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  1. Shoe
  2. Nothing wrong with all that. You’re getting to be like baldy.
  3. Nice! And your lady with the pretty smile looks feisty.
  4. Morning All! 60 now with a high of 87. Mostly sunny.
  5. $4.69 today. Dropping like flies. And before the holiday even.
  6. Good stuff right there. Spread em on a cracker.
  7. Happy Happy Birthday!
  8. News
  9. Morning All! 57 now with a high of 84. Mostly sunny.
  10. $2.00 off if you are good looking like me.
  11. Supper in the jimmy#s man cave on this really glorious summer Tuesday. Homemade Shrimp Salad on toasted rolls. The rolls are from the ShopRite bakery in Forest Hill. They are a really good bakery for anything. Fresh most everyday. The doughnuts and bagels are outstanding.
  12. $4.73 this morning. Lowest it’s been in almost three months in this area. Woe is me.
  13. Well buy your gas somewhere else then lol.
  14. Birds beat Seattle last night in Seattle 9-2. birds play Seattle again today. Game time 10:10pm. Kremer to start. Don’t look now but the Orioles are not close to being the worst team in baseball this year. Yes they are in last place in the AL East. Yes they are still the rebuilding Orioles. Yes very good starting pitching from any team stills seems to silence the bats to some degree. With last nights win they are going to have their first winning month, June, since 2017. The O’s are 7-3 in their last ten starts. The bullpen is much stronger than anyone thought at the start of the season. The march to 100: 40 (don’t think the are going to make it this year lol unless the second half of the season goes completely to ****. )
  15. GAME ON BIOTCHES!! Now let’s see if they can manage to not lose over a 100 games this season lol. Time for some top rated prospects to hit the majors. AR should be catching soon I hope. Top rated in all of baseball.
  16. We have a 2016 Fit. Nice little car. Bought it for my wife. No issues yet. Excellent gas mileage. Not sure why they have been discontinued. Interested to see what they replace it with if anything.
  17. Deer or racoon. Plenty around here.
  18. Man
  19. Morning All! 56 now with a high of 78. Mostly sunny.
  20. Nice