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  1. Dicks and UPS are full of ****t....I had a package that was stuck in a loop since April fools day....go figure. A partial shipment that contained 40-50 dollars worth of plugs. Called UPS last week they sad I have to wait, they can't put a trace, hold, etc. bull****T. Talk to dicks rep via chat they said we will mail it out ASAP express overnight shipping. 12 hours later I get an email that says I have to wait to receive the other order. Call up monday and raise hell.......they say i have to wait another day to see if the status will change worse CSR EVER. Call the next day....we will ship express. Received the package wednesday.....guess what came in the mail on thursday.....the lost package. I knew I would intimately receive it but 2 day shipping says it should of been here April 2nd.... wtf. I'm on the fence of taking a page from slayers book and not spending any coin there. Two things a messed up corporate CSR and manager shouldn't be a black mark on my local store, two......I basically paid half of what I should of paid.
  2. It wasn't about your list. The two people I named earn somewhere around 5 million less per year. So using the metric that was mentioned earlier about paying worth, rightfully so he should be earn more than both of the players I named.
  3. If we are talking about who's better and who's getting money. Is he not better than cousins and garoppolo?
  4. Well there goes that idea lol
  5. Payment received. Item was shipped & delivered. Thanks rigged eel, TimS and SOL's BST.
  6. They make waterproof pouches, that float, have lanyards etc. And some phones are waterproof like the note 9.
  7. They should be on the tab for two free trips. Or at least one free trip if you guys go back out today.
  8. News articles are funny. Or should I say society in general. They assume anybody with a "large" amount of cash is a criminal. Large is a relative term.
  9. I'm just glad I took the hydro to the nose, and not a hook to the brow like that guy up there.