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  1. Just curious.....any idea as to when any of the vaccines will be fully regulated and not emergency use only? I’ve seen no timeline myself.
  2. Congratulations!
  3. cough
  4. Fair to middling
  5. It will never happen been going to OC for sixty years. This debate has been going on for at least 20-30 years that I’m aware of. OC tries to promote itself as a family vacation destination like forever. Won’t ever be free bobbies on those beaches lol. Besides not many swimsuit like models in OC.
  6. Peace
  7. Yep first place team versus the last place team lol. The Birds are just one game under 500 so it would be nice for them to get there. Looking forward to catching some of the games on TV.
  8. Don’t think Cam is worth a couple of third rounders at this point. He wouldn’t be starting if they had anyone else.
  9. Intermittent
  10. Man that does look good!
  11. Both my knees are fake. Good luck with your left knee. That is one honking knee lol.
  12. Over
  13. Morning All! 45 now with a high of 65. Intermittent clouds then showers.
  14. Huey