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  1. 35 will work, sorry I missed this.
  2. I do not but can weigh it on Monday. I left it in my office
  3. That works Joe, I am taping up the others now and will add the JR and get everything nice and padded.
  4. drop to 70 shipped
  6. Mint, never fished or carried Troublemaker peanut, 40 shipped.
  7. That'll work.
  8. That's a glare but looking it has a few pointers and scratches, dropping to 55 shipped.
  9. Dang I've had it that long I guess lol. Hasn't left the box since then, just been sitting forgotten about. Can we meet at 175?
  10. Both new with the usual BM pointers and dings, 75 shipped for the pair. Not splitting
  11. RV Giant in excellent condition, tossed a few times in freshwater and that’s it. 60 shipped
  12. No weight marked, it’s a “sea slasher”, feels about 3 oz
  13. All yours Joe, PM coming
  14. info sent, thread closed
  15. Thrown a handful of times in freshwater but in like new condition 50 shipped