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  1. I'm with Ross ^^ on this, with an eye to the future move. Next guy is gonna rebuild, so a small amount of money and time would pay off better. Clean it all, sand and paint the fascia. On the posts,... You could pull and countersink the lags. I would check the blocking and if possible run new ledgerloks in other spots. Remove the old lags, and if it's good, it's good. If not use a hole saw sized to fit over the lag washer and drill that hole in a piece of 1 x 4 or 6". Then ya need to eyeball that over the old lag hole, screw the 1 x to the post, and drill the countersink. Forstner bit works best, but a hole saw hill work. The 1 x is your guide. BTW, this particular lag is doing nothing... I would also look at buying a sheet of 1/4" pvc to wrap the posts. Then look at vinyl/composite rails. I use ones from Homeys because they are manufactured just 30 miles from my house. $100.00 gets you an 8' ( 92") section and brackets. Use 6' sections for the rest. Then buy some 5/4" pvc and make post caps, routed, and maybe bottoms.
  2. I meant, in this case, the O.P.'s home built just 25 years ago. I know all about 100, 200 years and older homes. I love working on them. But when I frame, I always put a cat dead center of each room, so my sparky can use them saddle boxes.
  3. The chances of you finding a ceiling/floor joist dead center of a span,.... More numbers than I can think of. Those boxes are great and my electrician likes that I frame that way. But for a retro-fit like yours, use the ones first talked about. No offense intended at all Alan, but,... WTF builds a house w/out ceiling lights? I thought that went away after the 80's.
  4. I like the recipe, and am planning on a trial run this weekend to see how I like them. Ahead of next weekends' party where hot dogs are a star. But I've never understood the whole "naked" kinda name thingy. If yer dogs don't have chili, then they aint chili dogs. Just saying...
  5. What he said
  6. First, let me say that I hate jagoffs who throw **** in my dumpsters without my permission. Might as well be stealing from me. I have this little utility trailer I use when a job is too small for a container, or one is not feasible. It has ben sitting at my sisters since I demo-ed her bath last month. I've ben filling the empty parts up with debris from another job to make the dump trip worthwhile. So yesterday I went by to drop off some more stuff and saw these two cloth aprons laying on top. I grabbed them because I always like to keep a few of them around as they are handy for small jobs. I have no idea where they came from, and didn't even look at them at the time, just threw them in the truck. Then I unrolled them and was shocked. Check out the phone numbers : Seaside Lumber I knew well and was there many times until they closed after 66 years, in 2016. Never heard of Bond Lumber before, but an interwebz search says there's one in Md., and was one in Fl. But I do remember back when letters were a part of the "number" that you had to actually dial on the phone, lol. And SP is familiar.
  7. I can't tell you about how many issues I've had with Andersen over the years. But two weird ones stand out in my mind. Often on big builds that I've done you get a half round, or two quarters, and that piece of trim, along with usual maybe ext. jamb, etc. is part of the window package. Well twice I've had that trim piece(s) show up on a lumber delivery for the frame. Weeks ahead of schedule. More often than not, that trim piece doesn't show up at all, and ya gotta chase it down.
  8. Do you have a float tube yet? Because I've got a pontoon style one for sale. It actually sits you above the water. Has oars and oar-locks.
  9. I only quoted you Mike because of the context of your post. I believe that too many either over-think things like this, or pass it off as nonsense. When IMHO it should duly considered before being rejected. "We" don't really know shite when it comes to these things. Pure hubris past that.
  10. BTW, it was quite awhile ago but I believe Oklahoma State University did the best study on this. It's a good read if you can find it. Rods and cones, but still these things can only be viewed through our eyes. No pun intended this time.
  11. Anthropomorphize ; Definition of anthropomorphize transitive verb. : to attribute human form or personality to. intransitive verb. : to attribute human form or personality to things not human. Anthropomorphization is only human. Pun intended. As humans, we literally only see, hear, and feel things through what we have evolved to see, hear, and feel. No fish species would have ever evolved and lasted 530 million years with the human eyeball. How well can you see under fresh water? No mask. How well can you see under saltwater? Now add moving water pulling you back and forth, sand washing all across your eyes that you cant close. Bright sunlight or not, through the water that may be clear or dirty as hell. Moonlight, or no moonlight with the same water conditions. Striped bass ( in this case, but it goes for any fish or animal other than human ) have evolved over hundreds of millions of years to become the Apex of their specific habitat. The big boys on the block. No, they are not apex predators, but truly, no other animal in the see is just looking to eat them once grown, as they are with anything else below them. It's really just simple stuff if you consider that not everything that God made was in his image. Hubris is another human flaw, and feeds into the first thing. An angler, or hunter must not let these things creep into his thoughts. He or she may be the most intelligent animal in the woods or on the water. But most certainly not the smartest, as he doesn't live there. All of that said, I believe that 50% of the success of any lure at any time in striped bass, or lmb fishing, is confidence. I will never not throw a black plug at night for stripers. But I will also never only throw a black plug at night.
  12. Just don't put the smoker up against the house, or anything else. I've ben on runs with the fire co. for house fires caused by grills outside. And as a contractor I have fixed many melted siding panels where the house didn't catch fire. Some people look me in the eye and say they don't know how it happened, lol. Okay. Also, I would do a test run and measure the heat between the smoker and the tent roof. At least I would probably set the tent up on four cmu's, and tie it to them.
  13. Thanks Rich. I think I was there once to pick up a piece of steel for a job. I usually go to Fazzios, but I will check prices at both places.
  14. Not hard to do at all Matt. Especially if you're doing the whole thing. Make your posts right, and it's easy. We got handed a ****-sammich once. Fiberglass deck, parapet walls sided inside and out and capped. I started drilling holes in the "posts" and they moved in my hands. Walked away from that mess.