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  1. Looks like in the pic there a a few scratches , how is the guides and cork ?lets make a deal !
  2. I'll take the Butter cream tails for asking price
  3. Still for sale ?
  4. Is the 9wt Salt still available?
  5. Can you post a picture
  6. Wow, I need to get there !
  7. Sorry but no, I had sold the boat years ago.... this is for future charters possibly.
  8. I agree with the tuna , I myself had plenty of shots but they wouldn't eat in November.....lol
  9. Thanks, when I ran my own boat I've never experienced that. I was always form with times , my boat always left in the dark a.m .... I could see that am issue though . That's why you need to establish a good partner .
  10. Definitely.
  11. Dirty now....lol
  12. Exactly right Capt! I only take out what I need then put everything back....lol
  13. Sure, When: anytime in November , preferred during the week but I can do weekends too . We would have to place a deposit. Where : NJ out of manasquan Species: Stripers and possible chances at Inshore Bluefin. Cost : $650 for the day split with 2 or 3 fly anglers .
  14. If anyone is interested in a fly only boat trip with shorecatch , please let me know . We can split the fees etc...
  15. This was a long time coming.