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  1. Feeding on crabs when they "flash". Herb
  2. https://linekurv.dk/en/ Herb
  3. Derri, The 10 footer was in a separate tube. Did you get that also? Herb
  4. Linekurv. But get the new one that is made from unbreakable material - also - get the upgraded elastic belt. You will probably have to buy direct from Denmark - local stores don't carry the new belt - but not a problem at all. Just about the same price. I wouldn't buy from store that may have old stock basket that may break like your old one did Herb
  5. CTS makes the 7'6", #3 glass blank - or - rod in either 3 or 4 pieces. Herb U.S.Distributor CTS Rod Blanks
  6. I have had an Oriis line break cleanly when stretching prior to fishing. But you probably didn't have that much tension on the line. Also - it would't have broken in 2 places. Other than human intervention - I have no idea. Herb
  7. The CTS 7'6" #3 in glass is very sweet. They do build rods now - but fun to do it yourself. I'd mentor if needed. Herb
  8. Hey - Thank you very much for the kind words. 5-6 years ago I donated a new 8'6" Affinity-X, #10 to CFR. It was won at auction by a gal (Dee) who happens to be a guide. She lives in N.J. and Sanibel, FL. It's through her that I am donating the other rods Herb
  9. https://www.axios.com/newsletters/axios-science-87daaff2-ddde-415f-a73f-96f347decd1d.html?chunk=0#story0 Herb
  10. O.K. guys and gals - it looks as though this has run its course. I am ending the sale now. The balance of rods unsold (8) will be donated to "Casting for Recovery" to be sold at auction for the benefit of that organization. Thanks for participating. Regards, Herb
  11. Tommy That is the consensus - but of course that is subjective. But it loads very easily and is easy and fun to cast. It has been described as a little powerhouse. And it can sling some line. Herb
  12. Tommy, You have the 8'6" custom FO #8. Herb
  13. Rods that are spoken for: #3 - #4 - #5 - #7 - #8 - #9 - #14 - #15 - #16 - #18 - #19 - #20 Thank you all, Herb
  14. Ted, You and another customer are the only two people I know who rub the thread with the last haul. He has actually lost guides. I re-built the rod twice. You guys must throw a wicked fast line. The Affinity-X is a very fast rod - but the FSA is more powerful. I started playing with that custom model when I wanted to develop my trout blank business. So I had CTS build me 3 stock blanks - Affinity-X in a #4 and an Affinity-MX in a #5 and an Affinity-M in a #5. I also had them build me 2 custom blanks - one of them was the FSA in a #5. When I wiggled it I knew it was not a trout blank. It stayed in my rack until I decided to compare the flex-test vs the #6 Affinity-X. It was not as fast - but it was more powerful. I built it and ultimately gave it to a buddy who fishes it for SMB with a #7 line. So I had CTS build me a #6, #7, #8 and a #9. The #9 is my favorite on the cape with a #11 Wulff bermuda Tri SHORT floater. The #8 is a close second with a Wulff #10. I can go up to a #12 with the #9 and a #11 with the #8 if I chose. They do not have a design for a #10 - so I am paying them $170 U.S. dollars (plus the cost of the blank) to design the #10 for me to use with the #12 Wulff Keep well, Herb