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  1. Good thoughts for your wife.
  2. Yep in both cases. Another pretentious European river cruise coming up end of May. Taking our son and beautiful daughter-in-law. Would like to lose about 10 pounds. Lots of time left so no need to go overboard with any diet.
  3. My “brunch” on this fine Tuesday morning. Also had a really good exercise walk. Best time per mile yet.
  4. Navy
  5. Morning All! 28 now with a high of 63. Sunny
  6. Two seasons on Paramount+. Dark crime comedy. Both season very very good. Excellent casting of all the characters. Lots of twists and turns.
  7. Interesting. So you fast every other day? Ingredients look good by the way.
  8. Two teams in the Sweet 16. Lucky is as Lucky does lol.
  9. Stand
  10. Morning All! 21 now with a high of 51. Sunny
  11. Opening day 12 days out. In Boston. Can’t wait. Spring training is going good so far. No major injuries to date.
  12. The final product looks good. Nice!