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  1. No sir. I actually asked the adjuster to double check before I said I"LL TAKE IT.
  2. You won't get squat for $5600......$5600 won't fully cover just the lease alone. Add tax fee's, money due at signing....
  3. NJM totaled a BMW that was rear ended, I'll show the pic's later. They said the salvage value was $1,200. The seats alone were worth more than that......many cars parted out are worth 2-3 times as much as the book value. I kept the car, and got a $10,000 insurance check, and still have a clean title. A few years later....interestingly enough this is the car that was hit towards the end of august by a 77 year old lady while it was parked, just got a $2,000 check for those damages. this go around the car was side swiped.
  4. With front end damage that includes a pushed in radiator.....the problems occur down the road when a simple repair, belts, pully's, a/c, radiator etc all get difficult because things aren't lined up and/or its not enough space so other things that normally wouldn't have to be removed will be removed.
  5. What weights on the jigs?
  6. I don't think i've caught one bluefish from the sand this year, but I've caught a crap load of bass. Bass have been around damn near all year from the sand.
  7. Hey anybody is free to shoot their shot, they shouldn't be surprised though if they miss badly.
  8. All of my salt water reels are either squidders, jigmasters, or spinfishers.
  9. salmonoids are far more temperamental.
  10. Apparently there are hot fish girls on SOL Check out the last 2 pages.
  11. LOL Yikes everyone of the last few fish posted came from a hot girl. My bad, I was looking more at the fish, and less at the angler/poster.
  12. Did Y just post a pic of some fancy chittlins aka chitterlings.
  13. I'm in.
  14. Starting to think I never met you lol