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  1. I have the same setup, and I have been doing a quick power wash every 2 years, followed by a coat of Olympic Maximum clear Sealant ( after the deck completely dries ) . I think Consumer Reports had rated this product the best deck sealer. The can says it is rated for 3 years protection, but in the real world 2 is more like it. Be real careful on the power wash so as not to gouge the wood. I believe the "green " PT deck wood is all pine . The clear sealer is actually not clear, as it is more a weird orangy/yellow color out of the can . It dries to a cedar looking color, however, which I kinda like on my deck. The deck is going on 19 years old now, and still has plenty of life left.
  2. I never found a glove that worked for me. Seems like all of them reduced the feel of the line on my finger and caused difficulty in casting. Best thing for me was to toughen up the line finger by doing my home landscaping/gardening without gloves . Finger gets calloused enough where braid never really bothered me. If anyone wants to try this method, I have a bunch of gardens that need weeding. No experience required...
  3. That sure is a weird barbecue pit/ chowder cooker... Isn't that chowder pot upside down ?
  4. Better check your math ! I think the season starts in 2 weeks, not next Saturday ! April 14 - second Saturday in April. Or maybe I could be wrong....
  5. This is great news. My favorite pizza is the white clam, and I've been to Pepe's in new haven . Pasquales in South Kingstown used to have it, and it was pretty good, but he took it off the menu last year. No one in the place could tell me why he took it off. Must have been due to a bunch of bad clams ! Haven't been back since.
  6. OK boys, start cleanin' the reels and get ready to fish ! Ospreys are back ! Saw birds on the nest in 3 locations around the Salt ponds today. Not much left of the old nests, so they have some work to do.
  7. Being an optimist, higher water levels will make the rivers much harder to access and fish, so all the fish will not get caught on Sat/Sunday . Means they will be spread out and better fishing the next week than what it would normally be.
  8. Confirmed the osprey sighting at Silver Spring this morning !
  9. If I was a pessimist, I'd be waiting 6 months for the fall run. Anything before then is a good thing !
  10. I'm not a very good fisherman, so it takes me a little longer ....
  11. Man, there goes one of my 3 secret spots.....now, I've got only 2 left. Anyone know if the parking lot at Trustom Pond is open yet ?
  12. Amazing how nature works ! Within a couple days of when they came back last year. The nest took a beating again from windstorms, so they will have a lot of work to do to rebuild. If everything times out similar to last year, it will only be a matter of 3 - 4 months before we will be catching fish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Wow, that guy sure was a googan ! Everyone knows that you need to use at least 4 oz at Wood River to keep the bait in the zone...
  14. I do mine exactly the way you do, except I use 30 or 40 pound fluoro since I fish out of a boat most of the time. I like the swivel, as it gives you something to grab when you are landing the fish .
  15. Right on schedule, the ospreys came back yesterday to the nest at the end of the Salt Pond by Silver Spring Marina. The nest had either fallen apart, or someone had removed all the material, so the pair will have their work cut out to rebuild completely.