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  1. The pencils were NOT represented as Fixters. Thinking they might be I grabbed the 2 natural ones... no big deal as the price was reasonable. Thanks guys.
  2. I'm not selling... I posted the info the seller listed along with pics hoping someone will know if these are legit Fixters.
  4. Thanks Sudsy- My thoughts exactly! It was fumigated by a melting rubber worm. I have made progress using Goo Gone citrus cleaner and tooth brush. GG has to dwell for several minutes and be dabbed off after gentle scrubbing as water won't touch it. Slow going but I'll get there.
  5. Roy- I'll take the pencil and white swimmer please. I'll PM my address.
  6. Plug is in very nice shape other than the black crud all over it. It's weird stuff. Some scrapes off with a fingernail. Some just smudges and is sticky. Some has sand stuck in it. Ideas: the factory clear has broken down, or someone put something on it that reacted with the clear coat/paint. Tried these with a toothbrush: Warm water with dish detergent and vinegar. Windex. Goo Gone citrus cleaner. Citrus furniture cleaner/polish. Mineral spirits. WD40. The furniture polish seemed to be the only one that touched it. The surface got slippery but as soon as I put a paper towel to it the pt stuck to it. Before I resort to solvents I'm hoping someone can offer some ideas. Thanks in advance, W
  7. Fat ass and sloped nose scream pencil popper.
  8. I have both already. Thanks for the offer.
  9. Any interest in a bunker conrad. Unfished
  10. I could do $35 shipped for those based on current prices. Mints like the one in my pic are running $20-25. *I would also be interested in a trade if that would work for you.
  11. Repainted and rewired Habs. Cut off the rear hook behind the bucktail to make it a flag. Fish it
  12. Friendly suggestion- Break it down into lots of the same type of items, and put them in the proper forums. Good luck
  13. Thanks Capesams. I've chosen the bagged, 35 Old Plymouth Rd. baits because they remind me of my childhood. While on sailing vacations I spent a lot of time in shops on the Cape, Vineyard, and Nantucket drooling over the Gibbs plugs... the type my granddad had used on the Cape in the early sixties. I never knew him, he died when I was 2, but he left behind 2 red boxes that I found in the attic when I was about 5. Those old Gibbs are special to me, and the bags allow me to see them at a glance, and think fond memories..