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  1. I don't see any sheepshead there. Look like sea trout Herb
  2. Thanks Ted, Herb (HL)
  3. 5, I'm struggling to understand how your remedy is going to work. You say the blank is cracked above the ferrule. That will be the female side of the ferrule. Are you saying that you will cut off 1.5" off the female side of the ferrule? If that is so - the penetration of the male into the female will be drastically decreased. There will be very little change in the rod's flex profile - but the ferrule will be very unstable and will probably fail. Herb
  4. Hey Dick, The road is tough -but so are you. A Cape Cod guide friend took this picture of a White Shark just off a Monomoy beach. Lots pf them now. "Gots"to be careful . My son says if you are in the water above your ankles you are part of the food chain. Herb
  5. Hey Ted, I haven't used a Cortland line in many years. For my sinkers I use, the now discontinued, SA Streamer Express. Shoots like an intermediate and no "chuck and duck". How are you doing?? Herb
  6. I always cut them off and use 8-10 turn nail knot - if line has proper core to handle nail knots. Sinkers generally do not. Herb
  7. Hey Mr. T Thanks Herb
  8. Bug... O.K. Too bad - I thought I could help you out - I have a GLoomis 9'0" 2pc, #10 in GLX. "THE" striper rod back in the day. Herb
  9. Bug... I sent you a PM asking age of rod and line weight. Herb
  10. Mike, With all this talk about TH rods - I took my 12'0" APS #9 out and gave it an airing which it hasn't had in 4 years. I used a RIO OB #14 (600gr) and it did very well. Had to learn how to stop a TH'er at end of swing. You actually have to flip the tip backwards a bit to get a very tight loop. Herb
  11. Alba... The "washers" between the knurled locking "nuts" are very important for torquing the reel onto the seat. Without the washers the nuts will bind. Herb
  12. I'm bumping this to the top so a new reader/friend can read it. Herb
  13. Otis You seemed to be MIA. If your'e back and want an 11wt - I will renew my offer. Herb
  14. Dean, I replied from my phone - but it didn't hit. You have it. I will send you a PM. Herb
  15. Good one Brian. Maybe good idea to start de-barbing your hooks. Hey - we never did hook-up on the cape to fish. Herb