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  1. Phil, O.K. - The Boga is yours. I'll PM payment details Herb
  2. Sorry, $70 shipped Herb
  3. F/S #315 Boga Grip in like new condition. This thread previously on Kayak/Boat site. The #130 was sold there. So only one available is the smaller 315. Herb
  4. This thread is closed and will be re-opened in the General BST.
  5. Hi B... You bought the #130 PM on way Herb
  6. F/S A #130 Boga and a #315 Boga. In "like-new" condition. Rarely used - mostly stayed home in my closet. $70 each shipped. $125 for both shipped. Herb
  7. I have both #10 and #11 new in box Wulff Bermuda Triangle Floaters. $60 each shipped - $100 for both shipped Herb
  8. I use neoprene "O" rings on y rods. Get one that you have to stretch over the fighting butt. It stays there permantely. Install the reel forward of the ring. Then just hook the fly over the "O" ring and tension the line. Herb
  9. Mike I have a few Airflo TH #11-12 Beach lines left. One is open with leader attached - 2 are new-in-box. I'll mail to your Cape rental house if you want. Or bring them with me in May and figure out how to get them to you. I can always leave them at the Preserve office house for you. BTW - did you ever build that #9 custom X-Fast blank? Herb
  10. SMS You are correct - it's a personal thing- I have lots of 8'6", 11', 12', 14' rods. Fish only the 8'9" (infrequently) and 9'0" mostly. Herb
  11. Cpalms, To put my post in the proper perspective: I am the U.S Distributor of CTS blanks and the NE guide, knowing that CTS will build a custom blank, contacted me to consider the option of a 7'8" - 8'0" blank for his personal use. I have no idea if he is or he is not sponsored by a rod company. I did not encourage him towards a "short" rod - nor did other fellow guides and friends. Herb
  12. Cpalms Yes - less impact on the body. It's like high gear on a bike - easier but you don't go far. Herb
  13. No first-hand experience with that rod - but I've experimented quite a bit with sub-9" CTS blanks - the shortest I enjoyed is 8'9". You can actually feel the difference losing that 3". At 8'6" you begin to have to use faster casting strokes that is tiring if at it all day. Also - had a lot of conversations with guides in the N.E. who have come to the same conclusion. Yes - 8'0" is a good fish fighting tool - good for the occasional cast - but not fun to cast all day. Herb
  14. Dean, You have the 30#. Will close post herb
  15. Hi all. Really trying to clean out my cabinet: I have one case of 6 X 100 Yd, 30# White Dacron backing - and - one case of 6 X 100 Yd, 20# Yellow Dacron backing. I use the 20# inside and blind splice the 30# for the first 100yds that will come off the spool. Or just blind splice the 30 together or the 20 together to get longer lengths of same wt.. $30 per case. $50 for both All in original blister packs. Shipped. Herb