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  1. My fav flies for stripers are Gurglers and always use Fluro. Yes - it sinks faster than mono. But mono also sinks. I use 20# for #7 to #11 lines. Tries 30# but too thick and heavy. 20# turns over very well. My tippet is 2-3' #20. Herb
  2. I use 20# fluro. Depending on manufacturer - 0.014 - 0,015" The seaguar gold fluro is 014 but seems thinner. Herb
  3. My first ever worm hatch Bass while wading - Rhode Island. So I can no longer complain to wife that tere are no big fish in RI. Herb
  4. Thanks Flyangler Herb
  5. Mad, I'll check. I do have a bunch of 10/11wts - some new that I don't like. Herb
  6. Carrot I would use the REC s/f runners. REC Recoil tip top and REC Cerecoil ceramics. Herb
  7. ZA is right. All unfinished blanks have to offer is more weight. Herb
  8. Carrot, First what brand of snakes are you going to use? Ceramic Stripper #20, then Ceramic #16, then Ceramic #12, then snake or single foot #6, then #5 - then five #4 - May need another #4 depending on flex test results. Note - I know that 3 ceramics seem overkill. But my latest builds have 3 ceramics. Then tip top. Would recommend that you use REC Recoil for lightness. If you go with REC - use the single foot guides over the snakes. IMO the REC snakes set up a sympaticic vibration that affects casting distance. Snakebrand snakes are better - but heavier - which you do not want on a fiberglass rod. Herb
  9. Cary, So - in R.I now. Casted my custom CTS model for a 10-11wt line. I first use a 8' + 20" tippet furled leader made 20# mono tippet Then a 9' leader of 80# - 40# - 15" 20# tippet . Neither casted better or worse. Note: 20# mono quadrupled will produce an 80# butt section - then a 40# section - then tippet. So maybe the same dynamics. Herb
  10. Jon, I assume that I am looking at the butt/leader connection. Nail knot?? Herb
  11. Puppet Just use less material. I don't use much artificial material. Mostly bucktail and Yak. You may have noticed that after flys are beat-up a bit they still catch fish - maybe better. Herb
  12. Reelem... Cary says 0.01 thinner on the butt than the fly line. Herb
  13. They should be sparse enough to read a newspaper through it. Herb
  14. I like te running line on the newest itereration . I have them all. Herb
  15. Baldwin, Nice flies! Herb