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  1. Yes, in Venice . Venice jetty at night is awesome. I see you are still stomping the jersey coastline .
  2. Hello Everyone, I still see some guys on here from about 7 -10 years ago . Been awhile, pretty much gave up on the Ssalt here in NJ , Sold Boat the whole bit. Just been fishing down florida where my father lives.
  3. Your money would be better spent flying to Florida for black finish ,giant albies and tarpon. You can even chum up baby sailfish at the right times.
  4. Speak from experience, you have to spend lots of $$$$ to successfully go after tuna. Read Tom's book .I targeted tuna from my boat and had some good shots . Once in Chatham we were chasing 400lb Tunas and its not doable on the fly .
  5. Sold pending payment
  6. Thanks, pm me with address.
  7. Big game poppin heads pre-finished heads, and Cam siglers foam heads Packaged deal together - $23 plus $3.50 shipping Rainys - 14 big poppin heads Cam sigler 8 foam heads
  8. Like the topic title says , both are 8/0 Gammy- quantity 4 hooks Tiemco- quantity 4 hooks Selling them as a packaged deal for $10.00 plus $2.50 for shipping
  9. I have 5 new spirit river fly hook 20 compartment boxes. set of 5 - $17.50 plus $8.50 shipping I need to sell all 5 at once because of shipping and paypal charges, it wouldn't be worth it since I am selling them $3.50 ea.
  10. sold pending payment
  11. Just read this. I am home now , pm me
  12. I live in Clementon, Nj . I can meet with in reason.
  13. Not for sale anymore
  14. Offer excepted pending payment.