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  1. I will be keeping good thought for Mary and all of you, Kevin.
  2. No way I can think of to fill the rafter voids correctly, without over filling, without opening them all up. Walls are a whole different thing. A closed insulate ( like over a log cabin) system works differently.
  3. The one in Ware is a nice ride to get there from Belchertown. Sucks big time going back with a 6' slider unit laying over the rails of a pick up truck. Just saying.
  4. You have probably stood there smelling that while there were no blues to be caught. I've stood by to watch acres of bunker go by unmolested. It's them, not the bluefish, or anything else. Smells like watermelon to me.
  5. ^^^ She's hot....
  6. If yours is two piece, twist it. It should get bigger.
  7. That's not the bluefish you smell. It's the bunker.
  8. Figured I would take a peek at it before the race... Ben watching for near two hours and laughing a whole lot. Didn't think I would be as interested. Watching Lefty and the QB's miss the fairways is nothing different. Seeing what the course looks like to the average player without the ropes and crowds gives folks who have not played a true view. Now I gotta switch back and forth 'tween the race and this...
  9. And too many have moved here to change America, and/or just suck on the democrat teat. Not improve it.
  10. I forgot to mention that I use a soft brass brush. Not a heavy stiff wire.
  11. I clear coat rusty metal from time to time. Key is to wire brush lightly to get the scale off it first. Then blow the dust off with pressure. Rattle cans work for me. Several coats. None of my pieces are outside however. If you haven't tried my method already, it's worth a shot. Failing that, is there one of those under deck planter rubber thingys that would fit your planters?
  12. While I kinda agree, I will say that a mugging from six feet away is still a mugging.
  13. I'm out. Jerry is in