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  1. 2003 38' Osmond Beal for sale $274,999.00
  2. Take it further south to Brunswick County, VA Nobody cares what you do there....
  3. I was speaking about my zany boss.....not slacker fyi.
  4. This guys way of thinking is shall we say...... effete. I think his ultimate demise revolves around the fact he might think that I'm trying to vitiate everything he wants to do.
  5. They don't have to be kept, downsize the gear to an UL w/ 2# test and beat the crap out of them, just to switch it up. Then again you may fully enjoy what you do now.
  6. He should downsize his presentations and go crappie fishing.
  7. In my earlier fishing years, I thought I was snagged, then pulled out what I thought was a snake.......dropped the whole rod and took off, and remembered I thought I saw fins towards the head. I didn't think it was poisonous, or capable of delivering a shock......but you would of thought I saw and tried to unhook a Inland Taipan. That eel was caught while trout fishing........saddle river.
  8. Ahhh Martha's Vineyard.
  9. Where are you sir KML
  10. They look like they may do a good margarita pizza.
  11. Mako Mike?
  12. Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 - Blue (USED/PREOWNED) $55.00 Shipped (PayPal, Cash, or Money Order) Includes: OEM Charger OEM Battery OEM USB Data Cable OEM Olympus XD M+ 1GB Picure Card PNY Micro SDHC 16GB Card OEM Olympus MASD-1 MicroSD Adapter OEM User Manual OEM Olympus Master 2 (Image Editing Software)
  13. Somebody said that a used police car would be too much car for a kids first car.