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  1. A little more to it than that.
  2. Yeah. It is his job. So what’s the truth? There must be some basis for that statement. Other than walking it back, has he said that what he said was wrong?
  3. Maybe the sheriff knows something you don’t. Even if he was wrong for saying that..he had a rough night and it seems like he might have a crap load of fatalities in his county.
  4. Tony hawk is 54. Burnquist is 45.
  5. We all agree…eff cantore’s charades. That aside…Those Fort Myers’s folks took a beating. There’s going to be some ugly pictures tomorrow.
  6. What an incredible man. Thanks for posting. I had never seen this documentary.
  7. Most of its mass rests on the sea bed. The portion that “could” break off has sea water beneath a raised ice shelf.
  8. Every source I’ve seen says Smith & Wesson M&P 15.
  9. I believe it. I felt that way last Friday when American Airlines canceled our flight from that crap hole to Disney 3 hrs before takeoff. Luckily I hadn’t piled the wife and 5 and 6 yo in the truck yet to the airport. Instead I drove 17 hours (wife drove 2) and got there 12 hrs before the replacement flight they offered was going to take off (maybe).
  10. That **** isn’t getting fixed anytime soon. Especially once people stop booking flights b/c they can’t count on getting where they want to go,
  11. I’d love to know who disarmed him and how exactly that was possible. It would have taken army to keep me out of there knowing not only children, but my wife, were in there dying because of a lunatic. I know any man would say that but I just don’t see how what’s coming out is even possible.
  12. $5.49 at my marina in SNJ yesterday. 50 gallons = $274.70
  13. No one is taking anything.
  14. At least he got an AR in 3 hrs and fixed everything