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  1. I am sure you can easily sell it .
  2. I need to p date , I found one . Thanks to everybody.
  3. No thanks , I am holding out for the sage bass 2 or the loomis short stix.
  4. That's the s.croix one correct ? How much are you looking to get for it ?
  5. Yep, I lost on that one. I was the first response 5 min after then it was sold . It was done privately thru p.ms . Ohwell, atleast on here we have rules.
  6. Looking for these stix as well as the loomis short stix 7/8 Thanks
  7. Still looking for this bad boy , I could really use it for a few adventures I am doing . Thanks
  8. I have plenty
  9. Bump
  10. Still looking if anyone has one. Thanks
  11. Paul, Can you do $350 for all ?
  12. Excellent ! I am sold on the rod . WHat size lines are the Airflos?
  13. Ok, These are the bass pro shops rods !
  14. Can you send a link , I'll check em out