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  1. The male ferrule on the butt has a good chance of breaking if you are fishing with a loose ferrule fitting. Herb
  2. Snook, The reason I bought the KR basket is because, at 83, my balance is not what it used to be. I wanted a basket that will not offer ANY resistance to me getting back up from a stumble. many years ago I also owned a mesh basket that did result in snarled lines. That is not the case with the KR. As shipped with the inserts it keeps the line organized. You probably remember, I made some modifications to the basket: I modified the spikes by cutting them in half and Aquasealing the tips in the base of the line tender. I cut the "horns" off the base of the line tender and instead of laying them inside the basket - I mounted them underneath the basket and l]hold them in place with thin shockcord - with the spikes extending up through the mesh. All this is in my original thread. What may not be there is that I made the basket able to hold its shape better by "sewing" a stiffener into the front of the basket and a stiffener into the pocket at your belly. I am in RI now for 5 months and that it the only basket I have with me. My 3 LineKurv's are home in FL. The LineKurv is my 2'nd fav basket. If you don't have the stomach for all my modifications - I would still get it. Herb
  3. It's called a "Tip". RIO, OPST and SA sells them. Think they start a 5' and go to 15'. Or you can get a short roll of T14 down to T8. Inches per second and cut to your specs. Yes - hinging. I much prefer to change spools to use a full sink line Herb
  4. Sporto is probably not using backing on reel. Just flyline. Common mistake with new fly fisher. Herb
  5. Hey Kirona, Yeah - leaving FL on Thursday for Wakefield. First time fishing RI during the Northern Migration and cinder worm hatch. Hope I like it as much as the Cape. I'll PM you my cell # and email. Maybe we can fish together. Herb
  6. Fly By Night, The definitive blank for what you are describing is the CTS VaporTrail - 12'0", 2 piece, 3-6 Oz. Regards, Herb
  7. DK about this year. But I've been going to Ptown area for 20 yrs. Mid-May-Mid June always the best. Late June - not so. Sept terrible. Herb
  8. Hey numbskull - you must be old'ern me. Or at least as old. I haven't seen that hand grip in 25 years. I took casting lessons from Jack Montague who was with GLoomis at the time. He kept repositioning my casting hand from thumb on top to your grip. he wanted me to center the rod grip in the webbing between my thumb and forefinger - like shown. I never could get the hang of it - kept falling back to thumb on top - still do now. But even now, I do try his/your grip. Jack didn't do the "pivot" thing though. I don't understand why one would do that - except to facilitate drifting. A caster can drift other ways. I think I'd be afraid I would lose the grip on the rod and fling it somewhere. So, where did you learn that grip/style? Herb PS - I also took casting lessons from George Roberts much later. he found fault with me lifting my thumb off the grip between forward and back casts. He would go apoplectic at your style.
  9. I don't understand the "pivot" thing. Herb
  10. Belmo, I agree with you. But I fell for the same thing twice - and it was VERY expensive. I didn't ask "How Much" before I commissioned it. Herb
  11. Bill, I wouldn't say that this is a modified Ritz - it is an inverted RItz. A Ritz has a wider top than bottom. i,e, it tapers from wide at top to narrower at bottom. My favorite is a modified Ritz - I put a prominent flare at top and bottom. See photo of Chico Fernandez with one of my builds.
  12. Billy, I hope you are doing well. I can see from the picture that your grip is nicely textured. I am sure if it were not - and wet from saltwater and slime, it would be slippery. Another factor is that you are using a two-hand grip - or at least one hand and the butt tucked under your armpit. Single hand fly rod dynamics are different. One hand all the way. And to get a good cast the grip must be squeezed hard at the end of the forward cast. So a slippery and unfriendly grips are hard on the caster - this one at least. Regards, Herb
  13. Stormy, No - not normal. It sounds as though the legs have a leak and it's running down into your booties. When dry - turn the waders inside out and spray one side with alcohol. After a short time, the pinholes will show up as dark spots. You can repair the holes by just smearing some Aquaseal on the holes. Or - you can patch them with factory fabric and Aquaseal. Do same on other side. Herb
  14. Hi all, For those thinking of building a flyrod with CF grips - think hard before you take the plunge. Years ago I used to trade CTS blanks for CF grips and fighting butts. These were the smooth glossy grips. before I installed them on my blanks - I tested them wet with tap water. They got even more "grippy" when wet. So, I installed them on 3 fly rods - until I used them in salt water. They became impossibly slippery. They were also hard on the hand - because they are so hard. I ground them off and replaced with cork. Fast forward about 8 years - an acquaintance has been building heavily textured CF grips. I ordered a custom set (grip and fighting butt) to my specs: 6 3/4" long with specified diameters at each inch of length. Fighting butt 1 5/8" long with EVA cap. It was very "grippy" in both fresh and salt water. I installed the set on a new #10 CTS Affinity-M. First day testing it on my beach - a blister popped-up at the base of my index finger in 20 minutes. O.K. - no problem - I'll use a casting glove. next time out my thumb was an issue - and the rod felt "clubby" and just uncomfortable somehow. Yesterday - I spent 1.5 hrs. grinding through the CF skin and foam - careful not to damage the blank. I installed cork in place of the CF. Today I will turn it on my lathe - and breath easier. BTW - the cost was exorbitant - due to it being custom. Herb
  15. Peter, I have been fishing with Tony Biski for past 18 years. Runs a very good 23' Jones Bros. out of Harwich Port. 508 241 8669 Tony@c4.net Herb