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  1. Dance
  2. Cigna insurance express scripts. Where we get ours. Pretty sure from Canada.
  3. Little
  4. Nice! Needs sausage though.
  5. Rascal
  6. Trap
  7. Saw some here as well. First really hot and humid night we’ve had.
  8. Morning All! 68 now with a high of 87. Sun then clouds with possible thunderstorms.
  9. Said the chicken little guy lol.
  10. Looks really nice. Way too much work for this old body.
  11. Morning All! 58 now with a high of 89. Mostly sunny.
  12. A simple mans dinner at the jimmy#s man cave cause I don’t give a chit about what is going on in the world. Yes ketchup with my eggs. You don’t like it....as Red would say *************.