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  1. There will be 4 Randomnites on Fridays trip, I thought Mick was on board I was really interested in seeing if he was going to start the day by cutting my line. Predictions? Y - TomT - KML - Sheisty - There are only a couple other bottom dwellers aside from us randomnites. We have to get the job done.
  2. catch em up sir
  3. That would be a fisherman's tale. Record sized........white perch. That got eaten by a sturgeon.
  4. It's not uncommon to jig with a baitcaster or conventional outside of NJ. Now granted they aren't going for tog but it can't be that idiotic.
  5. For the record nobody knows what it is after the head shake.
  6. They do make stocking foot waders.
  7. What's the longest you've fought a fish? It doesn't matter if you landed it or not. Any species of fish, land or boat but specify which.
  8. You're stupid. :LOL:
  9. I don't talk to strangers much. But I suspect it would drum up a lot of content there. I'll take your suggestion under advisement.
  10. Where is the list of folks coming to this shindig?
  11. Except when jigging of course I hope. FYI Mono is alright on a conventional until you get hung up in the sticky and it feels like a giant rubber band.
  12. What was the longest you guys have fought a fish?
  13. I probably have enough stuff to open a small fw and sw tackle shop with just the new in package crap. I'm convinced, I need at minimum a 2 car garage, a workshop, and of course a man cave. Not including whatever the misses needs.
  14. 2hrs? Maybe it was the same "Tuna" that broke my rod.