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  1. I started post sandy, and the police and restaurant were 100% ok with you being there when the place wasnt open. At night special care was taken not to be loud, bright (lights) etc l. Place reopened and police were actively threatening trespassing. I never looked that way again. I guess betweeen then and now people went back and made a bad situation much worse.
  2. What sense is it to not burn a spot that has been burned to the stake? People suck. Some people don't know any better, and you should do what you can to educate others without being a dick. Each one teach one. However, others are just dumb ****s and they are helpless.
  3. T.T. sorry to hear that man, thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
  4. Roundup ProMAX but its not for everybody.
  5. Man was outta touch...the new "appropriate" name is "The Pearl Milling Company"
  6. I speak razz. Translation: He was happy to see me.
  7. I hope all you geezers are doing ok in 2024.
  8. Life be Life'n: Very expensive year so far, and another bill is incoming. The digital ink will be penned for mom's retirement home in the south today.
  9. Planes are relatively cheap, im not sure about storage. But I can get a license without a plane. P.S. everybody with a boat tells me not too get a boat so there's that too.
  10. Nah...the lady is in tx at the moment im in jersey until 50....55 debateable.
  11. Def been thinking about getting my private pilot license.
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