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  1. For sale is a Minn Kota Riptide saltwater series RT40/S electric trolling motor with 40 lbs of thrust, 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds. It is a transom mount with tiller steering. It has battery clips as well as terminals ( ? ) , in case your boat has a prewired junction box. It runs on a 12 V battery. This motor was bought new by me some time back to use on my Duckboat, when I had the bright idea to convert the duckboat to a bassboat so I could use it during the summer. I never figured out how to easily install bass boat seats, and the project never went any further. As a result, the motor was never used and is brand new. The duckboat was sold last year, so I have no ongoing need for the motor. This is a heavy duty trolling motor built and wired for saltwater use . We all know what saltwater does to electrical things, and Minn Kota designed this series with special sealing of all wires and controls. I was planning on using it for freshwater, and wanted something heavy duty for long term use. This motor sells for $300 new ; I will sell for $ 190 picked up in RI . It's probably too heavy to ship effectively, but if someone wanted to pay extra for shipping, I suppose it could be done.
  2. Sold to Flatbow . I will pm with info. I am currently on a 1 week vacation in sunny Florida, but will be back next week.
  3. I'm in !
  4. Seeing the post about the pogie pen got me thinking about the best way to keep some eels at the boat dock. I have a slip at a local marina, and know that most guys just use a floating bait bucket to keep eels alive for a short time. I was thinking more about getting something that would hold a lot more eels over an extended period of time. I had bought a wire cage at one of the Bait and Tackle stores, that had vinyl coated mesh, but to my surprise, some of the smaller eels were able to get out though the mesh. In addition, some of the medium size eels would get the tip of their nose through the mesh and the crabs would grab them, and basicly eat them little by little. Not a good solution. Anybody have a better solution ? Steve
  5. Size would be perfect, and mesh size would appear to be OK as well. The wire cage I have now is 1/2 " mesh, so this is 50% smaller mesh. Anyone have expefience using poly mesh for eels ? Would crabs tear through this ?
  6. I'm guessing 6 years since purchase. It's been sitting in the garage ever since, unused. If you add in a couple plugs to your previous offer , (a couple of white or yellow Pencil Poppers or bottle plugs ), I would take your offer. Or 1 Beacmaster junior or Danny. Steve
  7. Thanks , guys ! Looks like the 5 gallon pail with holes drilled in it, and a weight to keep it under water, is the way to go. I'm surprised that someone hasn't produced an eel cage with small mesh to accommodate this need , but I guess it's a specialized usage, and rigging up the 5 gallon bucket will serve the same purpose.
  8. I need to get more than that for the motor; I do have a trade on the table worth much more than that, but I would prefer $ to a trade at this point. I would go for $ 175 picked up . Steve
  9. I'm in ! Thanks,
  10. Up for sale is a new , never used Penn 7500ss . This reel was purchased as a backup, and spooled with 20lb mono. It was never put on a rod or fished, as the backup was never needed ! I'm picking up a new VS, and rotating my other working reel as the new backup. Will sell for $ 95 shipped.
  11. Original buyer did not show up as promised to pick up the reel. Will sell to Huge Dinghy- please pm for pick up info. Steve
  12. Never heard back from Fishpunter; motor is still available, and can be shipped as well. Steve
  13. See 126Andy's pictures in his reply on 3/4 to my post for cart for a Heritage Redfish. He built a PVC scupper hole cart that looks pretty basic and easy to build.
  14. That looks like a retirement package ....
  15. I have trained several labs for hunting , and have used whistle and hand commands. It's really pretty straight forward- best thing would be to get one of the numerous field trial training books that are out there. For whistle, it's one blast to sit, and an extended chirp to come. For hand signals, you stand facing the dog, and do an extended left hand motion if you want him to go left ( right arm for right ). To go back it's an extended arm over the head.
  16. You're supposed to take the plastic covers off ?
  17. Bobber is a smart man ! Went to USPS site, and it would appear I can mail it insured to NJ for about $ 23 . Cheaper than I thought. There was an asterisk saying there may be a surchage because of the length , but I put in the exact dimensions so it may be already included. Total cost delivered would be $ 213. If the surcharge is a few bucks on top of that, I will absorb that. Let me know ; I'm going on vacation on Wed for a week, but could take care of everything Monday or Tuesday if you can get a MO to me . Steve
  18. I was just looking in the basement, and found an empty box that might be perfect for fitting it in. I would have to unscrew the top part ( tiller ) from the shaft, since the tiller and motor normally face opposite each other , and would not fit in the box, but that looks easy enough to do. Looks like there is just 1 screw that tightens the tiller to the shaft. To assemble the motor, it obviously was separate to begin with. Just guessing, I would say $ 25 to $ 30 to ship. If that ballpark is OK, I could bring the measurements of the box and weight to the post office tomorow to get an actual cost. Let me know if this cost is acceptable- I would adjust price up or down to reflect actual cost so you are paying only what it would cost me. Steve
  19. Just got back from running some errands and see that original buyer did pm me and still wants the reel. We are trying to work out the pick up schedule. If for some reason , logistics can't be worked out, reel will go to Huge Dinghy. Thanks for the interest. This is a good reel. Steve
  20. I've not heard back from Debzfault about payment details and pick up; he had indicated he would be driving down today to pick up the reel. If I don't hear from him by noon, I guess I will have to assume he is not following through on the deal. I had sent him my info right afterwards. If someone else is interested at the same deal ( $ 90 shipped, or $80 picked up ) , I will give you next option if Debzfault doesn't follow through. Steve
  21. Happy Birthday ! Now you need to celebtate in style, and get yourself a new rod and reel !
  22. Tom- are you still at QL ? I didn't know they have propane there... Steve
  23. If so, I just listed an unused Minn Kota Riptide RT40/S ( 40 lbs of thrust ) on the BST. Steve
  24. 12 foot would work easily. I was planning on using it for a 14 ' fiberglass duckboat. I would say anywhere between 10- 14 ft would be ideal.
  25. Just listed an unused Minn Kota Riptide 40 lb thrust transom mount electric trolling motor on BST. Perfect for small bass boats or johnboats . Check it out if interested.