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  1. I fished my kayak there for years. I often have a ranger tell me its not allowed, but they usually tell me on the way out. I have launched at Ditch, you just need to watch the surf. If you get a pass you can also go from Shagwong park or Gin Beach on the inside. Fort Pond is also good on the inside. Besides the boats the thing you need to watch are the currents. You can be on your way to Block Island before you know it. I hooked a big blue once and got caught in the rip for 20 minutes trying to get out of it. Always double back and make sure you can get back. For Gods sake have a tall flag. I had a buddy get hit by a boat, because he dipped over a wave and the boat didn't see him on the other side of it. He it the back of the yak and shot him off like a seesaw. He was lucky not to get really hurt.
  2. I also like the Coltons. Good reels a reasonable price.
  3. I got and built Blue Halo 7wt fiberglass rod just for the fun of it. I was catching stripers last year in a big blitz with it and a guy in a boat next to me asked if I was caught on the bottom as the rod was doubled over. You cold really go old school and get a Plueger to boot.
  4. I love the floating shrimp at night. I call this Ed's deer hair shrimp, after a friend of mine who spent the night with a saine net trying to figure out what all the bass were popping on one night. I drift 2 of these like I am nymphing and its deadly. I like burnt orange, red, black, and dark olive.
  5. The very first saltwater rod I bought was the Orvis Boron Graphite. 25+ years ago. I still use it. One thing I have to say is warranty matters. I have broke the tip, lost the ceramic in a guide, and Orvis continues to treat me right by it. Rods come and go, but warranties differ widely, especially today.
  6. Take a look at North Fork Composites. Gary Loomis's company. They have a big sale on some great rod blanks.
  7. I caught this on one of Andrew's Flies ( Rachel Marie in the fly tying forum) It was a beast fly. If you want to see a big fly look up Bob Popovic Beast Fly. Big fly, big fish
  8. That one is an XPoint Offset Wide Gap 2/0 Style X49Z They aren't cheap 5.00 for 3
  9. I love these hooks. Make the hole in the foam with your scissors, and rotate it on. The eye is below the water line and it pops better.
  10. Don't forget the crease flies. They have been working great in Montauk. Even though I throw ones that are much bigger than the anchovies, they have been attacking them. I think they are different and stand out in the million anchovies and they key on them. Thanks for video, I have been going nuts trying to figure out how to smooth out my candies. Mine always come out bumpy. The true rotary seem to be the ticket.
  11. Scott Hamilton and Ron Doer in Jupiter Florida run some great charters fly fishing for them in June. A friend of mine has the only tagged albie to be returned. He caught it in NY during the run, and it was captured by a commercial guy in Florida the next year
  12. Don't know about the new ones, but I was a huge fan of the old ones. I only ever broke 1 and I am a rod snapping machine. The were a little softer than GLX, which is also a great rod.
  13. I love that albie snax fly, and use Liquid Fusion. The stuff is great.
  14. My son gave me a fly with a dragon tail. It worked great, and I want to buy some to tie my own flies. I see some fly tying suppliers have them, but wonder if they are in craft stores or some where else for some other purpose?
  15. I have not seen the big blitzes of bass for the past 3 years and I fish there to Thanksgiving. Last year I caught my last Albie the 2nd week of Nov. I believe that the albies are here longer and because of that the bass don't school up bay anchovies like they used to. Sunday was still around 67 degrees, so I'm betting albies will be here a lot longer.