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  1. i was in traffic a few months ago in a western suffolk town and i happened to notice the woman in the car behind me toss a empty pack of smokes out her car window, it really pissed me off but i kept my cool for a few seconds but once the traffic in front of me started to move i decided to put my car in park and jump out and tell her how i felt about her throwing her trash on the street... i verbally abused her for a few min and went on my way. . i cant stand people who litter ..
  2. my floor pan completely rotted away where the front left body mount meets the body of the truck.. the frame is good along with the body mount but the actual body is rusted away.. can anyone recommend a place that is fishermen friendly?
  3. hey guys i just bought a house with a fireplace and i know its a little late in the season to be looking for some nice seasoned split firewood but if anyone has a guy they would like to recommend it would help me out big time.. thanks guys
  4. hey guys, im thinking about getting a new clopay carriage style garage door installed from home depot.. (one car garage).. has anyone else had them put one in and how much was it? thanks for the help
  7. Has anyone been out to look at the damage from this winters big storms? Gilgo was closed for the entire season last year , i wonder how demo and the thumb are looking ??
  8. bump
  9. remember the guy a year or so ago that killed his wife then drove her car to 135 and dumped it there then made to bogus text to her cell? he was on tv acting just like this guy.. but cops saw right through it.. i remember watching that guy on tv crying and my dad and i both turned to each other and said wow this guy is full of ****.. we knew right away.. i hope that this guy didnt do it but he sure looks guilty to me
  10. that fake crying makes me sick..
  12. pretty amazing how the random spot they picked to train with the dog turned up 4 bodies.. i wonder what else is out there along our roadways....
  13. very cool.. looking forward to it
  14. What ever happened to that video? it was supposed to come out a while ago.
  15. thanks for the help.. looking forward to a nice warm get away after the holidays are over.. i just remember going to aruba a few winters ago and it was a little cool during the day.. maybe the trade winds had something to do with it