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  1. Sorry it was a typo I think.
  2. Only thing I didn't like about Kentucky was was pretty clear when I was not welcomed.
  3. They are pushing 8 bills across the table to further tighen NJ gun laws as we speak. .50 cal and up illegal microstamp-enabled firearms, 21 and up to purchase or possess (outside of hunting/adult supervision) Guns at home unloaded and locked Etc etc
  4. I could have got a NJ conceal carry at one point. I've never fired a gun in my life.
  5. @Snaps grabbed his nuts and yelled again
  6. Conceal Carry you see these 8 bills on the table? NJ will drag everything through the mud
  7. @Kings over Queens I forgot to mention, ole lady threw a couple of the whole sea bass on on the grill for fathers day. She was in love....with the fish of course. Semi regret not following suit and keeping them all whole.
  8. pics or it didn't happen. #shameless
  9. Off topic alert: So this month we have a reports thread about not posting reports, and not discussing a particular method used to catch fish during the reporting period. Slightly on topic: I fished on a boat, I caught winter flounder for the 1st time in my life, I caught other fish, and saw people I haven't seen in years and had a great day. ~plumbdumbtruth
  10. Damn going on 4 years here.
  11. He can't be worse than me.
  12. Save one for me thanks. Glad to see your still kicking.
  13. Waze. Is the way to go for gps on the phone.
  14. Indeed. I experienced it for the 1st time ever, a few years ago. I thought I was just really ashy or had dried up salt on my skin and then i realized my skin was peeling.
  15. Damn..... speed. Haven't heard that in a minute.