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  1. Mark, I also took a couple of lessons from George when he lived in MA - has to be 18 years ago. He was a student of Joan Wulff.. He used to summer there and winter in the islands. I have his book - Master The Cast as well as a video. - if I can even find it. Do you know where he is now? Herb
  2. I just "bumped" a hauling discussion to the top of Fly Fishing that took place in 2010 amoung some very good casters - very technical but worth a read. Herb
  3. No - just keep your line-hand glued to your reel until rod tip passes vertical. Are you sure you're not hauling too early on forward cast also? Are you drifting forward instead of back at end of backcast? Herb
  4. Ftyer It could be something as simple as a tendon "popping" over your scapular. Best to see a chiropractor of physical therapist or orthopedist who will send you to their physical therapist. There will be exercises and adjustments - depending on who you see. But attend to it. herb
  5. Hands down the Wulff Bermuda Triangle SHORT Floater. Herb
  6. Nice story to read during these times. Thanks Herb
  7. This is great - never thought about using tape. Probably a little better tan rubber gloves. Herb
  8. Horsefly Googled it - looks interesting. Looks like good for reels also. Thanks Herb
  9. Paraffin will work to keep your sections from locking-up. But also keep your sections from coming un-done. You must use caution however - wax will accumulate grit that will grind the mating ferrule surfaces and cause a problem. Herb
  10. No comment! Herb
  11. DO NOT use WD40. It is NOT a lube. It is as it's name states - a "W"ater "D"ispersant Use the "grippies" or wife's dishwasher gloves. And grip as close to the ferrules as you can. Twisting at any distance from the ferrule area will shatter the blank. Keep at it with the "grippies". Sometimes it takes a little while to separate. You can try heat on the female ferrule - not ice. You want the female to expand - not contract. The carbon can take a bit of heat - the paint will not. Go slow. Herb
  12. What he says. Herb
  13. I use an appropriate sized (expanded to "roll" over the fighing butt) neoprene "O" ring slid onto the reel seat via the back end. I put it in front of the reel. Herb