their bottom flors blown out Most of the boats in the marina came off their blocks and are piled up on the other side of the inlet.
  10. Took a ride past Port Monmouth Lake, I mean marsh this morning. The water at the Marina is up to the stands the boats are jacked up on. The water in the inlet is a foot or two below the bulkhead. Belford down by the CO-OP is all flooded. Port Monmouth Road was dry from Keansburg down to just before Shoal Harbor Seafood but the side streets in Port Monmouth were flooded. So far Keansburg is high and dry. They closed the flood gates at low tide so the water at the marina is only a couple feet deep. Hope the dunes hold up.