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  1. Hi all, Received as gift. Yucca color. Brand new - never used - I use and like my Sagebrush Dry Goods waterproof pack. $175 shipped - list price $250. Would appreciate Friends and Family if Pay Pal. Zelle or Venmo O.K. Thanks for looking Herb
  2. Hi all This rod has never seen the water. Just lawn casted. I built it in 2021. It's built on a CTS Affinity-M 9'0" 4 piece blank. It's the most moderate fly blank built by CTS. CTS does not build blanks of different qualities- only different actions. This is same price as a #10 Affinity-X and MX and FSA. Stripper and next two ceramic guides are REC Cerecoils. Runners are REC Recoils. Seat is REC RSLL. Cork grip epoxied to blank one ring at a time and turned on the lathe right on the blank. So,there are no voids under grip. Cork is best available- grip has no filler to fall out over time. $500 shipped. I built just to see what the "M" was about. Not my cup of tea. Thanks for looking. Herb
  3. Mike, What do you think of Ed ward's Mend Straight up and down vs around in circle
  4. I guess it's time to end this offering. Herb
  5. HL

    Sage Igniter 9wt

    Kellie What line(s) for the "X"? Herb
  6. HL

    Sage Igniter 9wt

    Ahhhhh But my initial statement was that the caster had the physical strength to rotate both rods as fast. Herb
  7. HL

    Sage Igniter 9wt

    Perhaps - but I'll bet the properly matched rod/line produced better loops Herb
  8. HL

    Sage Igniter 9wt

    Drew That flat tip is exactly my point Your lever is shortened. Herb
  9. HL

    Sage Igniter 9wt

    Numb. Most fly rods are 9' for a reason. Best combo of line speed and lever length. H
  10. HL

    Sage Igniter 9wt

    numbskull O.K. Let's try it another way. Same caster - same line - leader - fly: Assuming that the caster is physically able to handle a stiff - but castable - 9'0" lever. The FSA vs the Fast / Extra Fast Affinity-X. The "X's" soft tip will flex on the forward cast such that it will reduce the length of the lever vis-a-vis the FSA whose tip will not flex as much. H
  11. HL

    Sage Igniter 9wt

    I agree - that's why I love the FSA blanks. Slower (more moderate) tha the Affinity-X - which is Fast / Extra Fast. But the FSA is more powerful. Herb
  12. HL

    Sage Igniter 9wt

    O.K. - try it this way: Will a stiffer tip be more effective in moving line than a softer tip?? I think you would agree - that it would. That's all I'm saying. Herb
  13. HL

    Sage Igniter 9wt

    Mike's TH rod is definately not parabolic. Mike's challange was to design a blank that had the action of a well designed and balanced single handed blank - and succeeded.. My issue with a fast blank/rod is that when being pushed - the tip collappses and becomes irrelevent during the cast. This was most obvious to me when casting a 400gr full sink ilne with my #10 CTS Affinity-X. I could easily feel that the tip was collapsing and not contributing to the cast. The FSA - on the otherhand - is able to be pushed and the tip remains engaged. Mike, The #10 CTS Affinity-M, while not a production rod - flexes quite deep. IMO - it lacks the "crispness" of the other CTS 10 wts. IMO - if one needs a rod with muscle - and very tight loops - the #9 CTS FSA is arguably the best rod I have ever casted. Herb
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