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  1. I didn't know Jay but for his couple of years here. In that short time he made it easy to call him my friend. I will always be bummed that I never made the effort to accept his invite for his get togethers. I know I would have enjoyed it. Gone far too young buddy. RIP.
  2. For that, yeah ya could cut it off flat on the chair and same on the chair rail. Then drill out below for a new dowel, same as the back. Then use dowel markers to set your drill points. Free-hand drill the rest after that. Size yer dowels down so there's no force being applied. Make a slurry of sawdust and glue. There ya go.. Ben there, done it.
  3. If the Canadians used good forest management practices, they could have and would have ben further ahead in the battles of these fires. But they have the same policy as California. Which is basically nothing. So fires start, naturally and through negligence and malice, but become un-manageable right away. I just love it when folks tell me that the firefighters are doing it wrong. It's just a couple of big fires in Canada. And the GLOBAL weather system right now is causing the smoke to stay low and move down the continent. It's not " man's made the climate change bull****e " fault. It is not any part of any "climate crisis". There is no such thing. Yer a fool if you think this is the first time this happened. Forest fires are naturally occurring on this planet ( though most now are caused by man- see negligence and malice- ). Here in the NJ pine barrens, they are a needed part of the ecosystem that covers our aquafer. But we manage our forests with fire roads, fire-breaks, clear cutting areas ( which are the seeded with native grasses and flowers for the wildlife). And yes, every February or so we start setting fires in specific targeted areas. These are controlled and are designed to burn off the lowest, most volatile fuel for a fire. I remember twenty some years ago when it was just this smoky, and there was ash falling on a few days right her in June. Looked like snow on cars. It was a fire in West Virginia if I remember. Our country is only 247 years old. White men have ben on this continent for maybe 1000 years. The people were here long before that. 5 - 7 million years ago. Ya think that no one, anywhere, ever experienced this before? The planet is about 4.6 billion years old. I'm just saying that ya gotta have perspective, when yer talking about big things.
  4. Looks real good. More befitting of the old camera, than the aluminum stock. Ya shoulda done a blind cut with the router. Then you'd only have one open end facing you. But a nice end cap will dress it up for sure. I like seeing the old Workmate too. Except for the broken back stretcher (?), lol. I still have my first from near forty years ago, but it lives under a covered porch next to the grill, lol. I use a Pegasus now. Folds up easier.
  5. Send me the specs and I can screw around and mock something up. Save ya lotsa........
  6. First thing,.... Vee drawers ARE just plain weird. And looking at them sideways gives me a little bit of a headache, lol. I turned them two pics 90 degrees, but when I uploaded them into yer post they actually were flipped 180 degrees from yours. So, still sideways, only the other way This new format is, well new again.
  7. New Wildlife Reporting Application! Wildlife sightings from the public are incredibly useful to New Jersey Fish & Wildlife. The NJ Wildlife Tracker is a mobile-friendly website that you can use on your computer or cell phone to report sightings of both rare species and wildlife of any status on roads. The NJ Wildlife Tracker is replacing the previous Rare Wildlife Sighting Report Form and options have been expanded to allow submissions of wildlife of any kind that you observe on roadways. The rare species observations help us keep New Jersey’s Natural Heritage/Biotics inventory of rare wildlife robust and current. This data contributes to our critical habitat mapping and helps us monitor occupied areas and population trends over time, ultimately helping Fish & Wildlife manage the recovery of rare wildlife species across the state. Observations of wildlife on roadways (dead or alive) help inform our Connecting Habitat Across New Jersey (CHANJ) project, which aims to make our landscape easier for wildlife to move through. *Please practice “safety first” in every situation, especially along roadways, and be sure to give wildlife their space. Information on Reporting Wildlife Sightings NJ Wildlife Tracker FAQs NJ Wildlife Tracker Video Tutorial NJ's Endangered, Threatened, and Special Concern Species This year marks the 50th anniversary of the NJ Endangered and Nongame Species Conservation Act, which established laws to protect and restore endangered and threatened wildlife in New Jersey. As a result of the legislation, NJ Fish & Wildlife established the Endangered and Nongame Species Program to carry out the work necessary to restore and maintain these species.
  8. Ideally, yeah. Hell, just send me the cab short the 4" height and I could build a base for the kick. Seamless.
  9. To be clear, I was referencing this skinny little 6" upper which I assume is the spice cabinet. A three our even four shelf pull-out could house a boatload of spice jars. Frickin designer dropped the ball on that.
  10. White bucktail, no trailer. Many of the lures listed weren't even invented when I got my first And I'm not at all surprised by the amount of guys who also got their first on white bucktails, and metals...
  11. That rack is not a pull-out?! Damn. Maybe you can find an aftermarket one that you ( or yer carpenter ) can make work.
  12. Looking real good buddy A couple comments and questions... The negative image of the old cabinets and crown is interesting although it is marred by the drywall repair. I'm guessing the stone has some brown or perhaps copper color in it. And/or are you going to pick that up with the new wall color? The hood looks wicked cool to me. I'm tired of installing stainless. I'm just finishing a job with and end sink on the island, but this one is a 30" sink base w/a DW next to it, and then an end panel. So the island is wider. Which brings me to my first question. What is the plan to treat not just the end of the island where there should be a kick under the sink, but also under the fluted angle stiles. Some sort of plinth block thingy? And the back sides of that cabinet, where the other cabinet kicks end. I just dealt with that today and am interested to see/hear about the solution. Next question is what is in the cabinet with the red X ? Third question, is this corner cabinet a lazy susan made to appear as 6 drawers?
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