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  1. Linesider69 Custom Plugs Thanks,...
  2. I have that exact same rod as well. It's my favorite rod - great for throwing 1-2 oz plugs .
  3. white water outfitters
  4. Agree with Billybob....just had a similar no start condition with my Yamaha last week. Motor wouldn't turn over at all . We tried to jump start, but that didn't work. Called in a mechanic, who quickly diagnosed it as a stuck starter solenoid. Solenoid was getting the signal from the ignition, but it wasn't transmitting it to the starter motor. He jumped the connection, and it started right up. That seemed to free up the solenoid, and it then started up via the key. Took the solenoid back to the shop to see if anything wrong, but nothing found. Reinstalled on engine, and starts normally for now. After he showed me how to do it, I think I could do the same procedure in an emergency without killing myself.
  5. I am listing my Browning Citori 12 ga Superlight Feather over/under shotgun for sale. I am the original owner, and bought this gun with the expectation of doing a lot of upland hunting. I ended up moving for my job, hurt my knee, had surgery on the knee, and the gun has been cased in the closet ever since . It is like new, and has only been used for one upland hunt, and one skeet shoot. I am also including my JW Hulme 33" leather/canvas takedown gun case. I am now retired, and don't expect my old knees to get any better, so my upland hunting days are probably over. The current Firearms price guide values the gun at $ 2000 in very good condition. The case is probably worth $200 , as the JW Hulme website lists the full size cases for $300 ( it appears they don't currently make the shorter takedown case that I have ). I will sell both the gun and the case for $ 1400 for local pickup. This gun is a high end gun designed to be light weight and able to be carried all day in the field. Perfect for pheasant or other upland game. I also have the original Browning box .Pics attached.... Steve [ATTACHMENT=10736][ATTACHMENT=10737][ATTACHMENT=10738][ATTACHMENT=10739][ATTACHMENT=10740][ATTACHMENT=10741]browning 002.JPG (1,175k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT]
  6. Gun is now sold, pending payment ! Thanks SOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yes- this is exactly correct. The chokes do come out so you can have whatever choke you want in either barrel. If anyone else is seriously interested, please make your offer today because I do have an offer ( less than stated price ) on the gun, but have not accepted it yet. As a point of reference, I brought the gun by my local gun store today, and he thought it should be listed at $ 1800, not counting the case, so my price appears to be very reasonable. He did advise me that the gun would need to be shipped to an FFL dealer if an out of state buyer to comply with federal regulations. If you do not need the case, you can make an offer on the gun alone, and I will sell the case separately. I'm flexible ! The original browning box, owners manual, and extra choke would of course accompany the gun. Steve
  8. Thanks for the kind words on the gun....it is much tougher to find land to hunt . " When I was a kid ", we used to see wild pheasant in Rhode Island; not sure this is possible anymore. Thanks also for the tip on getting pics to display within the post - I tried all kinds of things but the right one ! Steve
  9. Bump... no upland hunters out there ? Forgot to mention that the gun has the invector plus choke system, as well as an extra Browning improved cylinder choke. Steve
  10. I know you said a slip was not on the list, but Lockwoods marina on Succotash Rd would rent a slip for a week. He has a few openings- just met a guy this weekend who was doing a one week rental.
  11. just remember that Spyderco makes a ton of different knife models, and you are looking for the H1 for the special salt water corrosion resistance.
  12. I have the Tyrnos 8 single speed, and it has turned out to be my favorite reel for jigging stripers out at Block from the boat. I used to do a lot of wire line trolling, but have switched to light tackle jigging and have been having a lot more fun, although the fish are generally smaller. After a bunch of blues or bass on 300 feet of wire with heavy trolling outfits, catching some 10-20 pound bass on the Tyrnos is a lot easier on the aging body....
  13. I think solid is older...
  14. It's published by the same outfit that produces " The Old Farts Journal " , so you should be able to call them and find out where to locate a copy.
  15. Does she have a sister ?
  16. I have been using the Viking Kadett rubber yacht boot for the last few years and it has been perfect. Very comfortable and relatively lightweight.
  17. I have one and it works as advertised. I keep it in a sheath on my surf bag and most times, i forget to wash it off at the end of the trip. It doesn't rust at all which is amazing !
  18. cutthroat looks sweet....I'm in !
  19. Latest Fisherman issue has an update from VanStaal that the new ceramic bearings have a 15 times greater lifespan. Also mentions that old bearings can be replaced at any authorized service center at no additional cost. Not sure if that means it is free, or that it doesn't cost any more than replacing the old bearings.
  20. I'm in !
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