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  1. But, anyone who changes his accent to make money and trade off the lie of it, is indeed, and arsehole.
  2. Well, ya cant type sweetheart. , as it comes up as sweetheart of all things.
  3. No "so called" about it. The guy decided he was Woody Guthrie reincarnate years ago when he changed his accent to match " the common man" . Whoever the hell that was. He was a local guy. Now he's another rich left wing arsehole. . .
  4. Are all of my pictures from my threads gone forever or not. I just got a "flashback" thingy from google on a job I did on a log cabin twelve years ago. I searched it up. Nitro started the thread and posted pictures. It was all well until I started posting, and then any picture that I posted went away. Just my pictures. Same as any pictures in any thread I made in the same time period. Same time as I was having issues with some of your minions. It's not coincidental . I've asked you too many times and never gotten a real answer. Just tell me the truth. I have the pictures on disc, but the threads are useless without pictures. I asked you about this a few years ago when some college kid searched up a job I did and you assured me you would/could fix it. Yet you never did. I am at the end here. Tell me the truth about my pictures. I will decide if I want to stay here or not. I feel like I've ben tossed aside. I know that everyone of us has real lives to lead, but I really feel like I've ben lied to and misled for far, far too long. I've ben really patient in my mind. But this is the end.
  5. Rhetorical question as I now know, but.... Someone from here who can remain nameless texted me yesterday inquiring about installing a lunette. My response was, "WTF is a lunette?" So, anyone else familiar with this term as used in building/architecture. And no googling.
  6. Work smart, not hard. Ya just hafta be smarter than the material.
  7. I can't stand it.... What are you working on John O' ???
  8. lolol. The hammer type,..... So caveman style . My Hilti gun carries a ten shot powder clip, and a ten shot nail clip. It's semi-auto. Press, shoot, repeat. The noise suppression is incredible. Paid for itself long ago, and still fun to use.
  9. Like gel says, if yer lucky like I was this time, the majority come up with the sheet. If not, and this happens most often, ya just gotta put on good gloves and kneepads. Crawl around sweeping your hands across the floor to find them, and then pull them out. I use a pair of dykes that I keep nice and dull so as not to cut them. But if you cut them or they break, just pound them down. It's always a sucky job.
  10. Yes, 1/4" crown x 3/4" staples.
  11. Oh yeah, the new 1/4" is put down with 1" staples. Aint nothing but a spacer..
  12. The original 1/4" , after nails. Done 1993 style. Ten years ago the HO had me add 1/4" to the rest of the first floor after I pulled up the carpet so he could have 3/4 x 2 1/4" red oak flooring laid . Sanded and stained. Did that for a flush transition 'tween the kitchen tile and new oak floor. So I had to keep the height right. The new "open" kitchen is gonna get the rest of that oak. More delays for me, lol. But I'll get it done.
  13. The difference is, if you know where the nails are and can bull them out with a cats paw, and the staples are only 3/4" the sheets tend to pop right up given the right pressure in the right spots. Alternative is what you dealt with. In the end, you still have to crawl around with gloves on and sweep your hands over every single inch of the floor in two directions to be sure you find any protruding nails or staples. Then remove them. The more shite left sticking out, the more blood involved in finding them. I took out those last cabinets, pulled out the rest of that 1/4" floor, and had the new floor stapled down in three hours on Saturday. Very little blood. Three hours.
  14. Flappy wheel sanding discs let me cope all sorts of larger trim and things like that.