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  1. Good luck Alan. I keep a mess of small cans of different color stains and paint, as I often also have to match colors. Using the same wood, even if you know the color, doesnt matter if the age of the wood is different. Your good fortune to have a nice dark wood to start with. Makes it easier to "sneak up" on the color.
  2. I know the spot Jon. Never heard that about perch though. I like eating perch and blowfish. Done right they're pretty good. But ya need a mess of either to make a meal.
  3. Last week my local S.R. flyer had white perch fillets . Srsly, lol. It was some crazy price.
  4. Yeah, I'm gonna buy two new. Had accumulated five full. Down to the last one. Knew three were outdated, Didnt see that the other two were as well ...
  5. Best place to buy in central NJ ?
  6. And you have the prefect avatar. What a day!
  7. Assuming you're looking to use this for nail guns, I'll add to what Snaps said .A lot of the new nail guns are oil-less . I have a few, and have no problems in that capacity with any of them so far. I also started with oiled guns. Most all of them I still have though may not use. I learned the lesson long ago that you can, indeed, over-oil a gun and make it stop working. Doesnt mean it's broke, just needs to be taken apart and cleaned. Then they work fine again. Ya only need a drop or three max. , depending on how much yer gonna use it. But if you don't oil a gun that needs it,.... Well then yer gonna need parts and a space on yer bench to fix it. And ya better have kept those couple wrenches that came with it, lol. Schematics can easily be found online, along with service "manuals". So fixing aint that hard. It's just downtime for the tool and extra work for you. Water filters are good, but not really necessary for most homeowners.
  8. Get him to sign up to Sol !!! We never have enough genuis's's's around here at any one time.
  9. As long as it's something that you can EASILY "do or un-do " behind your back in the dark while it's raining and yer in a hurry. Then it's all good. If you have to struggle for just a few seconds, it could cost you your life. Just saying some other thing are more important.... Ben there, done stoopid ****e
  10. TSP and TLC on any painted/finished surfaces. Beams and such, if rough, I would vacuum the **** out of and clear coat spray. My guess w/out seeing anything.
  11. Always. Drain it after every use, and I don't mean just all of the air. Humidity creates condensation which results in water in the tank, which blows into the out feed of the air. Ruin yer tools. Drain the air and turn the tank to let any/all water out after each use. leave valve open until yer gonna use the unit again. BTW, not a dumb question.
  12. I was thinking of a velcro strap ....
  13. I like it
  14. I ate lumpy white perch one time.... Sick as a dog....
  15. He's a Goooodd Boooyyy Yer plant is still mostly green. That's all I got for ya, on that.