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  1. Cops have been out in force on the parkway this week. Prior to that I've only seen local/county pd setting up speed traps for the past few moonths.
  2. There was a legal debate about making all speeding tickets mandatory court appearances as per an article I read a couple of weeks ago. I noticed the signage on the parkway and turnpike back in march/early april. 30+ is already a mandatory court date.
  3. I was looking at old town pdl's.....closer to 100#
  4. It's not about where you fish, as it is when you fish. Ocassionally, you put together magical outtings, most times early on it's a crap shoot. Eventually you get better or help knowing where fish are hanging out.
  5. What type of snake? I can't really make it out. A hognose?
  6. Those rinky dink fish markets are only good for crabs and crabs.
  7. Uhhhhh no. Fish trucks are the way to go in Newark. There is one right around the corner in front of Gateway, and another that sits outside of rutgers hospital (previously UMDNJ).
  8. For a full day I'd think it be worth it, but a half day is makes me a lil less interested.
  9. $375 for a half day for 1 or 2 anglers.
  10. 1st trip I took with him he was telling me how he was a boxer, cop, firefighter, pilot, was given a million dollar boat and a bunch of other stuff.
  11. TT = TomT. Ray = mag gaffer.
  12. TT ray is sailing as a 6 pack. How many is J2 capped at?
  13. He has risen!
  14. Charters are allowed to sail again.
  15. I wonder what his rates are.