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  1. Reason I ask is because with that kinda cable, ya need solid supports all the way from the "terminus". I once had to put in solid blocking inside an exterior wall of a house where the railing terminated because I was between studs and plywood mount was not acceptable. They considered them termination mounts, and rated everything else out, by foot, on them. I get it, and agree. but ya gotta do the math. Least around here.
  2. Hard to tell John,.. Those are 4 x 4 wood posts exst. second floor?
  3. Ya ben to their store?
  4. I like it, but. That would never fly here in Jersey.
  5. Hey John, I just remembered that I did these last summer... Safety glass "balusters"... Was all painted 2 x 2 square cedar ballusters. Homeowner designed it to leave some of them. Here's a few pics. If you like, I can dig up the info on them. Very easy to install, and ya still get breeze through.
  6. All of the glass panel rails I have done are actual safety glass. Never seen any kind of Lexan panels. And I would never use them even if they were available. I
  7. Gotta give a big shout out to Jacks small engine, and Jacks mower website .com thingy Pop has an old Toro snowblower, and an old Toro ride on mower. This past fall when I dragged the blower out of the shed I noticed that a tiny little plastic elbow shaped bushing that protected the drive cable where it turned from the machine to the paddle handle had cracked and no longer worked. He went to the local power equipment company who told him the part wasn't available. He asked me to look "on the computer thing" and see if I could help. After I got the model number off the machine, I searched up this Jacks company down in Md., and looked at their website. Found the model, and the blow up diagram that I was hoping for. Quickly found the part number and it was, indeed available. Ordered it for three dollars and change ( cost more for the shipping) and had it in hand and fixed the blower in three days. Last month the mower went down. There's a little plastic or nylon kinda elbow block that the fuel line goes into, then goes into the carb. It had cracked and was leaking fuel bad. Again he goes to the local and again they tell him ya cant get it, buy a new mower. He asks me to go back to Jacks and check. Same drill, find the model number, find the diagram, find the part number,... Bingo, order the part. Again, 3 dollars and change, plus shipping. So this time, Pop says he needs a new blade for the mower. He had got one previously from that ****e local place for $33.36 w/out tax and shipping cause his son ordered it thru his local auto business. So I had the part number. Went to Jacks mower site this time and couldn't find any help. So I called them. Gave them the part number from the bill of sale from 2013, and they say sure, no problem. That's a such and such replacement for your blade. How much? $32.25 with shipping. Dollar and change less, shipped. I mentioned that they had saved two machines, one twice, and that we could not get the parts locally, and he says I don't see why. This is a common part and we ship them often. Anyway, long and drawn out, but if yer looking for a part for something like this give them a look see.
  8. Okay, I get it now I've dealt with issues like that from clay before, but in stone foundations. Never block. Was in not sealed at all before? Either way, that's the correct solution. Long as that stairwell doesn't hold standing water, you should be fine.
  9. Lotsa of threads over the years involving this. Didja search? I know the new search system sucks wind
  10. Scallywag That's more than just holes there ! What was that project? Quite confoosiling that video was, lol.
  11. Not knowing him, but perhaps he was referring to the actual glass panels. Or just trying to help you work in a tight budget.
  12. I've seen it done with lobster pot stuff, but that was under 3' high where codes were very lax. Deerbusters makes a 3' x 100' roll of 2" square galvanized 14 gauge pvc coated mesh for under $200.00. Dunno if this will fly, code-wise, where yer at. But worth looking into. Easy to install, and look thru.
  13. John, plexi is a no go especially near salt. It will not turn out well. They do make very nice glass panel railing systems that I have installed. They will cost ya though. Cable rail systems are nice as well, and perhaps cheaper for materials, but are more labor intensive to install. So that may be a wash.
  14. Eric, they do come in 250, and 500 packs. 500 for less than $40.00. You'll probably have to buy the small pack as well to get the tool needed as well.
  15. This is yer best bet.