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  1. Had one up in pike county PA a couple weeks ago, it wasn't half bad. Never had outbacks version so i can't compare.
  2. Great. See ya for coffee.
  3. Plus a vig!
  4. Paid 30 clams for 50 clams. New math.
  5. my fault that was a typo I meant to say. Welcome.
  6. Just evoking some random thoughts lol I'm sure somebody somewhere get paid coin for that sort of think tank crap though.
  7. Lurkers probably account for most traffic on most websites in general. I posted a video a couple hours ago, I got over 100 views, only 2 people liked Only 10 people or so liked the video. I wonder what sort of lurkers were looking at the vids. Guys/gals checking on what their friends or their other halves are watching? Other friends of mine? Random strangers? In this thread do you think it's folks we know? Folks that never log in? Folks we know but don't log in etc. A zillion different scenarios. What would you consider a lurker?
  8. There was a caveat that allowed gas stations to do it, not most other merchants. Dodd Frank opened it up to everybody else at their discretion. I think what they did was offer discounts for cash, and no discount for credit.
  9. To circumvent you can use pin transactions, but using ur pin gives a greater risk to fraud/identity theft.
  10. Most companies don't realize it's now legal to do that....once they realize they start kicking it in....thank you Dodd Frank
  11. Jersey has a few lakes in the program, I never got lucky enough to find them from land. Found plenty of river pike though. Those were some nice fish posted for sure.
  12. That boat looks like it can be good in the bay or nj fw lakes.
  13. From my understanding last year was terrible in the bay for fluke, aside from a 2 week window. The laughs would be worth much more than the fluke though.
  14. Your looking more and more adoptable lol
  15. Do you ever FW fish?