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  1. Some good summer time eating right there.
  2. Super good!
  3. Looks a little like poison ivy. Three leaf pattern?
  4. Had right shoulder rotator cuff repair on August 9th. Not even two weeks out yet. Cuff was 50-60 percent torn and the biceps tendon needed work as well. Was one painful SOB for 3-4 days. Got off the oxy after 5-6 days. Could have been sooner but sleeping is a biotch. The surgeon said all rehab will be done at home. No need for official PT. Already doing exercises 3x a day out of the sling of course. Nothing more than letting the arm dangle straight down and raising the hand up the meet the shoulder. I see the surgeon next Wednesday for next steps.
  5. Morning all! 93/72. Gonna be a hot next few days here.
  6. Tired
  7. Congrats!
  8. For this Moran....that is pork belly? Looks really good.
  9. A nice way to start the day. Thanks
  10. games
  11. skill
  12. pot