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  1. Breakfast, Tuesday 5/24. Circle of life by Gustave Vigeland. Outstanding outdoor park in Oslo. The park contains three different circle of life sculpture series. From birth to old age to death. The Monolith is attached. Known world wide and one of the must see attractions Oslo.
  2. Power
  3. Formal night last night was a complete success. I’d say regarding the men, about half wore tuxedos and the other half dark suits with ties. There were also a few guy’s wearing Kilts. Yes apparently that is a thing on formal nights. Don’t know why. All the ladies were dressed to the max and the bling they were wearing was amazing. Pretentious ruled the night for sure. Today we spend the day in Oslo then depart for Kristiansand early this evening.
  4. Dinner, Monday 5/23.
  5. Hendricks & Tonic, Port, Cosmopolitan, Kit Royale, Long Island Ice Tea , Vouvray (white wine for you heathens…….night is young……
  6. Wrong thread
  7. Yeh I don’t mind what is being talked about I’m just going to babble on regardless lol. I’m good at that.
  8. Hey jasy get this…….when you go to the buffet here and you pick out what you want and after server puts it on your plate another server carries your plate to your table for you and then pulls out your chair to help you get seated. Pretentious times 10 and I am loving every single minute of it Baby!
  9. JLunch 5/23. La Terrazza Restaurant Buffet or they will make a pizza for you. I chose the buffet. We are just now docking in Oslo. Out and about this afternoon.
  10. The march to 100: 25
  11. Patrol
  12. Monday 5/23 breakfast Was a buffet but the staff served you. A staff person also carried your plate to the table. I could get used to this. (Pretentious statement)