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  1. Thank you
  2. Dusk Till Dawn.....the opening monolog of that movie is on of the best of all time!!
  3. Any vaping device. Just go back to cigs please.
  4. Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise...well except for the nudie action.
  5. Good luck with Gordon. Let's hope he is not high when he gets in town LOL. Cheater coach got to be desperate.
  6. Wow cheater fan. I don't think any such things but hey you do root for the Cheaters so there is that. And to use one of your own lines show me where I ever said any of that LOL.
  7. Thankyou! I now have your permission.
  8. Interesting project. Keep the updates coming.
  9. Don't know what that is. I have gone to PA's before. Prefer the MD's though.
  10. They lost big time but hey so did the Cheaters and Sqeelers by the way so life is pretty good on this Monday morning. I've never promoted the birds here as they have been out of the playoffs for what three years now but hey their still my team. The Thugs got Denver at home this Sunday and so far they are 5.5 point favorites but we will see. The safety play of the Thugs has been poor at best. The run game has been missing as well but given the catch up they tried to do last week I'll wait to see against Denver. The Cheaters travel to Detroit and they should not even need to cheat to win that one as Detroit is really sucking with the ex Cheater coach. Pissburg travels to Tampa which has been surprising to me so far. Pissturd would have won that game yesterday if they had a decent kicker. The Cheaters lost.....remember that for the rest of the week LOL!!!!
  11. Well 18-1 maybe LOL.
  12. Cheaters lose....badly...should be embarrassed......LOL.
  13. Wow.....bringing cupcakes for everyone in the class was really big when my son was in school. Course that was 20 years ago or so now. It was like he was getting fed at least once a week LOL.
  14. Bring your weed please. Leave the Bud Light at home.