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  1. Can anyone help me to figure out how to change the driver side tailight on a 1999 toyota sienna??
  2. Hi Rook! Mostly open beach! 1-4 oz and no more than 200$. Like I said in the previous post I was mulling about using the Captiva set up for chunking and looking for someting also tu toss lures. The Captiva is too tip heavy for lures. Thanks for any help!
  3. Sorry for your loss.
  4. Hi! New here, only my 2nd posting.I used to fish freshwater only but life's changes(wife,kids etc.etc.) left me unable to travel to the areas I fished. These days saltwater is closer to home. A couple of years ago I bought a combo from Penn. Captiva is the name, the rod is a CV102H(H is for action=Heavy?) with a CV8000 reel.I only fish occasionally for a couple of hours during the weekend. But every time I go fishing I get home feeling like I dug a 50ft trench. The darn thing is soo tip heavy. My question is: what can I do to balance the darn thing without spending lot of money, or I should just go out and buy another set-up,and use the Captiva for chunking. If so what are the suggestions? Not a lots of money at hand for it. HELP I USED TO ENJOY FISHING!!!
  5. Thanks to all for your input and knowledge. I definitely got a few ideas on what to look for and were to look for the items I will buying soon.
  6. Wow!! no other words needed.
  7. Hi to everyone! Just registed to SurfTalk but I've been snooping around this site for awile and I am very intrigued by the concept of building your own lures and is quite possibile that I am getting the bug . Well just today I was in Home Depot and came across a product from Minwax called "wood hardener'. While reading the label it seemed to me that this product works in a manner similar to propionate . My question to the experts in this forum isid anyone has ever used this product and if so what kind of results have you got from it???