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  1. Cascade, you've ben around here for a fairly long time, so I'll hold my tongue and just ask you to either provide us with some details of whatever set you off. Or just tell us it was a rant and all is well, even though you hate contractors, lol.
  2. That kid is obviously well taught and has amazing skills for his age. Well done. I saw the fish kicker right away, and it distracted me as well. But to call him names with zero information is just wrong. You superior keyboard anglers have NO idea what species of fish it is that guy is kicking. You have NO idea what size of fish that is. You have NO idea if it is a legal fish. And mostly, you have NO idea if he was planning on keeping the fish. I've booted many a blue in my day, IF I was planning on keeping it. And each time it was dispatched/bled out immediately upon clearing the surf. That's my choice to keep me safe from the surf. A small video clip cant nearly tell you the true story of what happened in the background. Be careful how high the horse is you climb onto. It might just be too far a fall to the ground for you to handle.
  3. Wait, what? How big is your brickmould trim on the ext. door? What is making up that difference? Brickmould typically stands about 1 1/4" +/- proud of the outside of the frame/jamb. So there is nothing but air between the top brickmould and the inside of your home? What are the measurements that I asked about? If you indeed have 1 1/2 between the outside of the jamb and the bottom of the header then I'd bet that you have and old style frame set without a subfloor which will require more work than you think. I sincerely advise you to not wait on this part and just do it all now while the weather is nice. Makes no sense to me to move one door only to change it again later.
  4. Here again is where the "regional pricing" aspect comes into play. Not just for installation, but for material pricing. As said below, no local suppliers for what he was looking for. But he could have, had he wanted to spend the money, had them shipped. But for lack of local suppliers, you would likely have no knowledgeable/qualified installers either.
  5. The French President has pledged to rebuild it, as he should as the nation actually owns it I believe. The wicked rich national corporations like Chanel and such have pledge a billion bucks so far. That's good. But Macron ( The Pres.) is out of his mind with his five year timeline. Let the experts do the work frenchie. You can still take the credit.
  6. Pretty hard for me to compare in my mind anything in Dresden that was destroyed with Notre Dame burning today. I guess I'm the only one who gets that it was such an amazing piece of art.
  7. Okay, so according to your logic, those four guys ahead of and behind Tiger, who were all in contention. And all obviously controlling their irons, should not have ended up in the drink. You can call it whatever you want, but yer dislike of Tiger shines thru, lol. Tiger won it on the third try, after he learned that he couldn't just beat it, but take what it would give him (as yesterday). Spieth and Willett both went to school on Tigers' wins.
  8. The Rose Window still appears to be intact.... But can it survive, only time will tell. This window was removed and spirited away before France fell to Germany in WW II for fear that the Nazis would either steal it as that had been doing with other works of art, or destroy it. It was, obviously saved, and re-installed.
  9. Never seen that one before
  10. I would hope for some sort of re-build. But it won't happen in our lifetime.
  11. They actually had pulled out the bells and copper statues just last week.
  12. Dont be an arse pete. This was an 800 year old structure that took nearly 200 years to build. As a carpenter and student of that, it means something to me. I posted this here to avoid just yer kinda post.
  13. The steeple is gone,.... So very sad. The edifice, the vault of it is still standing for now.