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  1. Yes, it's all true. The Comms. and the recs. are all lying about the abundance/and/or/lack of fish. How that matters as opposed to the truth of the obvious loss of the resource (fish) is beyond my comprehension. The one lone fact that we can absolutely rely on is that far too many species of fish and game have ben over-harvested. Many to the point of extinction. That fact alone should send chills down any persons spine. But money does evil things to weak people. The Omega company snake oil sales pitch is the western equivalent of the Chinese rhino horn powder erection cure. It's all bullcrap. I'm not about about destroying commercial fishing, but they damned well know that they are going to destroy this resource and then move on to another. They can lie to themselves and tell tales of their grandfathers, but once the resource is gone, it's only themselves to blame. It's just plain stupid to even believe that a resource can recover, or even be managed, against modern methods of capture. Let alone the disgusting waste of the so-called by-catch. And to say that recreational catches amount to much close to the haul of the boats, is just a bald faced lie. Always has ben, always will be. Why doesnt anyone want to speak the truth?
  2. Your picture sucks. lol
  3. True that.
  4. Jim, it appears in the picture that the box is fed from one side of the joist by BX, then the romex goes out the other side. That's why I suggested just dropping it down and surface mount to the rock.
  5. No sale. Thread closed.
  6. Ben watching birds since I was little, and have seen many cool birds and things. Two jump immediately to mind, though. First was watching a crow raid a robins' nest in a tree across the street from my house. Crow kept trying to get into the tree to the nest, while one robin "dog-fights" him in the air, and the other sits on the nest screeching as well. Finally the crow gets onto a branch near the nest, and the robin who had ben sitting on the nest throws itself out of the nest, only flapping one wing as if it was injured, and falls like thirty feet to the ground. The ruse didnt work though, as the crow snatch a baby bird and flew off. I did some research after that and come to find out that the injured bird trick is actually a common one among many birds. The other one, speaking of "dog-fights" was this. I've seen many times small birds fighting larger birds like crows and jays and the like. And even seen crows fighting ospreys around the bay areas here. But by far the best was down on the Susky one time. Having a great day fishing the lower flats with a buddy, a "dog-fight" occurred over our heads, sometimes rather low and close, between two ospreys and two bald eagles. Watching these huge raptors going at each other right above us was some sight to see. Even though we were catching real good, I put down my rod and just watched in awe for about twenty minutes, until the ospreys finally gave up and moved on. Okay, two more, lol. Once driving up the parkway sort of noticed a small flock of pigeons get up into the air from a roost under an overpass. And then just a big puff of feathers and the flash of a peregrine falcon picking one off in mid air and flying off. Happened in a split second. Lastly, fishing behind the Barnegat Inlet one day, A streak of brown out of the corner of my eye made me turn to see a big splash. Seemed like a full few seconds later up comes an osprey struggling to regain flight with a doormat fluke in it's talons. Took him a bit, and I'm sure a mighty effort, but he eventually got air and flew right over us, dripping bay water right onto our heads and boat. It was close enough to see that it was a bigger fish than what we had caught all day, and going over to the spot where he nailed it, to see that the water was a full two foot deep there!
  7. ^^^^ Most creative excuse ever
  8. Ah, little Martha. Had her way back then. She was quite vigorous. What we used to call a "spinner". I knew Mark Goodman way before he even got on air, and used to hang out with him and Alan Hunter. I always referred to Martha as "Muchfun". A play on munchkin.......
  9. He's going with L.P.
  10. My experience is 3/8" up to 3/4" plywood cut at 6 - 8" wide strips works better. Because it's easier to handle, lighter, and wont weigh as much down on the rock from above as it wont be supported by the framing around it.. Ya just hafta use the shortest screws ya can, in case there are wires above. Which, there really shouldnt be, but sometimes are.
  11. Yes, as I said in my last post, you can indeed notch a joist, to a point/limit. I just believe that it's a bad practice to get into. It's the easy way out, rather than doing some actual work to do things right. Besides that it's actually easier to do it the way I described. Yes, kill the power to that line/junction box, then remove the screws (probably) and do the rock. Then reset the box with probably longer screws.
  12. I was referring to that mess of cable wires and whatever them little white wires are. There's way more wire there than it seems to be needed. All twisted up like my hair usta be after a day on the boat. Back when I had hair that long.... lol.
  13. Yeah, I do. It's all in black and white in the code. Code says clearly, " Holes in joists must be min. 2" from top or bottom, max. size 3". So you could drill a 3" hole thru a 2 x 8 joist, once. But if you wanted to cross more than one and give it the proper pitch required by plumbing code, you would exceed the framing code. 2 x 10 joists you could cross a few at most. Code does allow for notching at " Notch max 1/6 depth only on the outer third of joist, no notching in the middle third". Given a now standard 2 x 10 joist, a three inch notch is 1/3 of the joist. Now sit the tile floor and tub and toilet and on top and then fill them with water. What do ya suppose might happen? I dont know what you do for a living cheech, but I'm the guy that hasta fix alot of these problems because guys just dont care to do things the right way. It's why framers hate plumbers. So many just hack **** up and dont care if they fail because it's the framer that hasta fix it in the end. And in the long run, the framer has to lose the money on the change and labor. The plumber gets paid usually anyway. Yeah, it's a forever sore spot for me.
  14. First clip ; Sorry, but nobody does that like Neil and Crazy Horse. That version is nowhere near crunchy enough. Gets a "meh" from me. Second clip ; Now I know why I never cared about Roxy Music or even really knew who Brian Ferry was other than one sister raving about him a hundred years ago. That song sucks, and the fiddle work did not impress me much. But, seriously, "the Godfather of rock and roll" ????? You just made that up right? Nobody is actually stupid enough to call that guy, by that nickname. Right? Cause I never heard such blasphemy before. And it hurts my eyes to read it, so I hope to never see it again.
  15. It's a wonder to me that anyone actually cares about the NBA at all.