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  1. Love to hear it. Hope you guys all do well. Thanks for posting.
  2. Great pics of what was obviously a good weekend for both of you.
  3. Keep those reports coming any way you wish, Crozz. I doubt if I'll get to the salt at all this year. Trout have been feast or (mostly) famine. Think I'll hit the big Lake this week for bass & Northerns.
  4. I'm so old, at this point I don't even buy green bananas!
  5. Good for you, Bruddah. Life CAN be good, despite what it throws at us. Still have your #, will catch up sometime down the line after this Apocalypse thing settles a bit.
  6. GREAT to see you posting here, been a long time. Hope all is well in your world. I'm thinking that my summer excursions are gonna be VT mountain streams for brookies, rainbows & browns in the rivers, smallies in the ponds and bigger bass and Notherns in Champlain. Then again, who knows. Your post really does get the blood pumping. Just good to hear you're out there and at it. Carl
  7. Crozz, Wishing you all the best. Medical stuff sux, but despite missteps of the medical "experts", the time and money factor, the annoying anxiety that goes along with it all, and the nagging feelings of hopelessness that pop in now and again, there are times when all we can do is ride it out and trust that things will work out in our favor. Here's hoping that all of this disappears from your life and you come back in a much better place. From someone who lives vicariously through your adventures, I trust that you'll be back stronger and better than ever. Take care of yourself.
  8. You got a deal! I look much better from a distance too, even more so when you can't see me. Good luck up in those North Woods this hunting season. Keep in touch.
  9. I've only known you from afar, Scott, but appreciate your presence around here. And if it IS, in fact, Limington Maine you'd still be about 1/4 the distance I have to travel to hit the surf. All the best to you, wherever you land. Carl / VT
  10. Sorry for your loss Jim. Your tribute to your Dad was very moving. He must have taught you well. PS: What a gorgeous boat!!
  11. Absolutely NO problem, Toby. As I said, I wasn't around anyway and there probably aren't many around here that space things out more than I do. Real glad you guys had a good trip, and hopefully will catch up with you on the next one. I'm particularly impressed with how you cleaned up Scott for the trip. Did you stop at LL Bean and get him those spiffy sportin' threads? Never seen the guy all dressed up like that. I imagine he fought like hell to keep the chain saw hat on though. Good idea to know enough to pick your battles. Good times with some great guys here.
  12. If any of you guys get back this way, let me know first. We'll meet up for sure. Anytime.
  13. Sorry I missed you guys. Was in San Diego for 10 days celebrating 30 yrs of marital bliss. Glad you got into some nice ones on the Big Lake. If you return, let me know. Will meet up. Hey Toby, pix please!
  14. I hope so. Reading reports and talking with people it hasn't encouraged me much to make the trip. Keep things posted and good luck out there boys.
  15. Crozz, I probably echo MANY others but speaking for myself I absolutely love your posts. You've got a technique down pat and I'm sure there are lots of guys and gals that have learned from your info. In short, don't quit and keep your eyes peeled for a PM from me in the not too distant future.