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  1. +1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a pic that you and she will value forever !
  2. I drove by this morning; some new signs up since the last time i was there. Looks like they reduced some parking spots on the right hand side ( land ) by making it no parking, but in the wider area on the right nearer the entrance, they are indicating diagonal parking only. You can still park the whole distance on the water side . I assume this plan was to achieve better traffic flow . If you are parking facing the water, in most cases, you will now be able to back up without having a row of parked cars behind you. The big boulders in the middle of the road are still there, but I assume that's to keep the incoming traffic on the right coming in, and the outgoing traffic on the right going out. Seems like a net reduction in overall potential parking spaces, but maybe a better traffic flow.
  3. I was there this morning, and there were a few guys that seemed to be checking out the area in yellow . I couldn't tell if they were DEM or not....
  4. I don't think it's considered spotburning if you are talking about a good place to have sex, but we may need a technical ruling on this....
  5. Sorry guys, I've been a lazy ass this year so far. I saw the osprey at Silver Spring some time last week and didn't post the notification. It may have been the 23/24 , so pretty close to last year. There's also one at the next nest site up the road ( N ) on route 1. I'm always amazed that they all seem to show within a few days of each other, so I'm not sure if they all migrate together, or go solo. I don't think I've ever heard about anyone seeing a giant flock of osprey flying north, but maybe they do....
  6. Always interesting to experiment and modify the recipe to " make it your own " , but in this case, I think you would be more than satisfied if you try the "original " recipe . It's very simple, with less steps, and I guarantee it will be one of your family favorites once you try it. Just about foolproof, too, with the exception of cooking time. If you don't cook it long enough, it won't be fall apart tender .
  7. Wouldn't be the first guy to put on a new lure and forget to take the plastic hook protectors off ! Talk about feeling stupid when you finally find out....
  8. Wouldn't be the first guy to put on a new lure and forget to take the plastic hook protectors off ! Talk about feeling stupid when you finally find out....
  9. Smooth or extra crunchy ?
  10. yellowtail flounder bluefin tuna swordfish
  11. You guys are making me hungry ! Going back to the OP's original question, I think I have an answer that solves both issues he raised. This is one of my family's favorite recipes, and one you will want to keep coming back to year after year. It's more of a pot roast than a traditional roast beef ( prime rib ) , but it will melt in your mouth and give you the best tasting gravy . Serve with mashed potatoes and you are in business. Get a 3-4 pound back rump roast . Season with salt and pepper. Put in slow cooker with a large can of Cream of Mushroom soup. Cook 7-8 hours , or until very tender. Meat will practically fall apart. It's that simple ! Use the liquid in the pan for gravy - nothing needs to be added. Wife will be happy since it looks well done, and you will be happy because it is moist and flavorful. I also add some butter on mine when I plate it for even more flavor. My Mom used to make it in the oven by using a tent of aluminum foil, but unless the tent is perfect with no leaks, it won't keep the steam and liquid in which is the secret to keeping the meat moist. Slow cooker is much easier, and guarantees gravy will stay in the pan. Try it- you'll like it !
  12. If you dust them in flour, and then deep fry, tastes just like chicken ( chicken of the sea ? ) ...
  13. Took a ride to Quonnie today and it looks like the ramp is done and ready to go ! All the equipment is gone and it looks like you could launch there right now. Not sure if there is any more grading of the parking lot still to go, but nothing is roped off and I didn't see any signs to keep you out.
  14. I thought this was reserved only for " Spot Burners " …..
  15. I went down yesterday and everything was closed up. However, there were traffic cones to channel traffic, and a sign that said " please stay in your car " , so apparently they had changed over to curbside pickup ! Not sure if they were closed because of selling out, or they were asked to close. When I went on Friday, one boat had only culls left . Word must have gotten out that the boats were selling because there was a steady stream of cars pulling in. Anybody know what they are charging for 1 1/2 or 2's ?