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  1. Awesome!!! Maybe we can make it a day when you're busy, and just Donna can come?
  2. Tell me next time yer gonna be in town Steve. We'd like to have you over for dinner.
  3. Okay, just to finish this one off,... A garden party is simply one centered in or around a garden. Plus in our case one that celebrates a successful garden season. We used most all vegetables from our garden for what we made, and encouraged our guests to do the same from their gardens for whatever they wanted to bring. Also, because we are on the water, we included fish and clams that were taken right from our waters. We have an entrance to our backyard that takes you through the garden before you get to the deck and house, so I had everyone come through that way to set the mood. Then when you get there, you see the wonderful view we have across the bay to IBSP. On a beautiful but hot summer day like we had, with a nice ENE wind, it was ten degrees cooler than just 1/2 mile inland. Perfect. The ol' lady decided to bag the red sauce and onions in favor of regular cooked onions as they would be better for the burger folks. I don't eat onions, so it was fine with me. So we had kraut, onions, and my chili as topping for the dogs/burgers. The chili came out fantastic. Other than a pinch of cumin, it was only ground beef, tomatoes ( locally grown, though not from our garden ) and five different peppers from the garden, and a bottle of good beer. I made it Thursday, heated it up again on Friday, then one more time on Saturday. It cooked down to a nice thick consistency. My buddy who lent me the hot dog roller also gave me 40-some clams that he dug locally on Friday, and they got done up on the grill in various forms. My BIL who keeps his boat on our dock, made fishcakes from what he's caught recently , also brought a little charcoal grill on which he made "pizza clams" which none of us had ever had before. There was not a one either of them left in short order. On top of all the other salads brought by my sisters, some of our great neighbors who summer here but live in North Jersey, brought the best of deserts from the best places up there. I tried the coleslaw/mustard hot dog thing. No go for me. I re-sliced one of our home made refrigerator pickles and tried that on a dog. That was a winner. But I'm glad I made too much chili, because that was not just a big hit. But there was some left, so I had another two yesterday afternoon All in all, it was great day.
  4. Google CPO outlets. They have both new and reconditioned batteries, as well as everything else, for shorter money than anywhere else I've seen. That's where I get mine.
  5. I tried once to talk you off the ledge of violence, but you replied with arrogance. You, sir are half the reason there are issues on any beach. Because you just can't walk away when it's the better move. You no more own the sand you stand on than does the boat in front of you own the water it's on. Your pure hubris and arrogance furthers the fight between us and further divides us who all should be working together to save our resource. I call this idiocy. If you still take this to heart, then I guess you are, or must be,.....
  6. I have no desire to try it, but I am curious.....
  7. That's nice. I've read your posts since you first got here. I posted my opinion of your post. I don't believe anyone should advocate throwing stuff at anyone at any time. Guys like you, that talk about, and do the things that you talk about just drive the sport further into the ground. You are no more help to other good anglers than any poacher. So, thanks for that. You've flexed your muscles. Did you look good in the mirror? Do ya think your kids thinks so?
  8. Anyone else watching on the history channel? Fascinating stuff.
  9. If you seriously think that the only idiot is the one in the boat coming too close and/or crossing your line, and not your reaction by throwing something at him.... I guess you just still don't get it. And that makes you just as much an idiot as him.
  10. I love chili over a bowl of rice. And then another one, yup.
  11. Not at a Shop Rite by me. There's three within 10 miles. I've checked and asked. Twice got the dumb/numb look. Once I got the " I will ask my..." , yeah sure.....
  12. I really did think that after all of these years, some kind of common sense would have taken hold on this subject. Sad to see that the idiot mentality still prevails. Anyone who espouses and/or encourages throwing anything at anyone at any time because they don't like what they are doing is at the least an idiot. At worst perhaps a criminal. This kind of behavior has no place in the civilized world. Just because you saw or heard about someone else doing something stupid, doesn't mean it is the right thing to do. Or that you should follow suit. No wonder I fish in the dark by myself and talk to no-one.
  13. Niiiice !
  14. I'm gonna try a coleslaw and mustard dog.
  15. A question long debated, often heatedly, here and on beaches and bar-stools for as long as surf fishing has ben around. The simple answer is, the only rules you should follow are those mostly long gone basic rules of etiquette. If someone was there first, it is their water to fish. Be they in a boat or on the beach. Give them enough space that you think is fair, then move another dozen yards away. RESIST the urge to mug them ! Trollers are a different story, as they are moving. However they should allow for surf /jetty lines in the water, and never run into a pod of bait or a blitz. Sad fact is, aside from most of us that are members here, those rules don't seem to apply or matter to those that we encounter most times. My advice is, if you have an issue, just pack up and move on. Ya just cant trust that some assshat wont escalate a situation. It sucks, but that's the world we now live in. Also, fish between midnight and dawn like I do. I rarely see anyone except for other nuts like me out at that time. And I always enjoy my walk on the beach, catching or not. Ben