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  1. Please post pics of your new plugs to trade
  2. Looking for NIP old stock Stan Gibbs lures in the type of packaging shown in these pics.
  3. I have new plugs to trade
  4. YDOD! Nice pick up
  5. I greatly appreciate the effort you put into this. Unfortunately I only collect Gibbs in this specific packaging. Thanks so much for the offers
  6. Do you have any that are new and in the package? That is what I am looking for mainly
  7. Would love to see whatever you have please
  8. Apologies for not responding to some offers. Haven't been on in quite some time. Still searching and welcome all offers. If I don't respond to an offer please give me a poke by PM.
  9. I haven't been on for a very long time, but may be interested. May I see pics? Thanks Bobtack- Those are beautiful, and thanks for the offer. I will pass, but I might be interested in less common SGs if you have some. Stan Gibbs did not make 3oz. darters out of his shop... they came much later.
  10. If you find any Buzzards Bay lures let me know. Must be new in package and never opened for my collection. Thanks
  11. Whatta ya want for a buck and a quarter?
  12. Wo0T!! It's T0g $eAS0N!
  13. Would you have any Gibbs in the "Cast-a-Lure" packages? The ones with the seagull and beach scene on the card. I collect Gibbs in this specific packaging. Thanks
  14. I can do $45 shipped.