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  1. Speedy Recovery gramps.
  2. Was it a shoulder cut?
  3. Well there's the answer. LOL I had a problem with Size Large Allen Co's and Frogg Togg's not getting past my ankle with thick socks smh.
  4. About to buy a pair of 360's off sierra. How do you like the zips?
  5. I have no idea how many people are keeping for personal consumption or folks selling them for coin. However, I do believe most people have no concept of creel limits, C&R or conservation. What seems like a no brainer for us...seems foolish for others. Education early on would be best. #1 question im asked no matter what the person looks like, or where they are from is......"Did You Keep It". To add to that, success for many is measured by what they brought home for self, family and/or friends.
  6. I went on a mini crappie hunt a couple weeks ago in the rain.....and I ended up catching suckers, and a couple micro panfish (yellow perch/bluegill). Since I wanted a sandwich I took a venture to a pond that holds crappie, and ended up getting a 24" channel cat, and 18" stocked rainbow. I went to a river, and picked up a 9" rainbow, and dropped what looked like a nice sized walleye. I feel like shitt because I wanted to taste the channel cat as I've heard mixed reviews, filleted, bagged and left in the fridge..a few days later...spoiled. I don't like wasting resources. All in all it was a decent day with the UL 4# test.
  7. P.S.
  8. Corrections made.
  9. I purchased a dozen from them a few weeks ago. Prepackaged box and taped closed
  10. Fake News.
  11. The best part of spring 2021 has been the RB water quality, this has been the clearest i've seen it as a whole in a long time.
  12. As for a fishing report I've been out twice and welll......its a secret. If you guys play nice I'll give you full details.
  13. On a could windy afternoon into night last week, whilst teaching somebody how to not catch fish we came accross a bunch of dying bunker, swimming upside down, and apparently had some parasites on them, it was clearly not a normal die off. Something is going on on the northeast atlantic coast with flesh eating bacteria ....Vibrio. To all you eaters out striper sushi.....
  14. Whoops.